On March 15th, the two Haitao shop owners came to the Guihuagang Community Gaquai den to buy counterfeit luxury goods.

Italy’s “shipping” micro -business purchasing luxury goods is likely to be high imitation goods from Guangzhou.

“You check the logistics information and show that this Gucci bag is shipped from Venice, Italy. In addition to overseas purchase bills, there are customs clearance information, and the bag is almost false, and it will never make people doubt.” A Peng holds a model. High imitation Gucci, a micro -merchant who came to order for the first time.

A Peng is an authentic Guangzhou from high imitation luxury business in Baiyun District for many years.

Near the “March 15”, he adjusted its business hours from 8 am to 10 o’clock, and also hid the counterfeit bills into the file bag, including overseas card credit documents, customs customs declaration posts, invoices, etc.

“After all these things are all done, most people can’t see it at all.” A Peng said that his high imitation goods can almost be faked and true. Coupled with cooperation with logistics companies to fraud, providing fake overseas delivery and customs clearance information inquiry will make people believe that goods are “genuine” from overseas purchasing.

On March 16th, several La Kaizai and the seasons beside the Guihuagang Community next to Baiyun Leather City looked at the wind at the entrance of the community.

Because there are many counterfeiters, the leather city business district has also become a well -known “A goods scattered”.

Merchants who provide fake “Haitao” like A Peng gathered in Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather City and adjacent houses. Through “micro -business” and “Haitaoke”, a large number of high -imitation luxury goods are sold to various places. In this fake sales session, the division of labor responsible for the “Ma Zi”, merchants, fake micro -business, and express companies of the guests clearly clearly forms a “fake overseas purchasing” one -stop service chain.

Luxury goods A collection scattered

Guangzhou Baiyun Leather City Commercial District is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. The business district includes a number of markets engaged in leather goods sales in the Baiyun World Leather Trading Center, Jinyi Leather Plaza, Guihuagai Community, and Jinguiyuan Community.

Because of the high imitation merchants such as A Peng, 7 to 9 floors of the office building of the Guihuagang Community and the Baiyun World Leather Trade Center, Baiyun Leather City is also called “luxury goods A collection of goods”.

Near the “March 15” consumer rights day, Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Center and the nearby fake market seem to be unsightly. Pay the “famous bag” of business cards. When they encountered customers interested in buying, “La Ke Tsai” took them to merchants who cooperated in Leather City to see the goods.

Zhang Yongfang’s high imitation store is on the 7th floor of the Baiyun World Leather Tick Trade Center A.


This is a shop that is transformed from two -bedroom and one -living room. There are luxury goods such as LV, Gucci, Hermès on the counter. In addition to some belt, these high imitation products are mostly styles of litter and shoulder bags. And handbags and wallets ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. In addition to first -line luxury goods, there are also brand bags such as MK and Coach on the second and third -tier lines.

In Zhang Yongfang’s store, there are many people from South Korea, Africa, and the Middle East countries. They have manipulated English, Korean or rigid Chinese, and communicated with the clerk. Their main goal is all kinds of old and new first -line luxury brand.


In the shop, the guests came to the fake.

There are buyers who buy it in the baggage, and there are also micro -businessmen who wholesale and resale. In Zhang Yongfang’s store, a woman who claims to be a micro -business told the Beijing News that she started to be Weishang two years ago and sells bags at a 10 % discount on genuine products, and the purchase price is only a discount of genuine products. She With Zhang Yongfang and many other high imitation bag sellers, they have cooperated for a long time to choose the goods every few days.

In these fake stores, some foreigners are also engaged in the WeChat industry. After they order the goods, they will let “La Ke Zi” help pack the fakes and then pull it to the nearby express company to ship the goods.

On March 14th, in Zhang Yongfang’s store, in just ten minutes, five or six dials to watch the bags.

Similar merchants have several families on the 7th and 9th floors of the Baiyun World Leather Trade Center. Under the leadership of “Passenger Tsai”, the Beijing News reporter visited a number of shops. Basically, customers purchased high imitation luxury goods.

In the fake luxury cases cracked by the police in various places, the sources of the fakes of many cases also point to Baiyun Leather City, including fake cases in many domestic regions such as Putian, Fujian, and there are also foreign countries and regions such as Dibai, the United States, the United States and other overseas countries and regions. Create cases.

“My customers are mainly Weishang, Haitao”

For more fake sales merchants, the osmanthus residential area hidden in the Castle City Commercial District.

Many of the “Passeng” who is active in the surrounding leather cities, many merchants who bring customers into the Guihuagai Community.

“La Kezai” Chen Xing’s collaborative merchant is Guangzhou Apeng.

On March 15th, a reporter from the Beijing News just got off the car near Leather City. Chen Xing immediately stepped forward to ask if he bought a bag, and said that he could bring the reporter to the shops in the Guiqian community. No say. “

Under the leadership of Chen Xing, a reporter from the Beijing News walked through the door of three people and came to the “luxury market for sale” hiding in the residential building.

A Peng’s shop is in Guihuagang Community.

A Peng, from Guangzhou, about 30 years old. He claimed to have been in the white cloud leather market for many years, familiar with the entire market, and familiar with various customers. After seeing the customer’s strong purchasing power of luxury packages, he started the business of selling high imitation luxury packages.

A Peng did not have a break, except that when the inspection of the wind sound was particularly strict, the fake stores opened all year round. He cannot express the number of fakes with accurate numbers, “the daily turnover is not less than 10,000 yuan.”

Including A Peng’s fake sales merchants, there is no avail about fake goods. “The bag here is fake and true. Ordinary people cannot see it at all, and the counter does not provide inspection. Come here to choose goods, including foreigners. “

Among the customers in contact with Zhang Yongfang and A Peng, Weishang and Haitao are also their most important customers.

“A small number of customers buy high imitation or send friends, my customers are mainly WeChat and Haitao.” A Peng said that among his WeChat customers, WeChat’s micro -business accounts for purchasing.

“Haitao Class” high imitation price is only 10 % genuine

According to a merchant, the fake luxury business in the business district of Baiyun Leather City is good because “enough” and “cheap”.

All first -line brands sold by Zhang Yongfang have a common attribute compared to genuine prices, “only one tenth of the genuine price.”

A seller revealed that the prices of merchants selling high imitation bags in the leather goods business district are similar. The only difference is that the quality of each house is different. Except for those ordinary imitation and original units, only one to one high imitations can reach one to one. “Haitao” level is difficult to divide and false. “Those bags that can reach Haitao level are not cheap, one -tenth is the rules of the price in the line.” The seller said.

The reporter visited a number of shops and compared the price of the same high imitation bag. The price of each house was basically about one -tenth of the genuine counters. These so -called Haitao -grade fakes are placed in luxurious and bright glass counters in the decoration. Compared with ordinary high imitation bags, Haitao -level high imitation bags are corrected. Essence

“La Kezai” Wang Chenghua and A Peng’s introduction are similar, “The LV bag here is the same as genuine. The Gucci handbag with 20,000 yuan in the counter, we are more than 1,000 yuan.”

Zhang Yongfang and A Peng have a direct relationship with the “La Ke Tsai” walking on the street.

According to a “La Ke Tsai”, they brought the customer to the shop. After successfully selling a high imitation bag, they will get a commission of tens to hundreds of yuan, and the commission is paid by fake sales merchants. The price of its commission is also one -tenth of the price of high imitation bags. “When the business is good, you can get nearly 1,000 yuan a day.”

Buy bags attached to Hong Kong shopping bills

When selling to customers, Zhang Yongfang will also remind customers that if they are sending friends, they must tell them that this is a high imitation bag, and do not match any bills. If you are a micro -quotient or Haitao, it is best to make the packaging and bills well, “Anyway, the counter will not accept the identification.”

Zhang Yue, a micro -merchant specializing in overseas purchasing, all of the luxury goods sold from the high imitation goods from Baiyun Leather City. Said that if you want to do this business, run a trip to Baiyun Leather City in person, contact several merchants as a source of supply, all the procedures for overseas purchasing, the other party will find “roads” to do it, so it is difficult for customers to distinguish the authenticity of the package.

A Peng and many businesses have such “roads”.

“After getting the goods from me, they make high imitation bags and genuine products the same by fake packaging, invoices and express information.” A Peng said.

There are many partners in the industry in Apeng’s mobile phones, including “water customers” in Hong Kong.

According to A Peng, their most common operation is that after the order of WeChat, the high imitation bags are brought to Hong Kong through the “water customer”, and then shipped from Hong Kong to the Mainland to create customs clearance information to simulate overseas purchasing procedures, so as Reads falsehood.

They also have fakes that are targeted at scattered customers.

On March 15th, a reporter from the Beijing News spent 1350 yuan in A Peng’s shop and purchased a high imitation Gucci handbag with a genuine price of HK $ 8,600 (about 7360 yuan), plus 140 yuan packaging fee and packaging fee and 140 yuan. Fake invoices and other expenses have verified A Peng’s “one -stop” service process.

In the high imitation GUCCI handbag box provided by A Peng to the Beijing News reporter, it includes fake bills such as the Hong Kong Customs Taxation Permit, the purchase document of the goods printed with the GUCCI trademark, the UnionPay consumer document, and the related invoices.

After the collaboration between A Peng and Aquarius, the shipping place of the fake bag became the SOGO Sogo Department Store G28 shop 555 SOGO Sogo Department Store. Without people with overseas shopping experience, it is difficult to judge the authenticity of these receipts.

The reporter visited the Baiyun World Leather Tick Trade Center and a number of merchants in the Guihuagang Community. They said that they could provide such counterfeit services. “This is the well -known hidden rule in the high imitation luxury circle.” A merchant said that it is now an overseas purchase. The micro -business is the main customer base. In addition to the quality of the bag, the whole set of fake procedures behind it is difficult to do business.

On March 20, the reporter received high imitation luxury fakes and full sets of counterfeit bills.

International logistics information fraud

“The most common process of overseas purchasing is the process of taking Hong Kong, but some purchasing micro -business and Haitao also involves counterfeit purchases in Europe, the United States and other countries and regions.” A Peng introduced that this is another kind of counterfeit process- ” Line in different places. “

The so -called “online” is the customer who sends the fakes to a foreign country after buying a fake goods here, and then send the fakes to the domestic sales through the foreign receiver, or cooperates with some logistics companies to create a fake to create a fake Express information to forge foreign purchasing and shipping processes.

“The former costs a lot and must be a receiver abroad.” A Peng said that the latter only needs to have a fixed logistics company for cooperation, and the cost is small.

Under the introduction of A Peng, the reporter contacted Li Tong, who claimed to be the staff of China and Hong Kong International Logistics and Freight Company. Li Tong said that they have long -term cooperation with WeChat and overseas purchasing, creating fake logistics delivery information. Customers do not need to mail the items to foreign countries for transfer, they only need to provide foreign delivery address, domestic transfer logistics company’s transportation order number, and the transportation order number of domestic transfer logistics companies, and the transportation order number of domestic transfer logistics companies, and the transportation order number of domestic transfer logistics companies, and the transportation order number of domestic transfer logistics companies, the transportation number of domestic transfer logistics companies, and the transportation order number of domestic transfer logistics companies. The consignee’s contact phone number and name can make fake express information.

On March 16, a reporter from the Beijing News purchased a GUCCI handbag with a price of 1390 euros (about 10,560 yuan) at a price of 1,500 yuan in a store, telling the boss the goods that need to do the Italian delivery process. Subsequently, the shop owner brought the reporter near the Guihuagai Community to print a shop specializing in a fake luxury packaging shop to print a small shopping ticket, credit card transaction record and invoice in a shopping mall in Venice, Italy.

After the production of fake bill information was completed, the reporter sent this handbag and document to Beijing through a well -known courier company, and sent information such as the shipping number, the consignee and contact person to Li Tong.

10 minutes later, Li Tong sent international freight information to reporters.

Express information shows that on March 13, 2019, the express mail was issued from iTaly-Venice (Italy-Venice); at 20:00 on March 14th, the express delivery arrived in Guangzhou Customs in China; During the commodity inspection; 6:55 on March 16th, the customs clearance was completed, and the customs had been released; at 15:20 on March 16th, the express delivery arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun Transfer Center; at 18:27 on March 16th, the system transferred to domestic express companies Essence

However, the actual address of the express delivery is in Guangzhou. The delivery time was 20:00 on March 16. China -Hong Kong International Logistics Company produced the entire false international logistics process to connect reporters to fake express delivery from Guangzhou to Beijing.

Create a single fake logistics information like this, only 12 yuan.

In order to make the express information look more real, Li Tong said that he can also conduct logistics information inquiry on the official website of “Express 100” according to the foreign shipping number they produced.

According to the inquiry number of Li Tong, the reporter could query the fake express information sent by the express delivery from Venice, Italy. The Beijing News reporter can still query the above information on the official website of Hong Kong Yuanhang International Logistics Co., Ltd..

Hong Kong Yuanhang International Logistics Co., Ltd., founded in Hong Kong in 1997, is a logistics company with international trade, commodity customs clearance agents and express delivery services. According to Li Tong’s description, China and Hong Kong International Logistics belongs to Hong Kong Yuanhang International Logistics Co., Ltd., which can provide customers with complete purchase procedures and customs clearance services by fake international express delivery orders and logistics information. Merchants. “Li Tong said that with such logistics information, the consignee generally believes that the goods are from abroad.

The “rivers and lakes” of fake and fake fakes and fakes

According to the data, Baiyun Leather City is located on Jiefang North Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. It has more than 10 years of business history. The house around Leather City has always been a temporary warehouse for merchants. The osmanthus area, which is close to the mall, was rented by many fake merchants. The transformation and decoration became a fake distribution center. Usually the door was closed, and insiders needed greeting to enter.

Chen Xing, who came to business for A Pengla, said, “This is a rivers and lakes.”

There are often people sitting on the stool inside and outside the community. They communicate with each other. As long as there are people or vehicles entering, the people who are in the wind will immediately contact each merchant.

When Chen Xing took the reporter to enter the shop, he would first enter the community through the crowd of the wind or greet them. At the door of the room, Chen Xing pressed the doorbell. The people in the room confirmed that the cat’s eye confirmed the “pull guest After the identity of “Tsai”, I opened the door to welcome the guests. After entering the door, there will be monitoring pictures on the wall, and the monitoring pictures outside and inside the house are all available. There will be people who are responsible for the monitoring screen next to the monitoring.

The reporter visited a number of shops and found that there were “pull customers”, public -offs, and monitoring observers to be responsible for the corresponding work.

At the gate of Baiyun Leather City, a warning sign is set up in multiple places: it is strictly forbidden to carry, store, and sell counterfeit and inferior products! Be careful of “La Kezai” to mislead you to buy fake well -known brand bags outside the mall!

However, these warnings do not affect the sale of high imitation goods for those who sell fakes and fakes.

In Chen Xing’s view, in this sale of the fake rivers and lakes, they have formed a set of anti -investigation cooperation methods to avoid inspections, and the local police warning sign “does not work” for them.


In recent years, the local police and market regulatory authorities have repeatedly crack down on Baiyun Leather City and nearby fake sales.

On March 15, 2019, the day of consumer rights and interests of the consumer, and market managers were patrolled around Baiyun Leather City, but Chen Xing and others were still appearing around Leather City.

“Brand owners should participate in counterfeiting”

Zhang New Year, Zhang New Year, Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said that from the perspective of the fake “one -stop” industry chain jointly created by multiple subjects such as counterfeit, fake sales, and courier companies, its behavior is essentially a common infringement The behavior, if its sales reached more than 50,000 yuan, are suspected of sharing crimes.

With the advent of the e -commerce era, the regulatory law of the commodity market shows that it is not suitable for e -commerce, which has caused many chaos in the e -commerce industry. Zhang Xinnian said that with January 1, 2019, my country’s “E -Commerce Law” is officially implemented, and online vendors, including Weishang, must handle market entities registration in accordance with the law, that is, to apply for a formal business license.

After the “E -Commerce Law” was introduced, Weishang and purchasing also need to register and pay taxes, and the sales of friends in the circle of friends were also included in supervision. Lawyer Zhang Xinnian said, “my country has basically achieved laws in regulatory control and fake sales behavior. Whether it is civil accountability, administrative penalties, or criminal accountability, the law provides strong support.”

Qiu Baochang, a member of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Consumer Association and the chairman of the Beijing Law Society E -Commerce Rule of Law Research Association, introduced that Internet Haitao and cross -border e -commerce have concealed and cross -area. Fake sale should be tolerated.

Qiu Baochang said that we should strengthen technical investment, use the Internet to monitor the network, and strike counterfeit behaviors; secondly, credit should be established, honest construction, administrative penalties for the offenders, criminal responsibilities, and criminal responsibilities, making criminals difficult to walk. Those who violate the law are severely punished in accordance with the law and sanctioned the illegal operators with credit. Only by credit supervision and criminal means multi -pronged can be managed.

In response to many luxury stores do not provide inspection services, Qiu Baochang said that brand owners must not only protect their own interests, but also actively safeguard the market and provide consumers with identification services.

“For now, it is difficult to rely on their own rights to rely on their own rights. All parties should cooperate with consumers to protect their rights.” Qiu Baochang said. “If you buy fake packages, consumers can retain evidence of purchase channels and order. Complaint with the consumer association and market supervision department, or communicate with the e -commerce platform selling fake bags, can also protect their rights through litigation. ” (Reporter You Tianyi Intern Wang Jiazheng Photography/Beijing News reporter)