After Double Eleven,

We have all become “golden people” and “tailman”

Harm, who is not a worker!

It’s right to think about which girl can hold back such a large discount promotion, it is really a ruthless person. Anyway, I definitely can’t win this temptation!

This year’s Double Eleven Front has been pulled long, and the pre -sale started last month. Within a few days of the first wave of pre -sale, the second wave of pre -sale started immediately! (Also let the migrant workers breathe!) But I know that the worker who is very busy every day will definitely forget the time. In order to prevent you from missing the second wave of offers, let’s review the time point today

November 4th to November 10th (Payment Gold)

November 11 00: 00 ~ 23: 59 (pay the end)

However, I did n’t buy too much to taste new items this year. There are a lot of repurchase. After all, it ’s easy to use skin care products and small objects used at home.

The friends of this Double 11 Studio are also overwhelmed by the whole army, and one did not escape the fate of paying for discounts! Harm, don’t just don’t want to miss any good conscience! No, take advantage of the two days before the end of the event, we kept doing the last time to check and supplement the absence of homework! Intersection

A year of saving money is worth the double eleven! Considering that it is the “last lesson” of this year, the focus is that the strength is great enough, and it is some items that are different from other people’s homework. Everyone buys what love to buy! In the last two days, miss a year! Hold the workers!


Korres [Zhao Lusi Limited Gift Box] Yogurt Mask

If I hadn’t read the order record, I didn’t expect Korres Yogurt Mask to use two empty bottle. Now this mask is in the second wave of pre -sale. There is no other brand to buy big ones. It is to buy one free one free. The original price is 350 per bottle. Now it is 350 two bottles. Two sets!

When I first knew Korres, I felt that it was an Internet celebrity brand, but after a few years, I found that it was pretty good. Whether it was the wild rose series or the yogurt series, the product experience and effect were worth recommending.

I have recommended this mask a few times. Why is it like this? The full name is KORRES self -healing big white pot -probiotic muscle activity multi -effect repair mask, adding 7%real Greek yogurt, probiotic element, it has enough arrangement.

For the skin that is prone to red peeling, dry itching and tingling skin during the season, especially the “stress -type skin” people. Usually we always stay up late, work overtime, and the skin becomes rough and reddish, and the skin tone is uneven. After using it for 10 minutes, it is like taking away the dullness on the face. , Reddish fades.

In the KORRES yogurt mask, in addition to the beneficiary Yuan to improve the self -repair of the skin itself, there is also a repair worker of the skin problems of seaweed polysaccharides to repair the holes. This ingredient is a good hand of repair, and even the main ingredients in LAMER’s repairing essence are it.

Probiotics and seaweed essences are strong, and they are aimed at the two problems of allergies and redness. However, the skin was not let go, three times moisturizing power. On the whole, it is a mask that focuses on basic repair, and it is completely fine for daily use.

Moreover, the original scientific and technological ingredients Actibiome and Waterpatch are added. In popular terms, it will regulate the micro -ecological balance of the skin surface, stabilize the skin state, and use it when the season is unstable. After using it, the skin feels soft and tender. It is highly recommended to sisters with strong pressure and staying up late. Try the soothing, brightening, and repairing a yogurt mask together.


Swiss UNIQUE BF Time Water

Although this real lady card, although it is quite niche, it is a lady brand in Switzerland, and is the same founder as Laprairie, so at the beginning, only research on anti -aging. Brand, I bought a purchasing purchase before!

I used this bottle of time to water for a while, and the night owl must look at it! Aozhi’s flagship store, its family represents many super -useful niche brands abroad. In addition to UNIQUE BF, there are also Japanese theater brand Dr.R.Recella, which I have always recommended, Bioline Jato, Italian professional nursing brand, American organic brand Atzen, etc. Wait, it is launched on Double 11, so there are 20 % off+one free and one free place in the audience, and there are 11.11 spikes. Everyone remember to squat the spike activity that day.

This bottle of UNIQUE BF is in Double 11, not only for 20 % off, but the same gifts given are almost equal to a bottle, that is, reduce the money and send you almost a amount!

After staying up late, the skin is definitely rough. It is absolutely not wrong to repair it with wet compresses. Time water is not true water. I feel that its nature is a lamer’s sperm solution, which is a high concentration of essence water.

Its ingredients are much more nutritious than ordinary toner water. There are three tea essence in live cells, and it can also antioxidant. Six -contrastinine anti -wrinkle, a bottle of time water can reach a lot of bottle -general toner.

In particular, Edelgen can enhance the recycling function of cells and promote our metabolism. This is a key step of anti -wrinkle. In addition to the pores of Heheba oil shrinking our pores, the skin will be better.

The glass bottle is scalded and hot, and it has a high -level feeling in the hand ~ and the water is full of refreshing. After soaking it with a cotton pad, pat on the face until it absorbs it. Fast, the overall sense of use is very comfortable. The most important thing is to have fast -effectiveness. The smoothness of my entire skin has improved significantly, and the pores are much more meticulous. The overall state becomes stable and bright, the complexion is much better, and it is also very shiny.

In addition to staying up late for wet compresses, I usually insist on using it to find the wrinkles on the face and the decree patterns. They can feel that the face is full of collagen. It is more obvious than those skin care products I used before, and the results are faster than them. The usually price is 750. The price of the lady brand. The price of Double 11 is that ordinary migrant workers can afford it.


Shanke X Hellokitty Lian Meng Jing Yan Gift Box

At the time of Double 11, cleansing is something I must back. It is a person at home. Two times a day, it is a proper consumable!

Of course, Shan Ke’s cleansing is my first choice. There are seven or eight people in my family. It is really the highest cost -effective. It is very suitable for dry skin oil. The original price is 51, and now the two -handed price is 71.4. Now pays the deposit, and the additional Shanke silk foam cleansing cream (refreshing oil control type) 15g+Shanke multi -effect night cream 18g+kitty customized the bubble net!

From “Washing Specialty” to “Shan Ke”, I accidentally exposed the age of use in accident. Essence I have also shared many times, and I have made its evaluation several times in the community. The sisters have good feedback, and the girls who like to visit Watsons should also love this.

The main reason for so many years is not only clean and refreshing, but also added “natural extract of silk essence” and “dual hyaluronic acid” after the upgrade.

The foam is as rich and delicate as ever. You don’t need to use the bubble net to hit the dense and soft foam like a cloud. There are the level of whipped cream from the top Michelin restaurant. Various foam nets at home can be idle. Light water condenses flowers, it is really exaggerated when it is used, it is superb.

The sebum secretion is strong, and the makeup is not clean. After blocking the pores, it is easy to grow acne and acne. While the soft white bubble cares for precious skin, it can completely take away the dirt deep in the pores and give you a different cleansing experience.

Many babies have deteriorated when they talk about the soap -based cleansing. They are afraid that there will be a dry and tight feeling after washing the face. Intersection Each pore can breathe freely. There is a refreshing refreshing, and it is as simple as having a new transparent beauty.


Victoria’s Bright Fragrant Fragrance Washing 3 pieces

Finally arrived in Victoria! Wei Mi really is a Double 11 every year. I have to visit the shop. The robes and pajamas are given me. The price of Double 11 is spelled with the price I bought in the US discount store. The price of the robe is 148!

This price, I do n’t know what brand of this price, let alone this price, not to mention the same model of the supermodels. Every year, a set of pajamas and robes are waiting to start at this time!

In addition to pajamas, there must be 3 pieces of this set of brilliant flowing fragrances! Including shower gel and two body milk, you can get cosmetic bags, perfume samples and white striped gift boxes during Double Eleven.

I really love this brilliant light series of Wei Mi, contains a new glitter element, fantastic shimmer, let the charm shine, focus on the audience, shake the bottle slightly, and the flash of light flows in the aroma!

Velvet petal: warm fragrance, aromatherapy: almond sweet and cream sandalwood. The silky and soft sweetness is light and charming, and the light flowing light flows through the skin and is sexy.

Pure temptation: Flower Fruit Fragrance, Fragrant Condition: Li Zi and Xiao Canglan. The sweet Li Zi and the fresh Canglan were merged. The garden in the afternoon was quiet and comfortable, and the girl exuded a beautiful and sweet flavor.

The secret of love: fragrance type, incense: cherry blossom and peach. The sweet cherry blossoms and juice peaches are fused. The coquettish girl is full of sweet atmosphere, like a quiet love.

Body milk is not to say, autumn and winter are really necessary every morning and evening, so consumption is very fast. There are two body milk in this suit and a shower gel with the same flavor. The superposition can make the fragrance more lasting!


Sili Qi Double Eleven Gift Box Washing

As for the nursing of hair, I can’t do without this gold series of silk! Shampoo+conditioner+hair mask, a whole set adds up to superimposed coupons, and it is 217. Think about it. I have been shampoo alone when I bought it.

Needless to say, the 0 -second hairstyle. When I went to Japan a few years ago, I had a long back of the big and old. There was also it in this suit. This would not need to go to Japan to buy it. The price is cheaper than Japan ~

The 0 -second hairstyle of Si Beiqi is also my repurchase of countless loves! Recently, its home has launched a new wash -Si Beiqi Qin Run Zhen’s Repair Series, which focuses on at home to achieve salon -level hair care. After all, it is a professional washing brand under Shiseido. Propaganda.

The biggest feeling of using it is: you can feel the hair smoothly and brighter immediately!

This series of nursing uses the innovative penetration technology black technology as the 0 -second hairstyle, as well as dual amino acid components, which allows us to quickly repair damaged hair in the most basic care process. Do you feel a must -have for lazy people? Intersection

It is no exaggeration to say that Si Beiqi Qin Run Zhenzhi series, it really breaks my awareness of shampoo! What does your hair feel? If you want to know, you must eat my mouth!

As a high -end cleaning product, the light gold -colored packaging texture is also good? It reveals a “high -level sense” of capital! Even if you just put it casually, the whole bathroom looks tall ~

Shampoo does not contain silicone oil, the texture is transparent gel -like, the foam is rich and delicate, the taste is fresh and elegant flower and fruit aroma, which is super good. It is rich in extracts such as camellia essential oil and royal jelly, so the repair effect is MAX!

The texture of the conditioner is light yellow cream, smooth and delicate, and the texture is lighter than its hair mask. It is rich in hairdressing ingredients and can quickly supplement hair nutrients. It should be noted that when you use it, you only need to use it at the ends of the hair, you don’t need to touch the scalp.

In short, this set of care is particularly suitable for hair that is easy to get frizzy, and often uses the type of hair quality of hair. With this Qin Runzhen’s repair series, the process of washing her hair is equivalent to completing a salon level high -level care!

Relying on daily shampooing, the problem of hair quality is solved, it is simply the gospel of my lazy cancer star!

Alright, I will take a look at the leakage list. Finally remind you that you can consider more when paying the deposit, because the deposit cannot be refunded ~ Everyone can do it, just consume it moderately ~

This year, I ’m much better than buying and buying. Haha. It’ s important to use things that can be used for a long time.