Spring is coming, most regions have begun to gradually pick up. The spring breeze, the river is thawed, and the earth is re-put on green clothes. The air will start filled with floral. I finally said that I would like to say goodbye to the long winter, I would like to have a very eager. How do you wear it in the spring? After all, the temperature difference in the morning and evening is still very big, and it will cause clothes that wear embarrassment.

Don’t worry, seven seven this will sort out a set of early spring windbreaks.


Stylish Girl’s standard, the absolute windbreaker, a delicate woman, how can it be less in the windbreaker. Small to the Spring and Autumn Spring Festival windproof, the cold, the sky, the street shooting leads the fashion, the windbreaker is the pet of each of us.

Ok, return to our wear, let us start learning to dress up the early spring windbreaker.

First, windbreaker + light top

Given that the footsteps of the spring girl are light, in the style of the early spring, we must try our weather as much as possible, avoiding thick and swollen, and strive to be light and comfortable. The version of the windbreaker is the strongest in all items.

Epaulette, gun block, rain, collar, belt all emphasizes its version, so weakened the lining has to be completed by light jackets.


1. Windbreaker + White Shirt

The classic khaki windbreaker is unique, and the most innocent white, the clean, bright, and is smooth. With the design of V-colisters, it is simple, don’t come to the neck. A simple V-neck is light, and the shape of a hurricible wind is above. Second, if you can follow the principle of shallow deep, create a harmonious harmony, and the choice of trousers is not allowed.


And the silhouette of the windbreaker is more friendly, and we never deliberately. Choose high waist straight pants with it, the waist line is shifted, and it is also a kind of weight loss. If you want to see playful and lovely, the red single shoes of the round head can be said to be a pen.

2 windbreaker + blue stripe shirt


Gray blue sweater

Blue stripes exudes full of naval winds, it is a summer standard and is also the favorite partner of windbreaker. Three points are unresolved, and it is always performed by it, even if passers-by can easily wear high-level feelings.


Although the stripe is a wild, but it is also quite else. for example

Thin stripes are easier to wear trendy feel than wide stripes


The horizontal stripes have the effect of horizontal extension, plus wide stripes, will make one more fat and easier to soil. The thin stripe looks more delicate and fresh, and it is more important to be more spiritual.


Secondly, the gray blue knitted inside seems to have no prominent point, but it is not. The same color bag with it is tied with a silk scarf, which is most leisure. Covered with cuffs, and the feelings of the necklace. In fact, many of our fashionable girls are all levels of people, and the shortcomings in the United States are often lost to the details. Therefore, it is also an indispensable course that is in harmonious use of accessories.

Second, windbreaker + dark top

As we said that the footsteps of the spring girl are light and silent, so try to create a phoenix atmosphere by weakening the inner linings. But the old man changed his face, and the wind sneaked into the night. Especially in March rain, there are frequent incholence. So, the temperature is still to consider, and the style cannot be discarded. Even if you don’t wear the inside of the knitted class, I will also deceive my parents. Here, seven seven tells you that there is this super power in the darkness!

1 windbreaker + red knitted

Khaki windbreaker with red knit, can be said to be a chess opponent. If you say since ancient red blue, then the card is their girlfriend. Red is warm, blue is cure, khaki is a classic in the windbreaker. The overall coloring level is distinct, absorbing the eye. An autumn winter dark windbreaker wears, visually attracting attention, is it also a different definition of beauty.


There is also a biggest advantage, positive in early spring season, skin color is also seasons. Choosing a red single product will also be more smooth, and the whole person will look for younger, and the warmth is not good while the warmth is not good.

But at the same time, there is also a point here, which is the choice of shoes and accessories. While high saturation of red sucking, while processing is uncommon, red is also the most prone to the color of the eye. So try to do the color of shoe pants, the same hat is also,

There are too many colors, it is easy to “bees


“, So beautiful and share each other!


2 windbreaker + black high collar sweater

The windbreaker is mixed with black high collar sweater, and the artifact essential artifacts. Coordination morning and evening temperature differences, no beauty, Slim high collar sweater not only keeps warm and modified the curve of the upper body, thus maximizing the version of the windbreaker, putting a floral woolen, emitting a woman’s taste, not to let people only stay Between cool and rate. Multi-change beauty and free to switch, the first half of the girl’s premiere is a black single product, which is thin and slim.


Girls who like trousers can match the white pants, the color is distinctively active, and they will get rid of the inherent thinking of people. At the same time, at the match of the high-neck sweater and windbreaker, the necklace is not mentioned, and the long collar neck is far less than the high collar sweater.

A suitable necklace can add a lot to the entire shape

Elegance, no loss.

Third, windbreaker + denim stack

We all know that in the autumn and winter season, a very important dressing skill is superimposed, because the weather is cold, it will basically wear a lot of clothing. While it is warm, it is also a kind of fashion sensation.

The first piece of the first piece that thinks to plant grass is windbreaker. It is a high inclusive, and it needs to be in the spring and autumn season.

This is also a group of windbreaks to wear the most neutral wind, but there is no elegant atmosphere.


Slaughtering is most afraid of bloating

Therefore, when we choose the lining, we must pay attention to try to fit, do not choose a loose version of the inner line, everything is to harmony. This is the case in the cowboy and shirt, giving a gentle and stable beauty. When spring is lack of autumn, you can’t do anything more, and you can master this kind of dressing.

Written in the last


Share here about the dressing skills about the windbreaker. Finally, I want to say that the windbat is really an indispensable fashion item, give me a dish. Will not wear it, then have any tips Welcome to the commentation message, let us get together on the road to become beautiful. The more it goes more.

Text / seven seven