It is very good to place a floor -to -ceiling flower bottle decoration to help the home bring a soft effect, but pay more attention to the placing of the floor -to -ceiling vase. What are the precautions for placing the landing vase? Some people think that placing the landing vase can give the home furnishing. Feng Shui brings a positive effect, and what is the role of landing vases?

1. What are the precautions for the placement of the flower bottle?

1. The living room landing vase is placed on the window edge of Wang Peach Blossom

If you are single and want to get rid of single, you can place a bottle of flowers in front of the window of the living room to bring you all kinds of peach blossoms.

2. The living room is placed on the ground, the vase of the vase is safe and auspicious

The word “bottle” of the vase is the same as the word “flat”. Home or companies are suitable for placing. Putting vases at home represents the family. Placing vases in the company also protects the health of employees.

3. The size of the flower bottle in the living room is decided with space and small decisions

There are a lot of attention to the vase. The size should be dependent on the size of the space where the main position is. The small space is not suitable for placing too large vases, and large space is not suitable for placing smaller vases. First, it affects the harmony and aesthetics of layout, and the other is to develop in the direction of the opposite direction.


4. Place the position and direction of the vase in the living room

The container of different shapes should be placed in the corresponding direction to produce good visual effects. For example, the glass vase should be placed in the north of the living room, the vases of the stars are placed in the west or northwest of the living room, the conical vase should be placed in the south of the living room, and the ceramic vase should be placed in the southwest or northeast of the living room.

2. What are the effects of landing in the ground?

1. Porch

After entering the house, what people see the porch at first glance, because it plays a “impression” role to the guests, so placing a waist -to -ceiling vase in the porch can allow the guests to feel the feel of the guests.

2. Put in the corner

The landing vase is easy to bring in the porch, so it can also have a good decorative effect in the corner of the door.

3. Floor vase lamps decoration

Although the vase is good, the attractiveness will decline at night. At this time, if the vase is combined with the creative lamps, it will definitely make the home space look warm and add.

4. Put on the cabinet

There is too much space next to the cabinet? Then you can set up a landing vase next to the cabinet to decorate. The vase next to the clothes can increase the beauty of the wardrobe.

5. Multiple landing vases are placed together

If you want to put multiple vases at the same time, then pay attention to avoid choosing vases of the same height, because objects with consistent heights seem to have no sense of layering, and vases of different sizes can be inserted into different vases with different flowers with better looks good. Effect.

What are the precautions for landing vases? Remember to pay attention to the relevant aspects when placing the floor -to -ceiling vase. Do not place it at will. What is the effect of landing vases? Placing the floor -to -ceiling vase has many good effects, but it also needs to be placed correctly. Do not use it correctly to improve the home feng shui.