Photo by student Li Yonggang in school uniforms in winter still wearing school uniforms

Changjiang Daily Rong Media December 20 (Reporter Chen Xiaotong Liu Jia)

At 7 o’clock in the morning on December 20, there were many primary and secondary school students on Yangyuan Street, Wuchang Peace Avenue. These children are wearing school uniforms. The difference is that some of them wear blue and white sports school uniforms outside the thick cotton jacket, and some put school uniforms in down jackets. “Whether wearing it outside, you have to take off the cotton jacket when participating in the event, which will be a bit cold.” A fifth grade student said. A reporter from the Yangtze River Daily found that many primary and secondary school students were wearing autumn school uniforms.

Mr. Li’s child is studying in a third grade in a primary school in Hankou. He told reporters that the school has only a thin set of spring and autumn school uniforms and no winter school uniform. Recently, the weather has become cold, and the school still requires to wear school uniforms every day to make parents difficult. Most parents had to let their children put their school uniforms outside the cotton clothing, and some parents had to buy a large size school uniform in order to put the cotton clothing in. “It is recommended that schools do not have uniform requirements for school uniforms in winter.” The parents of the students told reporters that the school asked to dress uniformly on Monday’s flag -raising ceremony, but the school uniforms were shirts and skirts. They had to be frozen for more than half an hour on the playground each time. Now there are many students in the class.

The reporter visited many primary and secondary schools in Wuhan. The person in charge of a primary school said that according to regulations, students must wear school uniforms to participate in the flag -raising ceremony every Monday. This is more ritual, and they also remind them to keep their students’ identity and regulate their own words and deeds. Five will no longer make hard regulations. A primary school principal introduced to reporters that winter clothing is relatively high, and there are fewer schools that purchase winter school uniforms uniformly. “Before we asked for the flag -raising ceremony on Monday, but last Monday I saw that students were bloated and inconvenient. If it is not beautiful, let the Teaching Office notice no longer request. “She said that the weather should consider weather and students’ health, and if there is no thick school uniform in winter, they should not be forced to be unified.

The phenomenon of school uniforms in middle schools is very common, but the school uniforms of middle school students are sportswear, most of them put school uniforms outside the thick cotton jacket and down jacket. “Cold is not cold, it just feels that there is a cover outside, and the activity is inconvenient.” Li Jia, a high school student in Hankou, told reporters that the school requires that we wear school uniforms every day to prevent comparison psychology.

A high school in charge of Hankou said that middle schools generally require school uniforms every day. One is to facilitate unified management. School uniforms are a sign of identity. Identification. “The school uniform is very loose now, and it will not affect warmth and action outside the jacket.”

It is reported that the Wuhan Education Bureau has no hard regulations on whether to wear school uniforms, and the general style and price of school uniforms must solicit opinions from all the parents of students to uniformly order the principle of voluntary. There are schools and classes in Wuhan ordered winter school uniforms by themselves, but most schools have not been promoted.

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Photo by student Li Yonggang in school uniforms in winter still wearing school uniforms