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CCTV 315 party will broadcast on time in CCTV-2 CCTV Finance in CCTV-2, and its wonderful degree is not a Spring Festival Evening. Not happy.

Seeking the real laboratory also prepared 315 columns, evaluating water purifiers, children’s shower gel and other products, announce the results next Monday, see which manufacturers on the blackboard.


Let’s review the situation of the 315 party last year. Through investigations, CCTV’s unannounced visit to consumers have exposed a number of entries, service hidden behaviors. Although many consumers have seen a “Buddha” 315, consumer intellectual scouts, but the 3.15 party will not be regarded as the other side of a group of companies, such as the quality known.


Japan products Lion (Lion King)

I boarded the “honorary list”.

Lion Lion is unfortunate

According to CCTV 3.15, the Liaoning Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau received a complaint. It used the Korean a brand toothbrush to lead to his teeth allergy, teeth bleeding. In this regard, the Liaoning Inspection and Quarantine Bureau sampling 20 Japanese and Korean scans sold in Dalian market, under the microscope

Treatment by the inspection takes the establishment of 100 batches of the Japanese and Han brushes, the results show

About 60% of the toothbrush is unqualified

. The check found that five toothbrush such as Lion ultra-soft nursing toothbrush in Japan have unqualified brush grinding. The number of affected products in mainland China is 236,000. The Japanese Lion King misfortune became the opposite textbook for this 3.15 party.

Do you take a serious pick you?

I don’t know how many consumers pay attention to the softness of the bristles, whether there is a material that pays attention to the toothbrush, and the material of the toothbrush bristles has natural piglets and the dragon.

Natural piglet




The ability to effect and adsorb the toothpaste is better than nylon, but it is more water to dry.



Silk, can clean the gap of the teeth, and the elastic force is better, there is a good massage, plus the characteristics of which wear resistant, non-absorbent, so the preferred material of bristles.


For soft hair, China Mao, the choice of harm, generally tend to be soft or neutral hair, such brush flexibility, can enter the gingival edge and the dental gap effectively remove food residue. The end of the bristles is fully grinding to ensure that the cleaning force is more soft to the tooth gums, which is not easy to cause damage during brushing.

The hard hair is very hard because the bristles are too hard, it always feels that the gums are shrunk, and the wedges have occurred in the neck, but

For deposition of the dentist, it is still very tube


. So the bristles of the toothbrush are not finer, just like wearing shoes, the toothbrush is also looking for the right toothbrush.

Toothbrush selection is technical activities

The shape of the brush head does not only affect the effect of brushing, and it is slightly somed directly. Instead, the size of the brush head is directly related to the effect of brushing. The smaller the brush, the easier to clean the back to the back to teeth, the tongue side of the mandibular door, “hygiene,”, but this is not to say the brush, the better, the size of the brush head is also considered considering the consumer oral size .

In general, the length of the adult toothbrush head should be 2.5 ~ 3 cm, a width of 0.8 1 cm, 2 to 4 row of bristles, 5 to 12 bouquet of hair per row. The length of the children’s toothbrush head should not exceed 2.8 cm, the width is not more than 1.1 cm, and the bristles are 2 ~ 3 rows.

The tongue is a medium of bacteria, which is likely to cause bacteria accumulation and trigger a bad breath. A lot of markets

The back of the brush is designing particles or texture to help clean the tongue.

When choosing a toothbrush, the thickness of the brush head is generally not more than 5 mm, preventing the action is too large, hurt the gums and intravenous tissues.

In recent years, electric toothbrushes are also very popular. How to choose is the best for teeth? From the principle, there are two categories: rotation and vibration. The principle of the toothbrush of the rotating class is simple, that is, the motor drives the circular brush head rotation, and the friction effect is enhanced while performing a normal brushing action.

The vibration type toothbrush is complex, there is an electrically driven vibrating motor that allows the brush head to generate high frequency swinging perpendicular to the direction of the handle, but the range of swing is small, generally about 5 mm. When brushing the teeth, the high-frequency swing brush can efficiently complete the movement of the wash tooth, and the other hand of more than 20,000 vibrations also causes a large amount of slightly bubbles and water mixtures in the mouth, and produces a large amount of bubbles. The pressure can deeply reach the effect of cleaning the dirt.


The choice of toothpaste is more tangled

The toothbrush is selected, and the type of toothpaste is more tangled. The toothpaste sold on the market is generally divided into 7 categories. 1: Children toothpaste, 2: no dodecyl sodium sulfate toothpaste, 3: fluoride toothpaste, 4 : Contains fluoroproterators, 5, anti-tooth sensitive toothpaste, 6: Whitening toothpaste, 7: Natural toothpaste.


Under normal circumstances, children’s teeth are more soft, choose toothpaste that does not contain additives, especially not to choose a lot of desserts, especially

Do not contain sodium sulfate sulfate


This must not contain, this contains slightly toxicity, once the child swallowed, will cause chronic poisoning.

Fluoride toothpaste is the first choice

The fluorine-containing toothpaste has a resistance effect. If your teeth are painful, if it is eliminated other aspects, just tooth allergies, such a special effects of anti-sensitive toothpaste can be selected.

For whitening toothpaste, don’t expect whitening tooth, it is unlikely, it is unlikely, just like a cosmetics on his face, it may play bright and white effects, but will not play whitening. There is also natural toothpaste, and there is also a natural ingredient or nice.

Finally, I am reminding consumers, before brushing your teeth,

Toothbrush should not be water

Because the foam is much more, it will affect the cleaning ingredients in the toothpaste and the friction of the teeth. And we have finished the teeth with toothpaste,

No mouth is very important


, More than a few times, must completely clean the mouth, prevent residues from causing harm to the body.

In addition, whether it is an electric toothbrush and a normal toothbrush, the toothbrush is used in life, generally believes that a toothbrush for up to 3 months is relatively appropriate, even if the bristles are not bad, there are many bacteria, or according to the intelligence of electric toothbrush Tip replacement.

315 series column

Next Monday, I seek the real laboratory will join hands with professional evaluation institutions & experts.


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Water purifier, children’s paint, baby shampoo, sunscreen products

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