Everyone who goes out of the street is mainly comfortable and casual, so leisure style is one of the mainstream wearing. Seemingly simple and versatile styles of unsuccessful people will also have some troubles. It is the most common problem that is ordinary.

If you want to wear a very personality effect, you must learn from female stars. After all, as a public figure, it must maintain a very glorious effect at any time.

Even in a very relaxed state, it can’t be worn too casually. Wan Qian can be said to be one of the female celebrities. The private server always focuses on simplicity. This time I wore a rich color shape, and the contrasting design was enough to be eye -catching.

Wan Qian’s private server is simply “copying homework”. She has a high -profile sweater, fancy and fancy, but she has a strong warmth in autumn and winter. The sweater must have a name. Comfortable, soft and good, but want to wear a very personality effect, in addition to the style, it is used in color.

The style of Wan Qian’s sweater is a very basic type, and the color matching is rich enough. Very bright colors combine stable black, forming a strong visual impact, and the effect of overlapping blooming in various colors, which makes the sweater look highly recognizable.


Basic models of the collection of sample pants also use the design of colorful patch locally, which naturally enhances the sense of fashion of the shape, and also brings the ideal effect of thin and high.

The use of colors will always be a little more points. Large -scale use of very eye -catching colors. Even if there is no special design, it will make the shape look particularly different.


The color of Wan Qian’s sweater can be said to be very eye -catching. The shoulder sleeves use a very warm bright orange color, and the chest is used with a warm color stacked pattern. The visual effect is very rich, but there is no excessive exaggeration and messy problem. And the bright color wants to wear color, the color echo is a very critical technique.

The pattern of the sweater echoed the patch on the peach heart on the pants. A very inconspicuous small detail became the finishing touch of the shape.

The military green collection sports pants, the patch design of the calf is unique and interesting, and it is consistent with the color -rich sweater style, and the stitching design also makes the calf lines more shapely.

Compared with solid pants, the style with splicing patch design will bring strong sexy, and at the same time, it will not destroy the overall sense. The tailor -cutting design also has a good modification effect on the leg lines. In particular, it can highlight the slender ankle, better weaken the heavy feeling at the feet, and naturally stay away from the problem of bloated and fat.

And the hats that can improve the stylish accessories are also indispensable. The sense of fashion of baseball caps is very old, and can be combined with a variety of different styles.


When you do n’t want to make up lazy to wash your hair, you can take a good hat on the door to avoid all kinds of embarrassing situations. In addition to the baseball cap, the fisherman’s hat is more tolerant of the face shape, especially for girls with round faces.


Simple wind styling is more popular in winter, after all, it can avoid a lot of matching troubles. Especially this winter is particularly popular, and it is easy to wear and handsome.

Black midfield bread, fluffy texture and lightweight. The right length is versatile, especially suitable for women with more petite figures. Following the tight matching skills of upper Panasonic is also conducive to avoiding the dull and stereotypes of all black shapes. Against the lining of loose cotton clothes, the legs look more slender and easily highlight the personal fashion taste.

The contour version of the teddy bear coat is also a popular item in the winter in recent years. The design of the cocoon type brings a very lazy and casual effect, and it seems a bit bloated but also reveals a very cute atmosphere.


The plush coat with a sense of expansion, and the inside is as far away from the thick and loose style as much as possible. As for the summer dress, it is necessary to combine its own characteristics. The small man recommends that it can be matched with a very slim style to avoid reducing the problem of being more short. I like to be more sexy and stronger, and loose pants are more ideal, but remember not to wear a stacking feeling.