On October 22, the Samsung W22 5G folding screen mobile phone was officially launched at the price of 16999 yuan. This model basically follows the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 released earlier in design and configuration, but because it belongs to the “Heart World” model series with China Telecom, compared to FOLD3, it is in some in some in some, it is in some in some, it is some in some in some, it is some in some in some, it is some in some in some, it is some in some in some, it is some in some in some, it is some in some in some, it is some in some in some. There will be differences in details.

For example, in the design of the back cover, Samsung W22 5G uses precision ceramic materials. The black rear cover is cast by multiple special crafts such as high -temperature die casting, polishing, and membranes. Relatively good light texture. In the end, the weight of its fuselage reached 288G, which was heavier than the 271G of FOLD3. However, after all, it has exceeded “half a catty”, and this is still a foldable screen phone that can be opened. Such a weight level is actually completely acceptable.

In the hinge part, the Samsung W22 5G uses the PCD precision cutting process of modern high -end watches, which is exquisite and tough. This time its hinge is still golden color, with the golden back cover and the gold on the back cover. The identification of the world is quite atmospheric.

In addition to the unique customization of the appearance, Samsung has also made some special customization on the built -in system theme, such as the use of luxury watch element star plate design, and the silk wing design on the wallpaper, which looks very high -level sense. I believe that friends who like business style will have a good opinion of it.

As for the unimportant parts of performance configuration, Samsung W22 5G naturally has achieved almost the most top -level level in many aspects, such as 16GB + 512GB’s large memory combination, Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, 120Hz internal and external high -brushing screens, etc. And as a folding screen, it rarely supports IPX8 waterproof, which can be said to be a comprehensive flagship standard.

Such a Samsung W22 5G mobile phone can be said to be quite sincere, and its price has also reached 16999 yuan, compared to the general version of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 (12GB memory) at 14999 yuan, it can be said to be quite cost -effective. And in the Samsung W22 5G set, it also includes a customized leather protective cover and exclusive S PEN. It can be said that it is one of the most worthy folding screen business phones. department.