Honeywell Air-Touch air purifier

In mid -2016, I joined the Sina public test to start applying for their favorite products. I applied for Apple Watch Series 2 in September, and after a long waiting and experience, I was fortunate to get permanent use rights. After applying for products and participating in various tasks, although it is not harvested afterwards, I am still very happy, because you can see the original articles of various great gods here, you can learn a lot significance.

At the end of 2016, I saw the announcement of our announcement of our Junjun, which launched a new task called “Your Wish, Buying the Jun Jun”, and various prizes that are valuable to give them freely and freely.

No need to write a report, no PK, no deposit,

At that time, I was thinking that this public test was really impossible at the end of the year! This mission is really a fierce competition. The number of participants in the end exceeded 4,000. I think this is probably the pinnacle of time! We are looking forward to the sudden one day of the public test, letting friends’ enthusiasm be ignited again, haha!

As we all know, in the entire autumn and winter seasons of 2016, the northern part of my country has been haze for a long time, and the air purifier has become a hot -selling product for a while. Ten, so I did not hesitate to choose the task of participating in this New Year’s wish

In the end, the love of the public test was to achieve the wish of the New Year in the beginning of the year received this Honeywell Air-Touch air purifier. Here you will make a simple outlet.

The picture above is the main specifications of the official specifications. From this we can see that the capacity of the particles clean is 305m³/h, that is, the CADR 305 of the solid -state pollutant, the amount of formaldehyde clean air is 60m³/h, the cadr 60 of the gas -state pollutant, and the accumulation of granules and purification amount For P1, this purifier is pretty good from these data, but the specific value of the performance is not known because I do n’t have relevant testing equipment in my hands, but the applicable area is 21-36 square meters. Suitable for me to use in the living room.

Other data will not be mentioned for the time being. This does not support WiFi alone to make me very depressed. A air purifier that sells for 2499 yuan in Jingdong is not a cheap product. Why can’t I configure a WIFI module? The Xiaomi air purifier has been used before. Although the price is only 699 yuan, it still supports WiFi. Not to mention how Xiaomi’s purification effect is, at least I feel very convenient to use the mobile phone remote operation purifier.

From the day I learned the awards, I have been waiting for this courier. It turns out that although there are many types of awards and prizes in the event, the public test has not let everyone wait for too long. My purifier has been from this purifier. It took only a week to confirm the receiving address to receive the goods, which is much faster than the waiting for waiting for the previous watch. However, I do n’t know if this machine is rotten in the boxes of the Junjun or the logistics is violently loaded and unloaded on the way. When I receive the machine, the outer packaging is not bad, but fortunately the machine is unscathed.

This air purifier body is made of ABS, which weighs 9.5kg and the product size is 422x212x586mm. The overall appearance design is a cylindrical shape, and the simple style is exactly what I like.

The top of the machine is the operation panel and air outlet, and the operating key is all touch type.

Is there any difference between the comparison between the real shots and the official picture? At the time, the operating panel usually can only see the commonly used buttons such as automatic mode, adjustment gear, and sleep mode. It does not display the three -layer filter replacement prompts, filter reset, and fault prompts shown in the picture. The hidden design will be promoted only under the conditions of related operations.

On both sides of the machine are the air inlet, and there is a groove above the air inlet, which is used to open the purifier from the side.

There is a small window that can be opened on the back of the purifier, which contains air sensors.

The own power plug is two -hole, which seems to mean that this machine does not need to be grounded.

The base of the purifier is good overall. In addition, this part seems to be the air inlet in the middle of the machine shell.

The largest consumables of the air purifier, the filter element. This purifier is different from the Xiaomi purifier I used. The three layers of filters are used, and the materials of each layer are also different.

The first layer, the first -effect filter, filter large particles and hair; the second layer, high -efficiency filter, efficient filtering PM2.5 particles; the third layer, HISIV filter, stable and long -lasting filtration tvOC harmful gas and formaldehyde. Honeywell PRF35M0011 No. 1

The first layer of front filters are priced at 100 yuan

, Second floor

HEPA particle filter, Jingdong priced at 220 yuan

, OCF35M6001

The third layer of HISIV filter Jingdong is priced at 330 yuan

In addition, the OCF35M4000 TVOC (Long -Effect organic gas filter) is priced at 499 yuan.

From the above filter structure and price, this is really not comparable to low -cost air purifiers.

The three -layer filter is loaded inside the machine according to the number of numbers from the side. Because the filter element has numbers marked, it is very simple when putting it.

The operation method of the purifier is very simple. The wind mode is also a common automatic, sleeping, and automatic adjustment of the general purifier. Automatic adjustment can be adjusted by sliding left and right in addition to the keys on both sides.

There is a 360 ° indicator on the outside of the operating area to display indoor air quality. Blue, yellow and red represents three states: good, general, and difference. It’s all red, how bad the air quality in my house is. Essence Essence When using Xiaomi purifier before, it is basically a green light. Who is not reliable?

Official pictures show the working principle and purification method of this air purifier in detail.

This air purifier is priced at 2499 yuan, and Xiaomi Purifier 2 is priced at 799 yuan. The difference between the two machines is a bit large and it is not a level of products. The specific purification effect will not be compared. That is, if Xiaomi’s voice belongs to a motorcycle, Honeywell’s bicycle is the bicycle.

Finally, thank you again for your New Year’s gift!

Honeywell Air-Touch air purifier

The above is the introduction and description of air pre filter, I hope it can be helpful to you.