Visit the highest construction channel builder in Shanghai

Photo by Chen Ji, the highest construction channel in the world Shanghai

China News Network Zhongshan, May 4th.

China News Service reporter Cai Minjie

On the Lingyuyang, the sun was shining, and the sea breeze hit. There is a suspended construction channel with a high span of about 3,000 meters from the East Tower and West Pagoda of the Lingyuyang Bridge, about 90 floors of the sea surface. The 24 -year -old mechanical administrator Liang Qifeng recently carried out night lighting preparations before the construction of the main cable facilities at high altitude. “This is my first project to work at high altitude. I was still a little scary before, but now I am used to it and feel safe, young people have to try more.” He said.

The Shenzhen -Middle Channel is a super cross -sea cluster project that integrates “bridges, islands, tunnels, and underwater interoperability”. The project is about 24 kilometers in length. The Lingyuyang Bridge is one of the key control projects of the project. The main span is 1666 meters and the main tower height is 270 meters. It is the world’s largest span -in -sea steel box beam suspension bridge and the world’s highest air -to -air cross -sea bridge.

The above -mentioned construction channel is also known as the “Cat Road”. It is a temporary construction road that is set up under the main cable and parallel to the main cable -shaped when the suspension bridge is constructed. It is a high -altitude construction platform for the upper structure of the suspension bridge. The “Cat Road” connects the Lingyuyang Bridge and east -west tower and extends to the east -west anchor on both sides. The highest construction channel.

Recently, the reporter visited the main tower of the Lingzhangyang Bridge, which was built by Poly Grand, and took a 7 -minute special elevator to the top of the main tower with a height of 270 meters. At this time, the “Cat Road” with a width of 4 meters and a single length of about 3,000 meters was displayed in front of the eyes. Several construction workers pulled the traction rope into the door frame guide group on the “Cat Road” to form a two -way traction system. The main cable traction and preparation are prepared.

Stepping on the “Cat Road”, the reporter can look down on the sea -shaped mesh from two layers of galvanized steel wires. Anti -slip wooden strips are laid on the wire of the wire, which is convenient for the construction staff to perform high -altitude operations safely on it.

The continuous high -altitude operation of large span brings great challenges to the safety and psychology of on -site operators. Construction technician Wang Jiahao introduced that due to the high weather such as the complicated environment of the Lingyuyang Bridge and the typhoons such as the area of ​​the bridge site, the “Cat Road” design also has both the stability of the structural static, but also has both wind resistance and stability. Time shaking.

At the same time, the project conducts targeted high -pendant drills, improves the safety awareness of construction personnel, and adopts measures such as increasing insurance sales and installation of safety ropes that increase the important components of the “Cat Road” to ensure construction safety.

“Here is a hundred -meter high altitude, the sun is relatively large, and the city is far away. Some young people who just work may not be able to adapt.” Lei Jian, a construction technician, said, “When the tower is more than 100 meters high, I stand on The construction platform next to the tower pillar looked down at it and felt scared. I could only support the wall and then slowly overcome it. “As a responsible person of a security technology, Lei Jian believes that his” fear “can strengthen his own to the scene. Management of construction safety. Especially in terms of detail protection, the construction staff will be better done.

Today, Lei Jian has adapted to life on the sea. When resting, he will go to the basketball court set up at sea to alleviate a sense of fatigue. “The atmosphere on the construction site is better. After get off work, everyone sat together to drink tea and chat. The doubts in the daytime work were resolved in the exchange. Life, he said.

In Lei Jian’s view, young people should realize the value of youth in dedication. “Fortunately, after graduating from college, I had the opportunity to come to this century engineering work. After opening to traffic, I hope to take my family through the bridge I built. I will proudly tell them that I have participated in the construction of this bridge. “He says.

The Shenzhen -Middle Channel is another important traffic arteries for the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area after the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge and the Nansha Bridge. After completion, it will become a straight passage connecting the Pearl River East and West Straits. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, the drive from Shenzhen to Zhongshan will be reduced from the current 2 hours to 20 minutes. (Finish)

Photo by Chen Ji, the highest construction channel in the world Shanghai

Photo by Chen Ji, the highest construction channel in the world Shanghai

Photo by Chen Ji, the highest construction channel in the world Shanghai

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