Xiafei, a man in Haining, Jiaxing, is a good man who is recognized by everyone. He usually does not do less housework, but recently he has encountered the most daddy dishes. Essence Essence

Last Friday, the same time, after dinner, Xiaofei took over the drinking of the dishes. When the incident happened when the first bowl was washed, “maybe I used it for a while.” This bowl was broken in half. By the way, a piece of broad bean -sized meat was cut off. Essence

Xiaofei rushed to the city center hospital to deal with his fingers urgently, cleaning the wound, bandaging, and bandage.

On Saturday afternoon, Xiaofei came to the city center hospital to change medicine. Dr. Miao Xihang checked the wound and found that Xiaofei’s left -hand index finger was large, continued to be severe pain, and there was a risk of infection. Moreover, after pressing and bandaging, the gauze is very easy to stick to the wound. It is very painful when changing the medicine. When changing the medicine in the afternoon, the hydrogen peroxide was soaked for an hour before the gauze was separated from the wound.

In view of this situation, Dr. Miao performed a left indicator of leather in Xiaofei (medical indicator was referred to as a indicator). Dr. Miao cut a 2cm*1cm leather piece from the left forearm of small Fei, covering the left indicator of the left indicator, and the packaging was bandaged.

△ Pressing and bandaging after skin planting

△ Please avoid it by yourself

Coincidentally, before Xiao Fei, Dr. Miao also took a diagnosis of a dishwashing patient. The patient was cut off the nerves of the left thumb by the bowl of the bowl when washing the dishes. Insession of surgery.

Dr. Miao Xihang, a hand surgery in the city center of the city center, reminded that if a bowl of slices suddenly occurred during the dishes, first find a clean cloth or towel to stop bleeding, and then go to the hospital immediately. , Clarify whether the nerves, blood vessels, tendons, etc. are damaged. If the nerves are injured, surgical treatment is needed. If the wound is small, bandage after disinfection and debride.