The new day will start from breakfast!

健康碳水:烘焙果仁麦片 好吃还不长胖

Of course, a full day of vitality starts with breakfast. There are many types of breakfast. What Xiao Fat brings you today is the convenience and delicious baking fruit oatmeal.

This oatmeal is non -fried, and olive oil and ingredients are baked at low temperature.

Not only retains the crispy taste, but also much better than the original oatmeal. Because it has not been deeply processed, it is not as crispy as fried or puffed food.

There are many types of fruits, and they are more affordable.

健康碳水:烘焙果仁麦片 好吃还不长胖

This oatmeal is mainly used for oatmeal with nuts. The nuts are all baked. They can be eaten dry, or they can be matched with yogurt or milk. It is comprehensive and convenient for nutrition.

Melody’s fullness is very strong. A cup of yogurt oatmeal in the morning can support your consumption one morning.

And this oatmeal is still low -calorie and low sugar! It is especially suitable for you who love to eat but are afraid of growing meat.

This baking oatmeal does not use other additives. It is made of maple syrup and honey low -temperature baking.

健康碳水:烘焙果仁麦片 好吃还不长胖

Low calories and low sugar, the taste will not be very sweet, suitable for people who pursue health and like grains.

This oatmeal is also very suitable for children to eat. It is rich in ingredients and high nutritional value. Even children who do not like breakfast cannot resist.

Not only can it be eaten as a snack for breakfast, fragrance is crispy, happiness is bursting!