Purple mud is the most representative mud species in purple sand. The category is very rich. Only the authoritative “Yixing Zisha Mining” is recorded in 31 types, which is actually far more than. Like everyone’s familiar bottom grooves, red brown mud, clear cement, red leather dragon, etc. are all categories of purple mud.

After the high -quality purple mud bubbles are warm and moist, the packets are like jade, and the breathability is also the secondary category of purple sand.

Before I share with you how to choose the purple mud works, let me talk about a misunderstanding that many friends are easily committed.


The purple mud pot is not darker, the better, the color of the color and the mud, and the temperature of the firing temperature, have nothing to do with the quality of the pot itself. It is not a dark purple mud called the old purple mud. The so -called purple mud tender and the old refers to the distinction of the raw ore, and the fired finished products may not be better than the tender purple mud.

So how to separate a high -quality purple mud work?

First, hot water pouring method

It is best to use a pair of purple mud pots that have not been used in water, and pour boiling water with boiling water. The faster you do, the better the water absorption of this pot. In addition, when the water is receding, it should be slowly hidden like a water film. If it is quickly slipped into water, the pot cannot stick to the water. Generally, the breathability of this pot will not be very good. Another situation is that excessive polishing, which will also cause boiling water to become water -shaped without water membranes.


Second, listening recognition method


High -quality purple mud, loose structure, and the finished product is not easy to crystallize, so we gently hit the pot body with the lid of the pot. Essence If the sound of a pot knocking is like Zhu Ni, it is the sound of Ding Ding Ding, then it proves that the purple mud pot is too high and the breathability will not be too good.

Third, the naked eye recognition method

High -quality purple mud will not have only one granular texture. For example, many Huanglongshan Purple Mud, often the surface of the finished product, you will have faint small highlights, sparkling small highlights. This is Yunmu particles in the original ore. There are also some yellow chicken eyes on the original purple mud ore, which will have fine yellow particles after burning the finished product. Conditional pot friends can be seen clearly under the magnifying glass. If your purple mud pot looks only one texture and is very rigid, it is likely not to be a good purple mud.

Fourth, bubble recognition method

Really high -quality purple mud, fast breeding speed and good breathability. We verify through soaking. The best purple mud is not as well as when it is out of the kiln, but the change in breeding is very large. Even on the same day, there will be water color changes. When it appears, the more you use the paste, the stronger. Of course, this top purple mud market is rare. You can also make a pot of tea, settle for three days in the summer, and the purple mud with poor breathability. Generally, the tea soup will change the taste after three days. And good purple mud said that for three days, there will be no particularly obvious changes for five or six days.

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