Communication conversion device

The YX-C485-220 communication conversion device is developed by Yuxin Electric for the monitoring of the monitoring of the battery monitoring of system integrators, and it is used in conjunction with the special product used by the battery intelligent parameter sensor.

This device uses aluminum profile shell, with a small volume and light weight. It comes with 2 RJ11 communication interfaces and supports 485 interface level communication. It is mainly used for transformation between 485 communication and SBUS communication. With the battery monitoring module, the collection can be collected. The battery voltage, temperature, internal resistance, and equilibrium charging status are parameters, and the battery status parameters are uploaded to the upper machine or integrated customer data collection system through the RS485 interface.

Advantages of communication conversion device

Dual power design, power supply and communication power supply dual -road power supply;

The special power supply selected for the quality is more stable;


High EMC electromagnetic compatibility design, product operation is more stable in harsh environments;

The high -communication interface resistance design, the communication is more stable in the case of complex communication;

Double -road SBUS ring communication design makes communication connections more reliable;

Support standard 485 interface output, which is convenient for users to access the system at low cost;

Support the open communication protocol, faster and convenient to access the existing system of integrators;

Support communication circuit opening, in -depth support for integrated merchant customer product development;

Design of high -standard protection circuits and isolation circuits of electric power systems;


Provide debugging tools for free opening to improve the speed of the sensor module;

For more information about the battery monitoring module and the online monitoring system of battery, welcome to consult Baoding Yuxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd.! Products are mainly used in the field of battery monitoring fields such as power, banking, communications, and IDC data machine rooms. At present, the company has dozens of models of YX-S, YX-M, YX-Y, and other dozens of models, which can target customized product solutions for users of different industries.

Communication conversion device