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凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

On August 29th, the TV series “Golden Soma Flower” produced by the Central Radio and Television Circuit and the Documentary Center of the General Taiwan Film and Television Drama Center was held in Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture. After shooting, the filming team overcame the difficulties and killed the youth. According to the plan, “Golden Soma Flower” is expected to complete the production within this year, and meet with the audience at a set of golden time in CCTV.

It tells the story of the story of poverty alleviation, the plot of the story is temperature and grounding

“Golden Soma Flower” was produced by the Central Radio and Television General Station, produced by the Film and Television Documentary Center of the General Taiwan, produced by China International Television Corporation, China Radio Film and Television Trading Center, Liangshan Cultural Tourism Group, directed by Ouyang Fenqiang, directed, Xu Baihui, Yin Zhusheng, Xiong Ruiling, Liu Yihan, Luo Yuzheng, He Minghan and other powerful actors starred in.

凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

The play is based on the major historical mission of the party and the country’s new era of “decisive fighting poverty alleviation, decisive winning a comprehensive well -off” as the background. For the stage. The plot tells the story of the doctor’s thousands of monthly, and came to Gu Ke village to serve as the first secretary, leading the Yi villagers to resolutely win the battle against poverty.

The restrictions on the survival environment and backward cultural customs were restricted. At first, the poverty alleviation work had little effect. In the long -term thinking, in the continuous collision, leading the villagers to develop strawberry planting and Xiaoxiang pig breeding, developing agricultural economy, and realizing relocation of different places, and finally bid farewell to the long -term poverty history. Together with the Yi girls, Wanyue took root on the once barren land, like a golden Soma flower, blooming in the mountains.

凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

The story of the play shows the “pain” and “changes” of Liangshan Yi Township with warm strokes. It praises the glorious humanity of grassroots workers and Yixiang villagers in the battle of poverty alleviation. The endogenous power and vitality brought about by the thick soil of the plateau.

凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

Compared with other parts of poverty alleviation, “Golden Soma Flower” has deeper practical significance. It has presented a large -scale elimination of poverty that is being carried out in the past, and has never been extended to the height of the world. The elimination of poverty is the common mission of human beings, and it is also the largest global challenge facing the world today. Winning the battle against poverty as scheduled is an important measure to run towards the community of human destiny, fully demonstrating the high responsibility of the party and the country.

Judging from the plot, the play takes root and lives, based on reality, shaped a group of lively and full figures. The heroine Wanyue is a young, highly educated image of the first secretary of grassroots work. From her original dissatisfaction and slight irritability, to slowly integrating into the villagers, clarifying their ideas, and implementing policies, it fully reflects this young man Secretary’s rich knowledge, aggressive pioneering and strong sense of responsibility.

In addition, the depth of the deputy secretary of the state party committee and the village of Gudettu reflects the history of the succession of poverty alleviation cadres from generation to generation. The meticulous portrayal of the village director shows the great wisdom of the older generation of grass -roots cadres rooted in the local area of ​​Yi Village, and the conflict between the conflict with the new concept. The shaping of young cadres and masses of Yi people further reflects the mission inheritance of the new and older generations. In general, the play breaks the preaching method of stereotypes of the main theme. The characters have temperature and close to life, which can easily resonate with the audience.

Show Liangshan’s humanistic style will be broadcast on CCTV’s golden time

Liangshan Yi people’s humanistic local customs have also become an important part of the theme. “Golden Soma Flower” is rooted in Liangshan Yi culture and soil, reflecting the customs and habits of the Yi region, and shaping the character of the Yi people.

凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

In the play, through the character design of the Yi spirit leader Bimo, it not only discusses respect and inheritance of traditional folk customs, but also reflects and criticized. In the play, the Yi people’s music, clothing, exquisite headdress and unique shape all show the pursuit of beauty, which helps the audience to understand the Yi culture in depth. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the implantation of the intention of Soma flower in the play echo the character and the tough life of the high -cold mountainous area, which not only highlights the connotation of the national cultural connotation, but also extends upward.

The main place of “Golden Soma Flower” is Sanhe Village, Sanchahe Township, Zhaojue County, Daliangshan. Sanhe Village, which is 2500 meters above sea level, was a typical Yi people living in poor villages. The poverty -stricken people in the village were nearly half of them. In February 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to visit and visit the poor. Nowadays, the dilapidated earthen house of Sanhe Village has become a new village in Yijia, and the villagers have also moved into a new home.

In order to show the changes before the village poverty alleviation more vividly, the crew arranged a large number of shooting on the mountain. However, the mountain road is difficult, and it will be four hours to go up and down the mountain. At the same time, the weather on the mountains is unpredictable, often the wind and rain, or the fog permeated, and sometimes it can pass four seasons a day. During the shooting, it was also rained for days. The crew suddenly encountered floods and was almost flooded. The director who was eating at the restaurant carried shoes and evacuated with a dinner plate.

After the poverty alleviation, Liangshan’s changes have also been touched by the actors of the crew. In the play, Xu Baihui, the actor who played Wanyue, said that he helped poverty alleviation, fearlessness and long -term blocking, bloody sowing dreams, waiting for Soma to bloom. The actor Xiong Ruiling also expressed his creative attitude: sincerity, sincerity, and sincerity, for this beautiful Daliangshan.

凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

“Golden Soma Flower” is expected to be completed this year, and meets the audience at a golden time in CCTV.

凉山脱贫攻坚题材电视剧《金色索玛花》杀青 将在央视一套播出

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