These ten hairstyles are most suitable for small people!

Hello everyone ~

Really really busy explosion recently

I don’t know what the little babies are doing

There are wonderful tricks to keep the sisters retain

Youthful sense

Interested babies, let’s watch it together

I don’t know if all sisters have noticed that many female stars have recently started cutting bangs, but Liu Hai is really super

Age reduction

I really like to cut bangs very much!

But cutting bangs also needs to be considered very much

Face shape

Oh, otherwise it really becomes a small village aunt in a second. Not only does it look good, it will also lower the face value of the whole person, so today I will give you a good bangs with a suitable face!

Air bangs

Suitable for face shape: long face

Note: Suitable for not full forehead, high hairline

The air bangs have really been on fire for many years. As the name suggests, it is to create a kind of air.


So don’t cut too heavy. As long as you cut the strands of hair in the middle of the forehead, about 10 cm can be.

Of course, there are a lot of air bangs with hairstyles, whether it is daily straight hair curls. Cute girl with double ball head is also

Explosion cute

Where, sisters can try!

Of course, the air bangs can also be paired with refreshing short hair, which not only solves the shortcomings of the face shape, but also has a sense of intellectual play. Sisters don’t have to take care of the curtains too meticulous, occasionally

Chaotic wind

It’s also beautiful ~

Two -dimensional Liu Hai

Suitable face shape: round face

Note: This bangs have high requirements for facial features

I really forgot when the Dog’s two -dimensional bangs started to be hot. I remember that when I was watching a movie, the male lead accidentally cut it for the heroine.

Dog bangs

, But it turned out to be a two -dimensional bangs like this.

When it comes to the dog’s second -dimensional bangs, the first thing I think of is the watermelon Taro, the round face is super cute. So this bangs are very suitable

Round -faced girl

Try it, if the sisters with long faces really don’t try it easily.

This kind of bangs will look people

Ancient spirit monster

Well, long hair and short hair are very suitable. If the face value explodes a little bit, it is definitely the focus of the crowd! Graduation photos are eye -catching MAX!

Partial bangs

Suitable face shape: long face, goose egg face

Note: Suitable for mature women, bias sexy

I don’t know if everyone feels like this. I feel that I am a little old at this time, so I want to reducing the whole bangs. I feel that I am cute. After a while, I still think

Mature woman

Suitable for yourself to start combing bangs again. Girls are really entangled in love!

Partial bangs can choose the kind of straight, there will be a kind of capable style, especially suitable for sisters in the workplace, with long hair, it will really look special

Career and capable!

However, this bangs with partial partial bangs are also very suitable for curling up with curls to create a light and fluffy feeling, which will be more

Modify the face shape

It will also look better, but be sure to focus on the key points, it must be


Oh, otherwise the curtain oil will really affect the face value!

M -type Liu Hai

Suitable face shape: round face, inverted triangle face

Note: a girl with a wide forehead and less hair volume

This bangs are processed a little on the basis of the middle score and roll out a little hair in front of the forehead with curly hair sticks

S -type

, Form a M -shaped on the top of the head. This kind of bangs can be very good

Modify head

, Make the top of the head too flat.

With long hair, or double ponytails, it will look good, because this bangs will put the forehead

Cover on both sides

So it will be a large extent to modify the face shape, so that the facial features will look

More delicate

Woolen cloth.

Zou Zou really likes this bangs, because whether it is a sweet and beautiful style or a sister fan, this bangs can be held well.

Gas field

It’s different!

Dragon Beard Liu Hai

Suitable face shape: any face shape

Note: Suitable for sisters who like to tie their hair

When it comes to the dragon’s bangs, I have to say that this bangs are


It’s really too long. I still remember when I was in junior high school, at that time, the aesthetics were still not established. I especially liked to keep that kind.


The bangs, then there are long dragon beards on both sides.

At that time, I felt that I was really beautiful, and the essence of this bangs was the long dragon beard on both sides. It was really forced to cut my hair by the teacher every semester. Now I look back.



So the correct way to open the dragon’s bangs is actually like this! if

Compare forehead

Girls can try to stay in the dragon, which can modify the forehead very well. And not only modify the face shape, it will also look particularly special


Babies who like ponytails also recommend the dragon beard bangs. Not only is there a mess, it will appear more lively. Dragon must not be straightforward.

Rolling sticks disorder

The effect will be even more different!

Teddy Liu Hai

Note: Mature and cute

This year’s teddy wool roll is really too hot, so


The hairstyle must have an excellent bangs! So good -looking Teddy bangs, sisters are worth having! Even if it is not a wool roll, the teddy bangs are very



Even if you have never left bangs, don’t worry, Teddy bangs are definitely your best choice, because this bangs occupying the area is really small! And the thief is lively! Some

Small broken hair

You can get very good ~

If there is no girl with a bangs, the fine broken hair can be rolled slightly. If there is a girl with air bangs, as long as

According to your own needs

Just roll the bangs! It’s really beautiful ~

I miss it when I go to school, it ’s really beautiful, so when you are the best youth, you must be beautiful, so happy every day ~

Two -dimensional Liu Hai

Suitable face shape: long face, goose egg face

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about teddy fleece, hope it can help you.