Every winter, it is “fighting” to keep warm. Various equipment is in line. Many people ignore the warmth of the feet. The down jackets+autumn clothes and autumn pants are put on. Sometimes they still feel cold feet, their bodies, their bodies, their bodies Not warm.



Keep warm from your feet

“It is not fake at all, a more obvious actual experience is, no matter how cold the sky,


After soaking a hot water, I feel warm


Essence The feet are the easiest parts of the cold. The slippers are not warm, and the feet will soon be cold. If the feet are warm, the body will naturally warm.

Only when we watch TV, we feel that our feet are so cold, so we can put the feet that have nowhere to be placed on the electric heaters. It is not convenient to say, and it is easy to make the whole house full of athletes.

I remember because I was too cold when I was young, the slippers at home were not very warm to keep the warmth. In addition, it was easy to sweat my feet. Essence The current conditions are better, but there are still these problems with slippers, but there may be a few more pairs in the home.

In fact, suitable warm and comfortable slippers,


There is enough in winter, no need to prepare a few pairs, and the price does not need to exceed 100 yuan.

It was established in 2011. It is not long for 10 years, but it is enough to make a brand grow up. From a silent brand,

Design 500 pairs of crazy each year, and now the annual sales volume is 3 million doubles

, Domestic “Dark Horse” breaks through the traditional slippers, let more people know and put on excellent slippers.

Newly designed this winter

Add a thick bottom bag and “bread” cotton slippers

Keep your feet warm, comfortable, breathable, sweaty feet, high face value

, It’s all an intuitive experience after you have a heart -to -mind, at the same time, you can still have

Very good waterproof effect, don’t worry about wearing outside

Two ways of wear: bag, wearing and pressure penetration

, Convenient to you at different times.

Rabbit Velvet Inner+Circle Dry Microcirculation Technology

Keep warm and breatha

Many cotton slippers are warmer when they are just bought, but they do n’t wear it many times. The fluff inside is wet by sweat, and no matter how you wear it, it will not warm.

The pair of heel waterproof cotton slippers, the whole inside is adopted

Selected imitation rabbit velvet material

, Not only have a good fluffyness, but also feel it

Very comfortable and not hairy

After washing your feet, you can get back quickly and keep your feet warm.

When wearing this pair of cotton slippers at home, watching TV and reading books, I am no longer afraid of being cold to comfortable.

At the same time, the adopted ring -drying microcirculation technology has ensured the shoes

It has good breathability, even if there is a good warmth effect inside the shoes, the feet will not be easily stuffed to sweat.

It can also reduce the problem of foot odor, so such cotton slippers can keep warm.

Ue’s waterproof and pollution -proof, can be worn outside

Two ways to wear, more convenient


The cotton slippers in winter are afraid of being wet. After wetting, it is difficult to dry and dry it. Even after dehydrating with a washing machine, because the temperature is low and the sun is less time, it is difficult to dry for one or two days. Go out.

Therefore, as soon as you encounter water or soup, you can only change your shoes. And the upper of Youjun cotton slippers

The PU waterproof help surface has a good waterproof effect.

Put the shoes under the water dragon and flush the water, and the water is drove away immediately, the shoes

It is dry as early

It is not affected at all.

If you are not careful

Soup, milk, soy sauce, etc. are sprinkled on the shoes, and you only need to wipe it with a paper towel to get clean immediately


It is very convenient to take care of it, especially in winter and do not want to clean the shoes often, it saves time to wear this shoe.


The heels are adopted


Knit thread bag and design,

The knitted thread has good elasticity, put on the feet

I won’t work at all, it is convenient to wear and take off

, Easy to raise your feet, wrap the heels, and prevent the heels from cold.

This design has another benefit, if you don’t

I want to raise the heel

It doesn’t matter,


Just press and wear it directly, it will not get rid of your feet, and it will not affect its bag and the effect

, Will still be wrapped tightly to the heel.


3.5cm thicker EVA sole

Short -absorbing non -slip, more comfortable

To be precise, the soles of the cotton slippers

There are 3 floors

, From the inside to the outside::

Shushu cotton, 15mm thick 60D rebound sponge, 3.5cm thick EVA outsole,

The upper feet and soft bombs, comfort, and decompression of the shoes are much more comfortable than ordinary slippers.

The outsole is adopted


Tire teeth pattern anti -slip texture

Increasing the grip with the ground, and EVA itself has a good anti -slip effect, slippers are not afraid of slipping easily in the bathroom or kitchen with water, and the elderly and pregnant women in the family are more assured.


The shoes are very light, one ones

Weighing only 157g

Wearing a sense of lightness on my feet, and there is still a good mute effect when walking, don’t worry about noise to sleep.

This cotton slippers have a total of

3 colors: gray,

White and brown,

Each color is very good, you can buy according to your favorite color.

There is also a little detail. I have to say that the upper and soles are passed

Sewing on the line, very strong and durable

Don’t worry about the problem of the shoes and odor at all.

I am tired at work every day, and I will go home when I am tired. I wear it for us. We are wearing at home on the weekend. We do n’t let our little feet be cold. This winter is enough to wear a pair.


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You can wear a thick -bottomed bag with cotton slippers as soon as you wipe the net home and can be worn outside


¥ 69