The Bluetooth headset that is first contacted for the first time is the Youer -neck hanging sports Bluetooth headset, because compared to the traditional wired headset, the neck headset is better in sports scenes. With the continuous development of technology, until now, the real wireless headset is flooding. It seems that all brands of neck headphones have disappeared, and they all push their true wireless headphones. In fact, to be honest, the Bluetooth headset of the neck still has the advantage of real wirelessness and cannot be replaced. , But the real wireless is actually more suitable for driving users, because his single -ear use is indeed more convenient.


It is very convenient for this headset to wear a noodle dressing. It is just right in the bag. Although it is not as compact as it is not as wireless, it will not give users the slightest burden.


You’er L36 5.0 Magnetic neck hanging sports Bluetooth headset memory item ring supports connecting two Bluetooth devices for long standby for only once a week, which is better than other industries.

In terms of line control, TPE environmental protection wires are highly tough and abrasion -resistant, built -in memory wire, wearing non -changing, carried on the shore, continuing to use automatic iron suction, no entanglement troubles, can connect to two Bluetooth equipment within 10 meters with you at the same time. Walking, connecting stable, and enjoying the wirelessness to bring you freedom. The most important thing is that Bluetooth can be connected to Apple and Android systems, stereo sound quality, high -definition calls unimpeded, headset long standby 460h, charging only 2H, continuous calls continuously, call continuous calls Can be 15h.

Memory circles, distorted at will, silicone materials, skin -friendly coating, in daily attendance, it is actually much more stable than true wireless. After magnetic suction, the opportunity to shut down automatically, save energy consumption, extend the battery life, and is very humane.

This is my daily feeling of wearing. I use neck hanging and semi -in -ear. I am immersed in the music scene anytime, anywhere, skin -friendly silicone, arc lines, and evenly distributed in the neck, comfortable to wear.

The sound quality of You’er can be said to be good. As a Bluetooth headset, the current mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 non -destructive transmission technology is used, a single speaker unit, shocking the ear 360 °, and the charm of the original sound, but the characteristics of You’er are mainly high Frequent performance, relying on the 10mm composite diaphragm copper ring dynamic ring unit, at the expense of high cost, pursuing the ultimate ears sound quality atmosphere, such as “Love Story” and “Better Man”, such as the sound performance sound, and the atmosphere is sufficient You’er’s resolution is relatively stable in all aspects. Like Jay Chou’s “Sunny Day” Cai Xukun’s “Lover”, the sound quality resolution is slightly weak, and the song is slightly inferior to the faster song.


According to many aspects of evaluation, this Bluetooth headset is better in appearance, performance, or excellent performance. It meets daily life, running, fitness, cycling, etc., followed by the comfort and sound quality of the headset. It is good, the sound quality is very good, the Yerry earphones are still stable in the audition of various music, and the 15h consecutive call meets the daily needs. Meeted my requirements for Bluetooth headsets.