Gas tight detection instrument helps new energy vehicle connector waterproof performance detection

In the past two years, new energy vehicles have risen, and production and sales have reached a new high.

With the development of national new energy vehicles, connectors have gradually separated from traditional high -voltage and large current and traditional low -voltage vehicle connectors.

The voltage level of the new energy connector of the mainstream system is generally higher than the 300V DC, which increases the risk of the human body being damaged by electric shock. Therefore, the insulation of the connector is very high.

This requires the connector to do a waterproof performance detection before leaving the factory, which is what we said.

The case we want to share today is the test of the new energy connector.

After we communicate with our customers, according to customer needs, we recommend useing:

Hairis HC classic series gas tight detector and customized molds and workers.

Detection method: The method of direct pressure detection,

When testing, choose to put the test product into the mold, select the set program, and press the start button.

The intake pressure is 50kPa, the air intake time is 10s, the voltage pressure is 10s, the test time is 5s, the air deflation time is 2s.

If the leaked value does not exceed 30Pa, it means that the new energy connector waterproof detection passes, and the test results will also display OK.

Hairis HC classic series gas tight detector

All electrical interfaces are rear, which is convenient to use the wiring on -site. The rear interface contains the power interface, the USB interface, the 25Pin I/O interface, the 485 interface, the ground wire interface and the nameplate;

Qi -secret testing equipment is stable and accurate, reducing the labor intensity of the factory debuggling personnel;

It can improve the yield of product gas -density testing to 99.8%;

It can provide small batch on -site trials in the early stage, which can quickly improve the production process and speed up the project progress;

After the worry -free sales, it provides a 24 -month warranty period;

More competitive prices to ensure that the overall projects have obtained higher returns;

Local technical support, on -site service in the province, 24 -hour service outside the province.

1. 17 ° Best Best Machine Interaction,


The operating staff uses fatigue for a long time;

2. Putting patent

IVT pneumatic sealing valve island

, Ensure the stability of long -term use;


Hi -os operating system

With 2 types of pressure testing, 8 basic judgment methods, can be combined into more than 20 test functions;

4. Software

Automatic compensation

The temperature rise caused by the long -term work of solenoid valve brings test differences;

5. Provide small batch testing services at the time of new product development, can

Bring a sample to our company on -site verification

Whether the waterproof process is reliable.



Advanced parameter functions, realize complex test requirements, such as automatic testing, before testing, zero -to -zero, OK/NG each subroutine;

7. You can choose direct pressure, differential pressure, high -precision, and flow instruments. The direct pressure instrument is equipped with the US fairy -pronged pressure valve to improve the stability of the test pressure.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Shangwen Outdoor Use Powercon Ip65 Connectors Black Output 3 Pin Male Power Connector, hope it can help you.