From September 10th to September 12th, Pingzhou Duwang publicly opened the public market and started the bid on the 13th. The public disk of jade wool in this field was jointly organized by Mindera Company and Detuwang Company. A total of more than 5,000 emerald jade wool was displayed on the spot, attracting many jade merchants, owners and experts from all over the country to watch the bid.


Although Myanmar’s emerald raw materials are scarce this year, which leads to the comprehensive price increase of the jade market, the overall growth of emerald live e -commerce, the overall growth of the emerald consumption scale, and the continuous expansion of the emerald customer group, so that people inside the bank generally believe There are many people participating in the public disk on the spot.


New changes in this trading

(1) The number of new materials exceeds 60 %

According to experts, the number of new materials for the public disk in this venue accounted for a large number of new materials. In more than 5,000 materials displayed on the spot, more than 3,000 new materials were displayed.

As more new materials have gradually flowed into the emerald source distribution market, it means that the “material shortage” in the upper reaches of the jade industry will be relieved to a certain extent. Consumers have more choices to re -activate the vitality of the industry.


(2) Good material supply in short supply


At present, the emerald public disk still belongs to the seller’s market. The good supply is in short supply. Buyers are scrambling to buy good materials.

There are more than 2,000 white bids in the public market to accept bidding without the bottom price. Not only will it not stop the bid, but it will also announce the winning bid price (except for the yellow label).


In order to promote more transactions, and to make good materials match the price it deserves, the public trading has been opened in this public.

(PS: White standard, refers to the bidder’s bid to reach the bottom price of the seller will be sold; the yellow label does not show the reserve price, and the final transaction price must be negotiated with the owner after winning. Sell.)


(3) The number of good water for water

The high -grade jade materials of the public disk in this venue, the proportion of high -grade water and good materials exceeded 60%.

In the emerald collection market, water planting has been favored by experts. Because of the emerald jewelry made of high -type water, the quality of jadeite can be perfectly displayed. The value and color beauty of the jadeite have higher value -shelter investment value and greater appreciation potential.


All in all, this public market is a long drought for the Pingzhou emerald industry. There are still a lot of good food at the Pingzhou market, but the owner is unable to sell it, and it is not easy to turn on the price when the price does not meet the expectations. It is also seen that if the Myanmar public market will not be re -opened, as the new materials in the market are sold, the industry will face a crisis of new materials, and we should plan ahead.

Du Duwang public disk good appreciation appreciation

The meat on the surface of this piece of material is very fine, and the foundation is high. If the whole piece is meat, you can open a good quality bracelet, brand or carving piece, or the whole piece can be kept to make the leather shell to make a special ornament.

Although this material is small, the water is better, the purple Roland color is uniform, the foundation is mild and translucent, and it can make quality carvings.


Like the old -fashioned material that has been cut two pieces, the head is relatively large, and the inner stone is shot in the interior of the rough. , Brand, ring noodles, attracting many experts to review valuations.


This unique yellow -green purple “Fulu Shou” three -color jadeite can not only produce bracelets, but also be used as a collection -grade special carvings. It is a rare emerald treasure.

This piece of material is old -fashioned, feet, and sun -green decorated on the leather shell. It is small but all essence. It can be used as a large pendant, a handle, or a special ornament for specific themes.