In 2017, HIFI Player Prince R2R2000 launched by Hifiman has moved many people’s ears. Until now, it is also a classic model that has been talked about by enthusiasts. Hifiman has finally updated the upgrade product of the “Prince”. This time the model is HM1000. Because the design is more stable than the R2R2000, it has a more domineering nickname “Taishang Emperor”. The following brings its experience Essence

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

Concept exploration: not only no screen

The Hifiman HM1000 series player has three versions, namely carmine, champagne gold and frost silver models. The core difference is not the difference between color. Different colors represent their built -in DAC chips and quantity. We got the Rouge Emperor in our hands, using two PCM1702 with the same “Prince of Red”. Although the configuration is not as good as the Emperor Jin, the performance is still very powerful.

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

Open the leather box with metal nameplate on the front, and the player’s body is lying quietly in the black silk. I have to say that the red and black color matching is indeed very visual impact and recognition. Even if I have not been exposed to the player’s product, I can’t help but watch it repeatedly when I see it for the first time. The body shape is relatively long and small, which is very suitable for one -handed holding, but the weight is full.

The biggest difference between HM1000 and other players is to cancel the screen where modern players interact with users to realize interaction, and replace it with the display of the “inner” of the machine. It has also made a maximum choice, only retaining the Bluetooth function controlled by mobile phones, and a different road concept from various large -screen Android players, so that “there is no thoughts and a more pure and better voice.”

Under the black glass panel on the front, the core of the machine can be visible — two PCM1702 chips, and the other parts are added with a stripe texture to extend the visual effect from the top and lower sides. The back is still a whole black glass panel. The glass surface has a golden Hifiman Logo, the model information of the player, and the signature of the Hifiman founder in the lower right corner.

The HM1000’s body is processed from a whole piece of aluminum CNC. The surface treatment is delicate and exquisite. Not too “sharp”. The classic square shape seems to be telling users that this is a simple “national brick”.

The physical buttons of the machine are all distributed on both sides of the fuselage, and they also use gold color matching. The left side of the “OUTPUT” output mode switching, “Input” input mode switch, “GAIN” gain mode switch, the right side is Power keys, volume addition and subtraction, and TF card slot. Yes, this “Taishang Emperor” not only has no screen, no system, but not even the song switching key.

Fiman HM1000 also supports local TF card playback, with a maximum extension of 1TB, but it should be noted that before inserting the player, make sure that the TF card is in FAT32 format, otherwise it will not be recognized. If you use a large -capacity TF card, you can safely download some high -quality DSD format music, and then use the mobile app to control (Hifiman Remote also needs to be found in the “firmware download” of the official website) to enjoy the best sound quality experience.

At the top of the fuselage is the sound source output area. In addition to the 3.5mm single -end/balance port and 4.4mm balance port, HM1000 also has a 3.5mm single -end/balance and 4.4mm balance output interface for LINE OUT. It can be used as a front -end device, which is used to use externally with source audio and desktop amplifiers. Switch 3.5mm single-end/balance port output to judge the indicator light above, red-single port, green-balance port.

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

Control with mobile phones, a new experience heralding listening habits or completely changes

As mentioned earlier, the HM1000 has no screens and simplified buttons, so that additional devices are required to assist in operation, so the best choice must be a mobile phone. According to the new control concept of Hifiman HM1000, HM1000 in the future most users in the future They are all in the state of not being left. With such a powerful external device, those modules on the HIFI player that will interfere with sounds have no reason to exist. You only need to pass the mobile phone to fully control the system. The corresponding body button can also be canceled to reduce circuit interference.

It is based on this concept that the HM1000 without the screen further gets rid of the traditional player’s 桎梏 and explores more gameplay. It can be used directly through the USB CD turntable machine, computer, and mobile phones as a wired DAC; it can also be transformed into a high -quality Bluetooth player through Bluetooth connecting the front end of the phone; Music in TF card, make a “national brick” that does not forget the original intention.

When used as a wired DAC player, HM1000 can support a digital signal decoding up to 24bit/384kHz sampling rate. You only need to connect the USB-C port at the bottom of the player with a USB cable, and then press the Input key to switch the sound source input mode. The green indicator in the upper right corner of the right corner can be used normally when the Mac connection is good. Windows device needs to be downloaded from the Hifiman official website. In addition, when using the mobile device OTG connection, you can directly read the internal storage Effect.

From this perspective, the hearing habits of high -end HIFI in the future may be completely changed. As a smart device with a high degree of popularity, mobile phones have been extremely difficult to find their own positioning in the HIFI circle, but it is very suitable for HM1000’s control concept. As a must -have device for everyone at this stage, it is appropriate to use it as a “remote control”. This concept is actually gradually formed in the smart home market. Therefore, we can all predict that the future HIFI listening habits will change. For example, at home, we can remotely control the played music and selection, and even in the future may have comprehensive integration control with sound and painting equipment such as TV audio at home. It can be said that the HM1000 may not have too many highlights of the changes in control today, but in the future, it has infinite possibilities, and it can even integrate the relatively niche HIFI device into the overall smart home life. Then There are more ways we can play, and we can’t even simply define HM1000 as a HiFi DAC.

Of course, from another direction, you can directly play the music by relying on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. You can even play the music directly without using the APP, open the mobile phone Bluetooth, search for Hifiman HM1000 connection, the Bluetooth protocol supports LDAC, APTX-HD, APTX, AAC, SBC, SBC And MP3, OGG, WMA and other mainstream formats, the highest decoding specifications have reached 24bit/192kHz, and basically there is no compatible format. In the LDAC encoding format, its resolution and sound field are not the Bluetooth headset direct connection. Compared with. Of course, I have to admit that because of the particularity of Bluetooth transmission, it still cannot exert the entire strength of HM1000 to some extent, but as a sound source condition is limited, such a combination is still better than the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset with the mobile phone. Too many (based on the current most mobile phones, there are no 3.5mm interfaces).

Listening experience: excellent sound density and quality performance

Ananda is a classic tablet headset launched by Hifiman. It has a wide sound field and a good resolution. Next, we will use it to match the Red Emperor, and simply share it.

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

After the Bluetooth pairing is successfully paired, enter the APP interface, click to select the device, and connect it. After connecting to update the media library, you can see the music stored on the TF card. In the APP, you can perform operations such as fast -moving/fast -forward, playback/suspension, pull -out bar, cycle method and other operations, and various types of parameters and power levels of audio files can be presented. The only regret is that the APP currently does not support the album cover surface. show.

Regardless of whether it is a local player or DAC, the first feeling of HM1000 gives people is that the control of the bottom noise is very good. Even on the low impedance tablet headphones such as Ananda, you can completely feel the existence of the noise. The actual performance of two PCM1702 chips based on the R2R architecture is quite good. Thanks to the open architecture of the headset, the transparency is self -evident. In the high -gain mode, played the burn -out music balance and easy to balance, and enough thrust brings the advantages of tablet headphones to the fullest.

The reduction of HM1000 on the presence makes us more amazing. The sound dye cannot be said to be completely without, and the sound is slightly warm. Back to 1994’s non -plug -in version “

Hotel California

“, From the prelude guitar SOLO, it has been very scratching. It can obviously hear the sense of direction of the stage of the stage. In addition, the resolution of the sound is also very good, the drumming level is rich, and some subtle stomachs, piano, and ventilation details clearly clearly clearly way show out.

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

The three -frequency performance is very balanced, the low -frequency is just right, the mid -frequency is firmer and not loose, the high frequency sound is bright and delicate, and there is no musical feeling. The human voice part is very full and infectious. The intermediate frequency is like ahead, and the separation between human sounds and musical instruments is high. The positioning of drum points, violin and other instruments is very accurate, the level is obvious, and the sound field is particularly open.

According to the experience of the previous R2R2000 user “Chrysanthemum Master”, the improvement of HM1000 compared to Prince Red Prince not only lies in the bottom noise, but the sound density and low -frequency lines are also a relatively obvious improvement, especially listening to Hansyo as “interstellar interstate “Crossing” “

Cornfield Chase

》, The climax of the performance is almost contracted by the majestic wind piano. At this time, the sound information density is very large and thick, but it can still maintain sufficient stage vertical extension and low -frequency transients. Each voice is clear and three -dimensional. , A sense of lines.

Let’s connect HM1000 to the PC to give full play to its pure DAC capabilities. With PC as a sound source, we are more likely to feel the sense of power of sound, and the essence of HM1000 has been magnified. Taking Sakamoto Ryoichi’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” soundtrack as an example, the beautiful melody brought by the early piano solo was performed by HM1000 to interpret a new height, and the surging feeling after the overall instrumental music is added, which can better reflect HM1000 in sound density density in sound density density. Advantages. In terms of human voice, whether in the depiction of male or female voices, the HM1000 is very good. The thickness of the low -frequency band of the human voice makes it easy for the ears to have a full feeling. Although high -frequency performance is not as good as low frequency, it is definitely a high -level performance. At this time, the HM1000 feels more like a small “landline”, the quality is high enough to pure, as long as it is not a particularly high -impedance headset, basically the lack of thrust. It is not without the use of martial arts.

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

Summary: The fresh atmosphere of ancient names cannot be blocked

空窗带来的革命性操作体验,“皇级”播放器HIFIMAN HM1000体验

From the promotion of “Prince” to the “Emperor of the Emperor”, the Hifiman HM1000 configuration is doing subtraction, streamlined the effectiveness of WiFi and display after the display, and the noise bottoming control and current interference have achieved leapfrogging, and the sound is cleaner and pure. Because I choose to pile all my energy in the sound quality, only from the perspective of the sound level, the performance of the emperor is very excellent. The abundant information density and the good sound field space are more appropriate with most headphones and audio systems. Short board. In fact, compared to the sound quality, we are more interested in HM1000’s forward -looking design concepts and control mode. As a player, it is more like a future exploration: with the mobile phone, this “big screen” that never leaves, this “big screen” from the big screen ” In addition, do we still observe the “small screen”? The form of the form that is liberated after hugging the mobile phone can take the future exploration of the HIFI player’s future. Obviously, it is the part that we are most interested in HM1000. This is not only the liberation of the machine, but also another comfort to the listener.