Slippers can be said to be a great invention of human beings, which liberated the fatigue of both feet for a day.

However, many people will encounter a problem. The slippers will become black after a long time of slippers, which will affect the beauty, and it is not thorough enough to clean it.

Because these black stains are not caused by a moment, ordinary cleaning methods are not used at all.

Is there a pair of slippers that can be done once and for all.

In fact, this problem is very simple. Ordinary slippers are prone to black hair odor because of the plastic materials that are usually used. Because of cheap, the service life is short.

A post -90s guy Wang Xuefei from Guangdong and Park Xi slippers founded by him solved this problem well.

By subverting the traditional research and development, the innovative foaming material is used on the slippers to make it more durable, not easy to subject to moisture and discoloration.

You may be unfamiliar with this Wang Xuefei, who just stood still. He used to be a high -quality student of a computer department. After a short time, he resolutely went to start a business. Until 2012, he entered a slippers trading company.

Later, I created a well -known Park Xi slippers. The annual sales of this brand seem to have soared all the way. From the beginning from millions to the next year, it can be sold to 200 million. It is also exported to foreign exports in multiple countries.

Such a fire is inseparable from its brand philosophy and ideas, and the company’s line is clear -only sells slippers. It is nothing more than two points that can be done: one is the product design that continues to innovate, and the other is to break the “civilian” price of the market.

When it comes to the specific characteristics of the product, we have to mention the production process of slippers. Park Xi pays great attention to the concept of environmental protection on the basis of artificial weaving.

And constantly chasing and innovating new fabrics and craftsmanship in the update of the product. Each pair of slippers can be super light, safe, and non -slip.

Thanks to the continuous innovation characteristics, the renewal rate of Wang Xuefei’s team products is as high as 70%, while the peers are only 20%-30%, which is fully ahead.

What is the common slippers, what are the people who are so popular and popular in the market?

Innovate foaming materials, easily create “stepping on shit”

At first glance, these pair of slippers look very “adorable”, with a fluffy and comfortable feeling visible to the naked eye. At first glance, I know that it is very suitable for home.

Most of the slippers on the market are generally used in PVC materials, but after continuous research and development and experiments, Park Xi decided to use EVA and Rubber’s mixed cross -linking foaming materials into products, which overcomes a number of technical difficulties.

Therefore, the finished products are also very practical, making the softness and elasticity of slippers appear on several steps, and it also has the characteristics of anti -compression deformation and yellow resistance. Don’t worry about quality problems.

To describe its upper foot feeling, it can only be described as “stepping on shit”, just like the feet are wrapped in a cotton, every step seems to be trapped in, soft enough to take off.

Ultra -light anti -slip, give you a sense of steady security

Sliprs can be worn so comfortably than its lightness. Park Xi’s slippers are also extraordinary. The weight of ordinary slippers on the market is less than 150g.

Therefore, wearing it is very smooth, and your feet seem to be massaging, light and comfortable, and you will love it if you experience it.

The foot feeling is good, so safe must be guaranteed.

The sole also ingeniously made a non -slip design. By increasing the friction with the ground, the shoes firmly grasped the ground very firmly.

In order to show the effect more intuitively, the shoes are placed directly on a smooth glass and poured water from the top. It is also very stable “pestle” there, without any meaning to move.

This stability does not need to worry about security issues at all. Even if it is usually on the ground full of water, the footsteps are still stable.

Five popular schemes to satisfy your aesthetics

After all, it is the shoes worn on the feet, so the face value must be passed. The design of each color is very classic, and it is advisable to men and women and children.

The color distinction is also obvious. Even if you buy a few pairs of more pairs, you will not make a mess.

Slippers are the magic weapons that liberate their feet. No matter how tiring it is to go to work at work, it can make the feet completely relax and enjoy the “SPA” of the foot for 1 second.

Such a pair of excellent slippers must be beautiful in the price. As long as you can take it home as long as you are 29 yuan, replace the traditional slippers at home to feel the black technology -like feet brought by Park Xi slippers.

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Parki Banana Boat slippers

¥ 29.8