Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

# 生 生活 温 温

# Winter life card season #

The cotton sufficiency is too strong, so men also like to wear cotton clothes in winter, pure black or pure white cotton clothes are most popular, men like the solid color simple design, even if there is a print, choose very simple letters, not Send a colorful or graphic style.

Men should also expand their fashion vision, try to have special trend of cotton clothes, use cotton clothes to improve their personality, let the wear more eye-catching. You can choose to print cotton clothes or color design. Many advanced elements are not messy, but the shape of the image is extremely strong.

Guolong’s cotton suit is very chic, and the Malone dressing of high luxury brand spokesperson is getting more and more temperament, and the age is growing.

Ma Long temperament is mature, but clothes are like a big boy, and the print cotton clothing with cattle and simple. Malone won the Prada style, wearing print cotton clothes out of the street, and the simple boy changed fashion.

Malone’s print cotton clothes

Design of print cotton clothes

Cotton clothing

pure white

For the base color, the large-scale print design reduces the proportion of pure white, pure white laid gentle, sunshine characteristics, male wearing light-colored costumes are advantageous, highlighting the temperament of big boys.


Printing is a letter design, choose

Navy blue


Jujube red

Combination, adding colors on the basis of classic colors


Make the color matching more suitable for men, showing men’s fashion and trend.



Together, avoid decorative single, using superimposed design


, Showing the trend and advanced, highlighting the art design charm.

Black inner combination


Male people like wear black costumes, black appearances are serious, dress temperament can


Can also


Lively simple

It can meet all men’s wear needs, and the temperament is still very good.



Features, especially suitable for matching the jacket of the printing class,

Color print cotton clothing


The combination can put all the visual priorities in the jacket, and put off the charm of print cotton clothes.

Digital jeans

Direct jeans is the most


Casual pants, can wear four seasons, straight pants

Trousers straight

It can be evenly called the leg type to be uniform and straight, and it has a comprehensive charm, although routine, but temperament is not bad.

Cowboy fabric pants have

Casual trend personality

, Increased weight-fitting temperament. Plus the surface design of its own surface is not complicated, and the charm of the printed cotton suit becomes more featful in jeans.

Cotton clothing

Print cotton clothing will show the trend of trend, but the visual sense is not only rich, and there is a level, the letter printing is very strong, rich

Visual level

The design makes the stylish temperament.


Cotton clothes are matched with straight pants, there is

Top fluffy




The dress effect, wearing a harmony, the shape is not cautious, and it will not be fat.

If you want to chase the trend, you can choose printing cotton clothes, combined with a strong touch combination, other cotton clothes also have their own fashion features, the wearing effect is also good, male is really good to learn cotton clothes. Skills, using cotton clothes design to show man or teenage temperament.


Malone’s other cotton clothes

Camouflage cotton clothes

Camouflage is capable of highlighting

Male temperament

Fashion elements, camouflage pattern can increase clothing

Military uniform

Design features, showing the formal dressing temperament, fashion and generous, such a classic element is not every time.

The foundation of the camouflage pattern will be relatively deep, dark green, black, and green, etc., the color is strong, and the male rhyme can be lined. Because the overall color is cautious, it is best to match

Light color element


Bright elements

The matching of white printing shows special visual charm, avoiding the negative effect.

White cotton clothes


White cotton clothes look particularly clean, highlights the sunshine of male temperament, with adding

Juvenile temperament

Wearing, clean and mild white wear very eye-catching, winter wearing special perspective.

But the whole white design looks a little loud, so the cotton clothes are suitable for brunette


Alphabet printing

Small decoration

To balance the visual effect. In the whole, white is most suitable for black combination, with clean and classic, male wear specialty.

Orange cotton clothes

Orange is a special warm color, as well as beauty, color, increased image, active, orange dress


It is much higher than other colors, so choose short cotton clothes.

Orange, the surface of the cotton clothes does not need to match other color modified elements, and other single product color is critical, orange is suitable for use


To balance, you can also match


Wear cotton clothes can also make the image temperament improve, the basic color cotton clothing can express an elegant, clean image characteristics, orange or orange match is good. The printed cotton clothing is more tide, the letter printing or camouflage print is not bad.

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