Many outdoor anchors themselves are a person who is not very short of money, because outdoor live broadcast requires a certain amount of funds and connections. Many rich second generations have nothing to do with it. The anchors are rich second -generation, and they like to drive everywhere and play everywhere.


Today, I found a beautiful anchor to broadcast and go to a high -end place to participate in supercar gatherings and the like tomorrow.

Regarding outdoor anchors, I have to mention a person here, that is, a well -known outdoor anchor Ocean. At present, Oceanic Jun has already belonged to the retreat. There was a video that was spread on the Internet. Water friends wandered around and watched everywhere,

The most famous was a clerk who was angry, and finally came forward even the official.

At that time, Oceanic Jun entered a Lenovo specialty store. A clerk saw his handheld equipment and knew that he was an anchor.

As a result, the clerk mocked the ocean monarch behind his back and looked down on him as anchor. He bought one of the most expensive ones in an anchor.


About 1W5, a computer,

Then directly broadcast the live broadcast in the store and smash it on the ground


It is reported that the Lenovo clerk was later fired.

This incident also tells us not to look down on anyone,

As we all know, generally wearing characters is a big guy, look at the fire cloud evil god, and then look at Wei Shen.

The one who mentioned today is also an outdoor anchor, called Xiao Wang brother,


Brother Xiao Wang used to use the BMW 5 Series to do live broadcast

Later, Didi live broadcast was banned, and he transformed into an all -around outdoor anchor. He often asked a girl to broadcast live, or live broadcast some of his own insights. The content was rich and interesting, attracting a lot of fans.

Later, I made money as anchor,

Xiao Wang’s car has also been upgraded to Ferrari 458


And recently, the Ferrari lack of accidents have occurred in the live broadcast.

Recently, the little Wang brother found a beautiful anchor as a guest as usual. The two were live broadcast indoors and started to be fine. When the little king got up and left, the little king was aggressive. It was live broadcast at that time,

I saw the window glass of the Ferrari 458 co -driving in the camera was broken, and a LV bag in my car was stolen.


Brother Wang is very depressed. This is Ferrari 458. Not to mention how expensive it is, plus the LV bag inside, the loss is not small,

The most beautiful thing was that the little king at the time also found that there was a note in the car

There is a scene that predicts crimes in the TV series or left some symbolic scene. The note should be written by a water friend. The content is:

I wish Xiao Wang’s live broadcast better and better.

Some people suspect that the water friend committed the crime, and Xiao Wang also expressed the same doubts.

However, some people said that this may not be something left by a person. It was a water friend who left a note, but it was a gangster who smashed the glass.

Later, Xiao Wang called the police and broadcast the situation.

After that, Xiao Wang also sent a fish to say that it was abominable to steal things, because he usually needs to drive on the live broadcast, and now the window glass is broken, and he wants to delay a lot of effort to repair the car. After a while, the little Wang brother also said that the live broadcast was to be determined.

The next day, Xiao Wang opened a live broadcast at home and talked about the specific processing of this incident. Xiao Wang said that


The overall loss is about 3W+

And the live broadcast time he wasted has not been calculated. Later, Xiao Wang and Shui You introduced some of the progress of the current investigation. He said:

“Through the investigation, there was no fingerprint that could be used to help solve the case. There was no signs of turning in the car. After taking things, 80%was a habitual criminal. The thief brought gloves. There were two small handprints on the roof. There was no way. “

At this time, some netizens mentioned the latter


BMW has a driving recorder to watch the video



However, the police also mentioned that because of the special period, they all wore masks and hats, and they could not recognize who it was. They could only try to check the video as much as possible.

After that, Xiao Wang also said that if he caught it, can you come back and say according to his own ideas, but this jail must be sat!

I will find someone to check another person. It is best to catch it.

It is also a special period now, reminding everyone to protect their own property safety, but accidents like Xiao Wang are really rare.

Even if these people do bad things can’t run for a while, they will always be caught.