[Automotive House Dynamic] Automotive House Word is a platform for the majority of car owners to share and exchange new experiences for car owners. Here are the experience of hundreds of thousands of real car owners, providing more real and objective reference for car selection users. As more and more riders join the car home, the mobile end has become an indispensable part of our lives. In this regard, the staff of the word of mouth has invested very much efforts and successfully developed mobile portable products. Today, you can pick up the mobile phones and tablets around you, and you can immediately evaluate your car.

In just two years, hundreds of thousands of riders have chosen the reputation of the car to comment on their car, and successfully helped tens of millions of netizens choose a car. Everyone helps you, share the experience of the car, help friends who are choosing a car solve the problem, and convey the positive energy among netizens!

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

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随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

Open the car home mobile side website: m.Autohome.com.cn

Find a car, turn on the car series and model pages, and click on the top navigation reputation. There are entrances on the word -of -mouth car system and word -of -mouth model pages. As shown in the figure:

Step 1: Comprehensive evaluation

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

*Red is a required item

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

*Naked car price: fill in your real car purchase price

*Comment in one sentence: a title for your reputation

*Most satisfied and dissatisfied: talk about the advantages and disadvantages of your car love

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

*Why did you choose this car in the end: The crowd searched for thousands of Baidu, what made you choose it?

Functional highlights: The mobile terminal is posted with a preservation function. It is automatically saved every 20 seconds. You can also find the manual saving function on the upper right and lower right of the page to make it easier for you to write at any time.

Step 2: Eight Evaluation

*Space, power, control, fuel consumption, comfort, appearance, interior, cost -effective: Five points are five points, please score according to your experience.

*Other descriptions, if there is no dimension that is not covered, you can add or review here.

Step 3: Fill in the basic information of car purchase

*Purchase time: Fill in according to your car purchase invoice time

*Purchase location, choose cities and regions to fill in

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

*Buy dealers, please choose accurate dealers to facilitate the service of merchants

*Dealers to buy car satisfaction, service evaluation is determined by you, full scores 5 points

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

*The purpose of buying a car, please select the needs of five you daily use

*Upload the picture, please upload the original vehicle photo, which can increase the probability of word of mouth as the essence.

[Double Reward on Palm Rating Car]

From now on, for two months, a word of mouth is published on the mobile terminal (mobile phone, tablet). You can get double rewards through review. Free to receive the car’s metal metal texture car, leather keychain, color -changing marker cup, napkin, etc. Multiple gifts to choose with you! Essence

Scan the QR code, publish with your mobile phone, and win double rewards!

If you have any problems during use, please contact the small secretary of the word of mouth. The staff will assist you with the problem. Welcome to contact us at any time.

PC users, please click: Send a private message to the word -of -mouth secretary

随时分享用车感受 手机发口碑功能上线

Mobile -side users (mobile phones, tablets), please click: Send a private message to the word -of -mouth secretary