Which kind of sliding door lock is a good sliding door lock installation

Pushing the sliding door lock is now using a lot of door locks. During the use process, the sliding door lock can achieve the combination of push and pull. The requirements for the choice of door locks are also improved. The following editors will talk about what kind of sliding door lock and the installation method of sliding door locks.

[Push sliding door lock] Which kind of sliding door lock push door lock is installed

Push door lock installation

First, choose according to your own door thickness. Then put the lock body on the frame on the wooden door, measure enough position, and then screw the screws, and the screws are good. Check if the lock body is swinging left and right. Second Actively maintain an open door without punching or cutting.

Which one is better to push the sliding door lock

1. Aluminum alloy sliding door locks use high -strength tough springs, which can effectively open 500,000 times;

2. Optimized design of mechanics. When used, there is no noise on the opening and closing of the door;

3. The handle of the line shape is comfortable and soft. It is characterized by high impact, anticorrosive moisture -proof and waterproof;

4. High connection of the handle and panel is high, and it shakes in the slightest. It will not be loosely used for a long time, which will make you use safe and comfortable.

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The above is the introduction and description of Big Iron Plate &Aluminum Handle Door Lock F(85/72), I hope it can be helpful to you.