Lift the kitchen sink, I believe that many people will dismissive, think that the kitchen sink doesn’t have much difficulty, although each household will be installed, but the role is to wash the vegetables, wash the bowl, occasionally wash, so the kitchen sink Basically, it is possible to buy.


My home is renovated, the light is changed to three sinks, bought a few hundred yuan of stainless steel sink, and also bought 3,000 yuan of quartz sink, and finally figured out the purchase method of the sink. From the choice of the sink, then to the installation, I summed up a lot of experience, today I deliberately tell you:

Is the single slot or a double slot?


The kitchen sink, according to the number of troughs, common nothing is two categories: single slot, double slot. There is only one sink in the former, which is divided into left and right sinks.


Single slot and double slot comparison .

The advantage of the double slot is that it can be partitioned. For example, when the washing and washing, the dishwash and drying are divided into two slots, and we can improve our cooling and dishwashing efficiency.

Single slots and double slots have advantages, in general, they have to see our habits when they choose. But the individual thinks that the size of the single water slot will be better, one of which is that we can achieve partition operations by adding drainage sizes. The second reason is that many families will install a dishwasher, and the sink does not need to be taken. The role of a bowl, then we only need to consider the usual experience experience.


How to choose installation?


The mounting of the kitchen sink can be divided into three installation methods according to its corresponding relationship with the kitchen countertop: the installation of the stage (on the basin), the Taichung installed (Taichung Tank), and the stage under the stage.


Install on the stage (on the basin), as shown below, the edge of the sink is higher than the kitchen table:

When installing, the sink is directly on the kitchen countertop, then hit the glue seal around the sink, so its biggest advantage is that the installation is simple, the sink is firm, the load is good, not easy to drop.

However, the disadvantage is also very obvious, clean and practical, the water on the countertop can not be directly swept directly into the sink, for a long time, the glass glue will make mysteria, very beautiful.

Install (Taichung Basin), as shown below, the edge of the sink is highly aligned with the kitchen countertop:

When installing, you need to polish the kitchen counter in advance in advance, then embed the sink to the kitchen table.

The beautiful looks of the basin of the Taiwan, the edge transition is natural, and it also has a good load-bearing force, and the cleaning is low, the water on the countertop can be directly used to sweep in the sink.


However, the installation difficulty in the Taiwan Basin is relatively high, and it is very tested to install the craftsmanship, the charge is also relatively high, and the sink and the fine gap of the countertop are also easy to hide the sap.

Install under the stage (under the table), as shown below, the edge of the sink is lower than the kitchen table, which is generally hidden under the table:

When installing, the sink is to be installed by gel and other firmware. The advantage of under the stage is that it will not leave the sanitary corner, it is easy to clean, and the color is high, beautiful and beautiful, and there is no complicated medium basin when installing.

As for the disadvantage, the load-bearing capacity of under the stage is not as good as the basin and the ceiling basin, so there will be dropped risks. Of course, if we do a good job in installing the sink, or choose a lightweight material, this problem can be avoided.

Regarding the installation of the sink, the individual does not recommend that everyone will choose the basin on the table, there is a life pursuit, it is best to choose the basin, followed by Taichung Basin.

What is the material?

The choice of kitchen sink material is the focus of our choosing sink. The kitchen sink, the most common material is nothing more than stainless steel and stone sink, ceramic material is generally used in the bathroom.

Stainless steel sink, as the name implies are sink made from stainless steel plates.

Stainless steel sink, cheap, generally several hundred yuan to buy, cost-effective, light weight, durable, and also have antibacterial corrosion, easy cleaning and other advantages. As for the disadvantage, the color of the stainless steel sink is single, the color is ordinary, lacks texture, low hardness, no anti-smashing.


Stone sink, mainly

Stone particles and

The resin is mixed, and some are called the quartz stone sink, and some are called granite sinks.

The stone sink has a high hardness, so it has the advantages of wear-resistant and resistant to high temperatures, and the color is diverse, the color is high, and the texture is good. But the disadvantage is that there is expensive, and it is more than two or three thousand yuan. Some will even be five or six thousand yuan, and it is more dirty and anti-seepage ability. If we don’t pay attention to cleaning, the stone sink is likely to be oozing Question of colors and seepage.


About the material of the kitchen sink, more suggests that everyone chooses stainless steel sink, if we do not particularly high requirements for kitchen, there is no need to choose stone sink. The reason is also said above, from the property price and practicality, the stainless steel sink is more advantageous than the stone sink.

What do you still need?


If you are like me, choose a stainless steel sink, then we still need to pay attention to these aspects:

1. Handmade sink with one tube water tank

Handmade sink, as the name implies are hand-made stainless steel sinks, which are used by manual welding, so the thickness of the handmade sink is relatively large, and the excellent performance of stainless steel can be maintained, which is not easy to leak, and durability is better.


A stretching water tank is actually pressed by the machine.

One integrated, so the basin of the stainless steel sink integrally stretched is relatively thin, and it is easy to perforation for a long time.

2.R angle


There are four angles in the bottom of the water, and the stainless steel plate will form an R angle. When purchasing, we will pay attention to the size of the R corner.


The R angle formed by the straight plate splicing is generally right angle, easy to hide the sagmented, it is not convenient to take care; the R angle is too large, although it is convenient to take care, but the water tank space will be wasted, it is recommended to choose a small R corner as much as possible, it is convenient Wipe, also saves the operating space of the sink.

3. Surface treatment process

In order to increase the texture and wear resistance, disconnectability, stainless steel sink of the stainless steel sink, the surface treatment process is applied, such as sandblasting, wire drawing,

Confucius treatment, the grade is improved.

When you buy a stainless steel sink, it is more recommended that you choose a surface process to draw a wire.


Even if there is a scratch, the naked eye is not easy to find; if the budget is sufficient, it can also choose embossing processing, which can really prevent the wear resistance.

4. Back coating

Few people will pay attention to the back of the stainless steel sink. In fact, the back of the stainless steel sink is also important. In winter, the back of the stainless steel sink is easy to produce gelastic drops, and the water droplets will also have a certain noise in the sink.

In response to this situation, we have to pay attention to whether it is with anti-condensed coatings when purchasing stainless steel sinks. It is best to make anti-condensation and noise reduction effect. .