The story took place in the late 1970s.

The truck has long been away from the flat asphalt road and crawled on the hills of the mountains. A “automatic speed regulator” designed by Zheng Gong is enjoying the highest treatment and placed on the co -pilot seat.

In the carriers behind, there were four people sitting, each thought of different minds.

The face was slightly short, and the face was round. In his mind, the scene was performed a few months ago:

A black -faced man led a young man in his twenties and broke into the director’s office and asked:

“Are you studying automation here?” The voice was quite big, reminiscent of Li Yan in the Water Margin.

“Yes, we are the Institute of Automation.” Wen Qinbin’s director of Tao replied politely.

“You look at this.” The black -faced man stretched the palm of the two blood bubbles to Director Tao.

“Yo, this is to be treated by the hospital. We are powerless here.” Director Tao felt inexplicable, showing me what this did?

Electricity in the city is provided by the power grid. The capacity of the grid is very large. The development and stop of the machine, and the lighting and extinguishing of the bulbs. For the grid, it is a “small dish”, which will not cause obvious fluctuations. However, for a small rural water station with a small capacity, it is not the case at all. Because the capacity of the power station is small and the load changes slightly, it will cause a significant change in voltage and make the equipment running very unstable.

To stabilize the voltage emitted by the small hydropower station, the water flow of the impact of the shock of the shock turbine must be adjusted at any time. The specific method is to adjust the openness of “guide the leaves (equivalent to the faucet, but the volume is much larger)” according to the pointer position of the instrument.

The changes in the load of electricity are irregular and often frequent. In addition, the handle of controlling the turnover of the leaf is quite bulky. Therefore, the workers’ labor intensity is very large, and the hands often wear out.

Director Liu of the small hydropower station of the suburban suburbs heard that there was an automated research institute in ** City, and it was found, hoping to transform the work of regulating the opening of the leaves into automatic.

“Only you can cure this disease.” “Li Yan” came up.

It turned out that Heihan was a webmaster of a small hydropower station, surnamed Liu. That guy is his employee. The capacity of the hydropower station is very small, and the load changes slightly, which will cause obvious changes in the voltage, making the operation of the device unstable, and the lights flash. To stabilize the voltage emitted by the small hydropower station, the water flow of the impact of the shock turbine’s blades must be adjusted at any time. The specific method is to adjust the “guide leaves” (equivalent to the faucet, but the volume is much larger) according to the pointer position of the instrument. The changes in the load of electricity are irregular and frequent. Coupled with the control of the controller of the guidance, the handle of the guidance is very bulky. Therefore, the workers’ labor intensity is extremely large. The blood bubbles on the palm of the hand are grinded out in this case. The intention of the Black Man is to want the Institute to study a device that can automatically regulate the driving of the leaf.

Developing products require funds, and the director brought the webmaster to the director of the Science and Technology Commission. Director Fang was also happy and agreed to set up. When the Director of the Tian Factory and the Institute of Institute of Institute of Institute of Electrical Factory also called it. The motor factory first transformed the guide leaves of the water turbine into electric, and then the automatic regulator was produced by the Institute of Automation. Related information is provided to the Institute of Automation. The director of the Institute of Automation gave this glorious task to Zheng Gong.

Judging from the information provided by the Institute of Intelligence, the main difficulty of this project is to overcome the inertia of the guidance. And, there seems to be no precedent for complete success. When Zheng Gong accepted this project, he had a lot of effort to overcome the inertia. After the director’s review, he felt satisfied. Essence

The prototype was produced, and the director personally led the team and went to the scene to test.

The reason why Director Tao personally came out of the horse was to make a presence from the webmaster.

Zheng Gong was slightly taller, elliptical face. Before the Cultural Revolution, he taught a book in a university, with deep theoretical skills. The automatic speed regulator on the co -pilot is the first product he designed after he was transferred to the Institute of Automation. He was very embarrassed in his heart. This is the first product he designed in his lifetime. Can it survive? What problems may happen?

The skin is fair and slightly blessed. Mr. Xiong was a university lecturer before the Cultural Revolution, and was an indisputable academic authority in the research institute.

The surname of the young man with a happy face was completed. Because you are preparing to get married, it is a look of joy.

The car was slow and bumpy. After traveling a shallow small water ditch, he finally reached the destination: a small water power station in a ravine.

The power station is crowded with people. In addition to the employees of the power station, they are more farmers living nearby. They come to the rare stuff of “automation”.

Under the guidance of Zheng Gong, Xiao Bi carefully picked up the line.

Don’t look at Director Tao Wenbin Binbin, but his words and deeds are often meaningful. I saw him walking to the handle of the manipulating leaf and tried to operate with his hands.

“Yo, it’s really deep enough.”

“Yeah, otherwise, how can the workers’ hands often blew up?” He webmaster Liu said in response.

Director Tao looked at the instrument on the power distribution disk again, and said thoughtfully: “The two eyes of the operator stared at the instrument all day, and it was not very comfortable.”

“Not more than uncomfortable, but also difficult to ensure the quality of power supply.

Director Tao set the role of automatic speed adjustment inadvertently.

“Carefully check the inspection, don’t take the wrong line.” Director Tao turned around again and repeatedly dangled. This shifted people’s eyes to Zheng Gong and Xiaobi.

Zheng Gong and Xiao Bi checked multiple times again and again.

“Combining the gate!” Zheng Gong finally had the courage and ordered.

The water turbine began to run, but seeing the pointer of the instrument shakes to the left and right, the electrical appliances in the speed regulator are rang, and the shouting roar of the water turbine’s guide leaves is in the process of opening the time. Feel suffocation and horror. Zheng Gong immediately rushed forward and closed the “automatic speed regulator”.