Agatha Christie, a master of detective novels in the world literary world, “Nile Tragedy”, “Oriental Express Murder”, “Unmanned Better”, “ABC Murder” and other reasoning novels are popular, the little Belgian detective shaped in the pen ” “Herci Polo” has become one of the world’s classic detectives.


Agatha is the founder of the detective novel “Rural Villa”, that is, the murder occurred in a specific closed environment, and the murderer is also one or more of several specific relationships.


If you are the first detective novel of Agatha, I don’t know which one to start reading from, I recommend the “Case of Cliff Villa”.


This is a novel of Agaha’s standard routine. The typical “rural villa school” creative model. The story is strong, the rhythm is fast, the plot peak turns, and the final filming is surprising.

“Wonderful Case of Cliff Villa”

The cause of the story: escape the hostess of the village who murdered four times in a row


Detective and his friend Hessinis met Ms. Nick Buckley, the owner of the cliff villa.

Miss Nick in Lotte said she was spared three times in the past three days. First, the car’s brakes were failed; and then they were almost hit by stones on the road; and she was almost fell asleep. She was almost hit by a fall.

There was a bomb hole on the founding of Nick’s shading cap, and the pistol in Nick’s house happened to be stolen. Detective Polo decided to protect the real girl.

At the beginning of the story, I went straight to the main line. The hostess of the cliff villa Nick was careless and optimistic. It actually passed by four consecutive times with death. The fast -paced stimulus plot easily attracted readers to enter the story atmosphere. Essence

The murderer occurred: Nick’s cousin Maggian was killed by mistake!

At the request of Pollow, Nick found the distant cousin Maggie as his companion to protect himself. In the evening, a firework banquet was held in the cliff villa, and many friends of Nick attended.

Unexpectedly, the murder that night happened -cousin wearing Nick’s red shawl was used as Nick by the murderer, and shot and killed.


The author slowly sorted out Nick’s social relationship. People related to cases such as the housekeeper of the cliff villa, the tenants of the hut in front of the mountain villa, the Naval Lieutenant Charlin Jie, the lawyer cousin of Nick Friends Rice and others appeared.

The death of the cousin Maggie caused the first climax in the story. Under the various obvious prevention and protection of Nick, the murderer actually killed him openly! Faced with such provocation, how should Polo be found in the next way?

Motivation: The right to inherit the huge property

The sad Nick was sent to the nursing home. The next day she told Bo Luo that there was a fiance, which was reported in the broadcast


During the death pilot Michael Seaton

Essence She and Michael were secretly engaged. He had a huge legacy, and the property was inherited by his fiancee after his will.

Nick revealed to Polo’s engagement secret

Nick once made a will before surgery, and the beneficiary of the will is his own

Lawyer cousin

He can only inherit the cliff villa, and her


Friends Miss Rice

Can inherit the remaining property other than the villa. During the survey, Rice was a drug addict.

Rice accepts inquiries

Nick entrusts himself




Send the will to his cousin, but the cousin said that he had not received the will, but the tenant and his wife insisted that the will was sent six months ago.

Polo and assistant Hebinsin went to Nick’s room to search for a letter from the fiance to Nick.

In the letter, Michael said that the heir heirs he established was



His fiancee, and Margedler is the name of Nick Barkley.

Polo discovered a letter


During the investigation stage, Polo revolved around Nick’s interpersonal relationship, and asked the relevant persons of the night on the night of the incident. According to the motivation of the crime, after the death of Nick, who would be a beneficiary, and the relevant clues of the case during the incident All suspect options believe that Rice has a big suspicion.


This is actually a choice question that the author has given readers through the perspective of detectives. The clues have been rolled out and the suspect’s candidate is already listed. It depends on how you use the exclusion method to eliminate the error option and select the murderer.

Crisis regeneration: chocolate poisoning

Polo’s investigation was received from Nick poisoning. Some people imitated Polo’s handwriting and wrote a gift card, which gave Nick a box of toxic chocolate.

Nick believes that the food sent by Polo should be fine, so he ate chocolate. Fortunately, rescue was no danger to life in time.

The gift card attached to chocolate

After investigation, chocolate was sent by Nick’s friend Rice. Rice said that Nick called him to send a box of chocolates, but under the questioning of Polo, Rice was not sure if the other end of the phone was really Nick’s voice.

The trick of chocolate poisoning is too clumsy. At first glance, it seemed to deliberately lead the suspicion to Rice, which reduced the possibility of Rice as the murderer.

Investigation, friend Hebinsinis About


Name nickname

The charm conversation seemed to make Polo stepped on the electric door.

The murderer moved again, and seemed to have a strong determination to kill Nick. Reasoning novels often need to promote the development of the plot. The chocolate poisoning incident made the case more confusing, and the true murderer was blurred.

In detective novels, whenever the case is in a deadlock, it is necessary to provide the role of a tool person who provides the protagonist who provides the protagonist like Hebinsinus. If you are a reader who is familiar with Agatha, and combined with the key reminder of the nickname, I believe that some readers have launched who is the murderer …

Good play starts: girls are faked, attracting suspects to enter the game

Polo decided to count the plan, and released the news of Nick poisoning. At this point, the lawyer cousin received the will of Nick half a year ago.

Polo gathered the relevant persons and read the content of the will. I did not expect that the beneficiary of the will was actually the tenant couple, not what Nick said before.

The tenant couple forged a will to be arrested

Nick’s arranges appeared like a ghost in the arrangement of Polo, and they scolded the guests and his wife, which also took the crime of the guest couple forged a will.

Unexpectedly, the gunfire came from outside the house, and a shot hit Rice’s arm. As a result, a gunshot was emitted outside. The person who fell to the ground was Rice’s husband. Rice said that her husband took drugs and followed him. She thought that her husband might want to kill herself, but she accidentally killed others, but she couldn’t think of her husband to poison Nick, so she always concealed it.

Nick hopes that the nightmare of Rice’s husband will end the nightmare without investigating, but Polo decides to reveal the final truth.

The case is here, all the characters have completed, and the doubts of some suspects involved in this case have also been resolved, such as the falsification will of the tenants and the addictive husband of Rice. Excluding the interference on the branch line, then who returned to the main line, who killed Maggie and who wanted to harm Nick? The next step is the highlight of the detective …

The ending reversal: The protected “lamb” is the “big gray wolf” of the murderer

The police chore finally played, and he was entrusted by Polo and hid in the dark when he was reading the will to observe everyone’s actions. The police chore saw Nick removed the pistol hidden in the niches and put it in the coat pocket hanging in the hall. Obviously, this was planted.

Polo revealed the truth

Polo’s revealing Nick is the real murderer behind the scenes of the whole case. Using the repeated empty empty, in order to inherit the legacy of Michael Seton to Maggie! Maggie’s name is also Magdori Barkley. Michael’s real engagement is her, not Nick!

Nick’s savvy is to create a dangerous illusion for himself, pulling the weight witnesses with a heavy weight of Polo on his own side, but this is also her fatal mistake. Once Polo finds the flaws in the investigation, it will be able to find the flaws in the investigation. Give a counterattack calmly!

Finally, the truth of the ending and the specific details of Polo’s reasoning.

The “Wonderful Case of Cliff Villa” is a reasonable reasoning novel with reading refreshing, which is suitable for the first entry -level work of Agatha Christie’s reasoning novel.


The fragmented fragmented clues, the important tips of confusing the audiovisual, and an over -abnormal event, the reader can follow the detective to solve the case. There is no case like a TV series or animation cases that will only flash in the face of the audience. The smoke bombs are beautiful.

At the moment of knowing the truth, the details of the previous association, especially the behavior of the heroine Nick, will realize that they will realize that they can only sigh that this woman is too green tea.