Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Liu Zhuolan) On November 6, during the fourth expo, Caibai shares reached a diamond cooperation agreement with Belgium Tas Diamond Company. Diamonds, combined with independent design and development, launch new diamond accessories. This is another cooperation between Cai Bai shares after signed by the previous Expo and the Shanghai Diamond Exchange member units and the International Jewelry Designer Alliance.

Picture source: Liu Zhuolan/Photo

The Beijing Commercial Daily reporter saw at the Expo at the Expo. Cai Bai brought a number of national tide cultural and creative jewelry to participate, attracting many audiences to come to check in. Among them, there are many local products with Beijing Landmarks, such as Caihe Tiantan, Summer Palace, Capital Museum and other Beijing cultural landmarks, “Life Township”, “Cheng Qi Yuanji”, “Beijing City Jewelry” and other precious metal cultural and creative products.

The Expo has become an important platform for Caibai to continue to increase its influence. The relevant person in charge of Cai Bai said that in this expo, Cai Bai shares not only went out with the characteristic “Jingwei Jewelry Culture”, but also helped Chinese culture to the world. In the future, Cai Bai shares will continue to promote industrial upgrading and high -quality development of the industry, and will continue to take the opportunity to log in to the capital market to enhance the company’s market competitiveness.