How can you match the jewelry, simple stacking, easy to highlight your beautiful lines

Spring is here, will summer be far away? Thinking of the hot summer, everyone feels very hot. As the weather gradually becomes hot, everyone will wear less and less. At this time, jewelry stacking will become your best choice. Really fashionable people often do not only be satisfied with the matching of a jewelry. When you wear simple clothing, the stacked jewelry will become your finishing touch.

If you have slender collarbone, try to choose a few metal chains for stacking. When the necklace is stacked, you should avoid a misunderstanding. You should not be too large to choose the necklace, because it seems more exaggerated. When you choose, you should match the two or three detailed necklaces according to the material of the necklace and wear it on your collar and neck. Such a simple and fashionable style immediately highlights.

It is like a fashionista blogger Débora Rosa, simple and generous, full of fashion. She chose a set of pure blue knitted skirts, and then chose two simple metal chains, a slightly shorter one, a slightly longer one, highlighting the sense of hierarchy. There are no too many embellishments in the necklace, just choose a simple round pendant.

Clothing is inspired by inspiration. Sometimes it follows the principle of deleting complexity, which can help your temperament to improve several grades. This principle is also very practical for jewelry stacking. When you choose two simple pendants and a thin chain that has nothing, this can bring you unexpected effects.

It’s like the simple dress of the fashion adult blogger Débora Rosa, simple white vest, and short -sleeved sunscreen jacket, such a beach dress shows its own sense of fashion. Sometimes simplicity is a fashion. Putting on a simple metal necklace, whether you choose a neutral dress or a cute skirt, the shape will have its own style.

Jewelry that can be stacked is not only necklaces, bracelets and bracelets are also good choices. But when choosing, pay attention to the color selection. You must choose the same color system. Of course, it is the same principle as choosing a necklace. Pay attention to the hardness and thickness of the material to choose to match. If you don’t want to be too monotonous, you can choose a bracelet with a special pattern, or add some small gems on it.

You can also choose the bracelets and watches, but this is also the same color system. When the strap of the watch is metallic, then you must choose a thin metal bracelet at this time. Just match this, make your wrist look more slender. You can also try, do not choose a bracelet, but with a metal bracelet, which may have an unexpected surprise. Of course, the color matching is the most important. Some jewelry shops will launch some unified series of jewelry. Everyone can collect some to prepare from time to time.

For example, this set of metal jewelry is very distinctive, with earrings and necklaces to form a series. A series of small metal balls are designed in the middle of the chain of metal texture. Their embellishment brings a little vitality to the chain. The length of the chain has just surrounded the neck, and the collar lines between the neck are well blended together. In front of the chain, a card -made pendant is also designed. In the middle is two blades made of metal, and the screw on the surface is clearly visible.

At the edge of the pendant is a rose -like pattern. This design is very distinctive and is very elegant to wear. The earrings also choose the same series to create a slender texture, and then the earrings are romantic and charming roses.

The detailed necklace has been more popular in recent years. Choosing a few thin necklaces stacking can make you look more layered and sightseeing. Although the number is a bit, it will not be very cumbersome, and it can highlight the beautiful lines of your neck and face.

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