Do you explore the depths of Aimo’s life -Yingang small retro YG250-8C

The trend of retro cars in the domestic market is not a trend but a fact, and the age group has been seen from the opening whites of Jialing 70, that is, “I want to think of the uncle” to more and more young people, or even just just just just now. There are age qualifications to get a driver’s license and get out of the new cuteness of driving school.

Coordinated and compact appearance design is not cumbersome nor vulgar

Based on this model of the age group, Yingang has recently launched a retro YG250-8C. This model of vehicles is suitable for just getting a driver’s license. It is legally running on the road, highlighting the personality, and a new generation of a maverick.

The front lighting and taillights use LED light sources, high brightness, long life

They believe that driving a retro car will exude a new atmosphere. It will even render some attitude of your own life. Although I just entered the life of motorcycles, it has revealed a deep love realm. Although it has not tasted the sourness of the “Motor Circle”.

The color LCD instrument is quite clear, the round retro flavor is full

Most of them do not excessively pursue the wind and galloping, and walk comfortably and to write their self -confidence and independence. They do not envy the large -scale straight -line attacks of multiple cylinders. The tone and personality.

16L large fuel tank, combined with Delphia Edar to make the battery life reach 400 kilometers

Vintage iconic elements are fermented in the new era of medium. It is difficult to buy your favorite combination to give birth to a retro hand. The nine -story table started to exhaust the soil. YG250-8C is a great foundation. Imagine the perfect building.

The seams of the two materials emphasize the retro taste,

Both anti -slip and supporting force are good, and the comfort is slightly insufficient.

If you want to modify, you can start from here

The price of 13,800 yuan has given you a low, but complete platform. What latte, what sleigh … the modification price can buy another car … and the price of this silver steel cup of milk tea can give you a small embellishment.

Double -cylinder 234cc electric injection oil cooling,

Maximum power 11.5kW/8000rpm,

Maximum torque 15.0N.M/6500rpm

Lighting or instrument, the cushion is either foot, the reflector is still the set, and the deep fuel tank is put on the frame … In short, planning, my car I have said the pleasure, the harvest effect is you Shi Shiran’s Sliding through countless eyes.

The front inverted shock absorber, the rear airbag can adjust the double shock absorption

You don’t have to care about the beauty and ugliness of your own car. He is compared with your hands. The historical equator of the retro car is as long as the equator. It crushes their essence and intercepted your fashion. “I like” three words can retreat all the poisonous tongue attacks.

Standard ABS, a single disk dual -piston caliper,

Rear single -disc, piston brake caliper

The engine power can support you to bring your own trajectory in the city. In addition to the restrictions of regulations, you also have some room for you. In order to keep your envy eyes, you can keep it too fast. How can others remember you?

520 oil seal chain, easy maintenance,

CST saw the tire, the texture is full of retro flavor

When the fellow gathering party, the retro car can always have a strong sense of existence, and you don’t have to blush the neck to pursue the 0.01 seconds in the corner. In life, landscapes and cycling are inseparable, and they will miss too much in pursuit of speed. Therefore, even when it was hanging at the end of the team, I laughed at the sunset.

The scrub texture of black silver with good exhaust sound is good,

You can enter the video to listen to it

There are always people who confuse the boundaries between Mojin and the road. Walking 800 kilometers a day is indeed a hero. But it is really not a way of traveling by retro knights. The battery life of the large fuel tank just avoids the tedious entry of the gas station. The 400 -kilometer battery life is to make your smooth journey from being disturbed by energy depression.

The details are emphasizing the retro style, and the three -dimensional nameplate of the body is also a highlight.

It is just that the reflector is slightly modern, the USB charging port is on the left side of the handlebars

The car accelerates in the 2 and 3 gears. Before 60 kilometers per hour, the speed can be pulled up quickly, and the section of 60 to 90 is slightly procrastinating. But the vibration control is very good, it can be said to be a more comfortable cruise speed. The engine performance is relatively soft. I used to use very violent methods to make some rapid acceleration grip limits, which did not succeed.

ABS triggers earlier, and it is not just right, because the sliding caused by the type of tire pattern will occur one second before your psychological expectation, but this is for sports models that are not used to run and running. definitely no problem.

The bumps in the front of the shock absorber are good, and the reducing reducing back to the cornering will be very grasped. It will not mess up the rhythm. To your hips.

Overall performance, compared to the price of 13,800 yuan, this car has achieved excellent level, and it is not outstanding in all aspects, but there is no obvious shortcoming. For those who have just exposed to motorcycle life, it is a one. Taiwan -friendly partner.

The knights who are ready to enter the “Motor Circle” hope that their cycling life is enthusiastic and creative. There is a place in the “Mo” in different colors, so try to start with a silver steel YG250-8C! Welcome to Yingang Brand Store, located in Xinyue Home, Nanhuan Road, Changping District, Beijing.

The bumps in the front of the shock absorber are good, and the reducing reducing back to the cornering will be very grasped. It will not mess up the rhythm. To your hips.

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