Skin care is not a woman’s patent. Everyone has a love of beauty, and men are not exceptions. Men’s skin care is different from women’s skin care, women’s skin care demand is more, and the steps are relatively complicated. Women generally do not think of skin care steps. Men’s skin care demand is relatively simple. Pursuing clean and refreshing hydration and oil control. Men’s skin care steps also like to streamlined. Most men are lazy, especially in men’s skin care. Essence

Men’s skin care products are not more expensive, the better. Men’s skin care must choose skin care products that are suitable for their skin types according to their skin and skin care needs. The effect of men’s skin care is not immediate. Skin care is a continuous process. It requires persistent, not two days of fishing, and three days of sunbathing.

Men’s skin pores are large, the number of skin sebaceous glands is large and developed, and the skin oil secretion is strong, causing pores to block, long acne or acne. Most men’s skin is oily or oily skin, and men’s skin care products are more refreshing and oil -controlled skin care products.


Men’s cuticles are thicker than women’s skin stratum corneum, new skin metabolism is relatively slow, skin aging is slow, and the absorption of skin care products is also relatively weak. Men’s skin care needs to choose skin care products with strong penetration.

The following 10 men’s skin care brands, including handsome, Biotherm men’s, SK2, L’Oreal men, Shiseido men, Nivea men, Birou, Gao Fu, Avene, and Lichuanquan a total of 10 well -known men’s skin care brands, for reference.

Handsome. Handsome is a men’s mask hall -level brand. For many years, it has been focusing on the field of men’s mask skin care. According to men’s skin quality and skin care needs, a handsome men’s mask is produced by well -known manufacturers Kyan.

Representative product: handsome men’s mask.

Biotherm men. Biotherm is a high -end skin care brand from France, a world -class well -known makeup brand. It belongs to the L’Oreal Group. In 1985, the Biotherm Men’s Series was launched and entered the Chinese market in 2001.


Representative products: Biotherm Water Power Set.


SK2. SK2 is a relatively hot skin care brand in recent years. It belongs to the skin care brand of Procter & Gamble, a high -end skin care product cosmetics brand in Japan. It is a Japanese skin expert who uses technology to the crystallization of skin care products.

Representative products: SK2 fairy water, SK2 ex -boyfriend mask.


L’Oreal men. L’Oreal Group is a world -renowned cosmetics manufacturer. It is well -known and has a long history. It is one of the world’s top 500 companies. The leader of the beauty industry has launched the L’Oreal men’s series in 2004.


Representative products: L’Oreal men’s facial cleanser, L’Oreal men’s skin care set.

Shiseido men. Shiseido is a well -known Japanese cosmetics brand, with international skin care brands. The brand has a long history. It was founded in 1872 and entered the Chinese market in 1981.


Representative products: Shiseido men’s skin care set.

Nivea men. Nivea is a skin care brand founded in 1911. It is a well -known German men’s care brand. It is a large global skin care and body care brand.


Representative product: Nivea men’s cream.


Birou: Birou is a skin care brand founded in 1900. It belongs to the skin care brand of Flower Pao of Japan. It started to enter the Chinese market in 1980.

Representative products: Birou sunscreen.

Gosh: Gosh is a professional men’s skin care brand under Shanghai Jiahua. The brand was founded in 1992. It is the first male cosmetics skin care brand in China.


Representative products: Goster Five Men’s Skin Care Set.

Avene: Avene is a skin care brand from France. The brand has a long history and a mild product. It contains Avene living spring water and is suitable for men with sensitive skin.

Representative product: Avene Cream.

Lichuanquan: Lichuanquan is also a skin care brand owned by L’Oreal Group. The brand has a strong pharmaceutical background. The products are mild and suitable for sensitive skin.


Representative products: Lichuanquan B5 mask.