Every time I arrive, I will always cause a fashionable topic.

What is the popularity of the popularity?

Is a personality casual T-shirt + wide leg pants? Or or a romantic warm windbreaker + long skirt? Westland thinks!

When the retro style is popular,

Some classical and gentle items, of course, our primary choice.

Just than “sweater + floral half dress”

The exquisite floral elements are presented in the dress. It is really a beautiful scenery in the spring, and you don’t know how to wear, try ~


# What to wear today?

But many sisters think that this common wear is very mediocre,

If you want to be outstanding and beautiful, you can be careful in the wear.

1 shortened upper and smooth waistline

The most common thing is to use

Short sweater with long floral sewer

Directly highlight the waist line range, add a level detail, and bright goose yellow collides with the dimcents, the color effect is even more eye-catching, so that wearing a very happy and refreshing, showing women’s warm and vitality .

Knitting top with waist detail, is also a good choice, even if the length of design, it can also complete the waist lines, even

Create a pleated texture

Easy to highlight the level.

But in the skirt part needs to be cautious, the version should avoid lengthy dragging,

Best fork detail


, Properly show the leg lines, reduce the stack of fabrics, even under the shroud of long-section, it is not obvious.

There is also a simple wearing skill, that is

Roll up the clothes inward

In order to reduce the length of the knit top, the perfect highlights of the waist, with the lengthy and pouring floral skirt, the small sexy,

Increased a lot of fun

, Step on a pair of laid sandals, write warm spring light.

2 half-like horn

If you don’t want to make a big change, you can

Combined with the “Half Piece”


To shorten the length of the body, break the worn of ancient plate,

Add a bit of fun to shape.

The little sister poses on one of the pink shirt, stuffed into the blue-violet print skirt, and

Drake a button

, Show the slim waist line, and give people an irregular wear feeling, watching is really playful.

For a knit sweater without a button embellishment, big can


Poster a slightly inner roll and put into one side skirt

, Form an arc of the obliquely downward, and can create a pleated texture based on the weight of the fabric, even with a dark print skirt, it is also worried about the old gas.

Silk towel and square package


Join, add a few more elegant women, and will not affect the overall matching balance.

The West is more likely to wear in the weekdays.

Use misplaced means


, Shorten the hem of knitted cardigan, and

Unlock the rest of the button


Show the neck line, increase the visual stiffness, thin and more charm.

3 open-handed

Sisters who don’t worry about wearing the way, it is better to return to the foundation,


Use small vest, knit cardigan, floral or skirt

These three basic items,

Grab the color echo, create a harmonious and fashionable style


See the little sister’s wear demonstration, roughly the color

Purple + white

Mainly, the upper body is

Pure purple cardigan with white vest

, Lay the neat dressing foundation, next

Blue purple bloom skirt

, Break the mediocrity, add color, and vitality is not elegant.



According to the main tone of the dress

Select the same color to match

, Colorful floral skirt,


Tone is very


However, the upper half is not recommended to use fresh yellow to embellish, so as not to create too expanded visual effects.


cream color

It is the most appropriate, a bit tend to be white color, but there is a delicate color details, with the skin’s version of the design, reduce the stacking of the fabric, so that wearing a refreshing and beautiful.


Such a beautiful and romantic floral dress, how can you not love fashionable?

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