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Net red hotels and homestays do a lot of work in terms of aesthetics, especially floral art. Whether it is lobby, guest rooms, or dining tables, a lot of effort has been made. Traditional hotels have more tricks on food, sets, color and so on. The editor collected the brocade of the dining centers of online red hotels and homestays in various places, and shared it with readers’ reference.

Sometimes life needs a sense of ritual. A simple meal is dressed carefully. When enjoying, you will feel that life is colorful, full of happiness. So, how do these hotels and homestay owners cleverly applying floral art and impressed consumers’ hearts?

The dining table does not need to be carefully designed. As long as a simple but exquisite and casual flowers are placed, it is the best -looking table, which is much more fashionable than stereotypes.

When arranging the dining table, you do n’t need to deliberately find the flower. From milk cups, white orchid cups, color glass cups … Various bottles and even test tubes to ceramic bowls, small iron barrels or rattan small baskets are taboo.

If it is a round table, you can place a flower insertion with the center of the circle, or put a set of different glassware, which is inserted in it, so it looks beautiful from which angle.

If it is a long table, the element can be repeated and maintained. For example, a set of two or three glass bottles can be used as elements. There are one or two flowers in each, so that the long desktop is to keep the rhythm.

The color of the flowers should pay attention to the dining table, and the tablecloth, or the tableware, or even the tableware, even a little echo will make the entire table integrate and the overall sense is strong.

The flowers with too strong floral fragrance are not suitable for placing on the table, because its breath will affect the taste of food and human appetite. In addition, the strong aromatherapy candles will never be placed on the table.

The height of the flower is higher than the sight, or if it is lower than the sight, no matter how beautiful the flowers can not hinder the communication between the diners, otherwise there will be a feeling of catching and hiding in the flowers.

The table flower art can also be placed in the air. This approach is very visually impactful. Generally it is really hard to try!

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