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In the context of the continuous growth of market share, men’s clothing began to interpret the trend of men’s clothing in autumn and winter with the upgrading of the process and practical performance. Therefore, drawing on the functional materials and design details of the professional outdoor and sports field, emphasizing the “beauty of function”, and taking into account performance and aesthetic design has become the focus.

Modern sensory sportswear is perfectly integrated with business installations, upgrading to the business and leisure series, more comfortable, more practical; functional wool products to create a technological functional jacket or high -performance “basic improvement model”, comfort will become the key factor of the formal category; The traditional ethnic style has been modernized with a more vibrant youthful appearance; the enthusiastic Bohemian style uses more gorgeous colors and futuristic materials this season to create the ethnicization of geek electronic style. Appearance; hand -made material with new style sportswear created by functional nylon, the sense of times is prominent.

Future commuting

The combination of high -level fashion and future design sense design, focusing on creating a clothing series suitable for fashion urban commute, practical and functional sense. The transparent TPU material full of futuristicism is like the second layer of skin of the human body. The light satin fabric shows a sense of science and technology more elegant and low -key. At the same time, the fabric and futuristic sense of the formation are guaranteed. Silver foil material is the key fabric of this theme. The appearance of appearance is more diverse than in the past, including matte, pearls, and reflection with camouflage texture.

1. Nanjing Wantai Textile Co., Ltd. 2. Zhejiang Yuwei Textile Technology Co., Ltd. 3. Suzhou Knowledge Faith Scientific Research Co., Ltd. 4. Wujiang Huangjun Textile Co., Ltd. 5. Wujiang Xinwu Textile Co., Ltd. 6. Wujiang Jintong Textile Co., Ltd. 7,10. Kunshan Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd. 8. Zhejiang Huiming Tihua Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 9. Shijiazhuang Changshan Hengrong Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. 11. Wujiang Oriental Silk Market Xianglong Composite Plant (Huancai) 12 Suzhou Ouxun Textile Co., Ltd. 13. Suzhou Jin Shanghao Textile Co., Ltd.

Retro 80

In the 1980s, the style continued to affect the design of sports and casual clothes and formal clothes, and used the casual version and richer material texture to neutralize the original and solemn sense. The color of the checkered and embedded lines continues to show rich changes, showing a sense of young vitality, and using double -sided design to improve the practicality. Light and warm, cross -seasons, high -end beauty, and convenient storage and carrying when traveling are the focus of jackets and coats this season. The combination of silver silk and wine red is full of sense of age, full of retro charm in the 1980s.

1. Suzhou Alpha Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. 2,8. Wujiang Runze Textiles Co., Ltd. 3. Jiangsu Lugang Leye Technology Co., Ltd. 4. Jiangsu Langgan Group Co., Ltd. Responsible Company 7. Zhejiang Meixinda Textile Printing and Dyeing Technology Co., Ltd. 9. Zhejiang Sanyuan Textile Co., Ltd. -Tianhong Puerto 10. Shanghai Yingli Textile Co., Ltd. 11. Wen Shangyi Technology Textile Co., Ltd. 12. Foshan Fiber Art Textile Co., Ltd. Company 13. Shanghai Huayou Textile Co., Ltd. 14. Zhejiang SHIRS Textile Co., Ltd.

Vibrant nomadic wind

Nomadic style combines design elements with sports vitality to update the original sense of nationality. Handmade fabrics are colorful, including colored striped mesh fabrics, embroidery, knitted and flower pattern fabrics and other fabrics, with technology nylon materials to create national costumes full of sports vitality. Tanning texture fabric is also the main material of this theme. The patterns are more refined, such as silver foil lumbar flower flowers, weaving flowers, and national stripes.

1. Foshan Qinjian Textile Technology Co., Ltd. 2,6. Shaoxing County Luobo Import and Export Co., Ltd. 3. Zhejiang Baya Textile Co., Ltd. 4. Wen Shang Ruyi Technology Textile Co., Ltd. 5. Shishi Jingwei Textile Co., Ltd. 7. Anhui Hua Hua Maomao Textile Co., Ltd. 8. Zhejiang Barui fabric Co., Ltd. 9. Hongyu Textile (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. 10. Guangzhou Deyuheng New Textile Co., Ltd. 11. Hebei New Dadong Textile Co., Ltd. 12. Shanghai Shengyi Textile Co., Ltd. 13. Wujiang Lancheng Textile Co., Ltd.

Stadium business dress

Inspired by racing movements in this theme, it uses bold and vivid colors, with exquisite and delicate business fabrics, to create a new field formation. In order to bring out the vitality of the stadium, the gradient small plaid design with the sources of the game is used in large quantities, and the sporty colors such as bright orange, white blue, sour yellow, etc. are used in a large area to render the atmosphere. Blue and white checkered woolen material and wool fabrics draw elements from business installations, neutralizing a strong sense of sporting, making the overall solidity stronger. The rough canvas fabrics are more practical, highlighting the wear resistance of racer clothing.

1. Jiangyin Colorful Mao Textile Co., Ltd. 2. Zhengkai Textile Co., Ltd. 3. Foshan Huafeng Textile Co., Ltd. 4. Wujiang Fuhua Weaving Co., Ltd. 5. Federal Sanhe (Fujian) Co., Ltd. 6. Jinning Lida Textile Co., Ltd. 7. Lufeng Weaving Dyeing Co., Ltd. 8. Wujiang Hengxin Weaving Co., Ltd. 9. Shengyi Trading Co., Ltd. 10. Shengye (Jiangsu) Textile Co., Ltd. 11. Shanghai Yingyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

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