The Timberland Tim Lan Shoes and boots, commonly known as “not bad”, have a good reputation in terms of quality and craftsmanship. This Tim Bailan Rudston’s short boots, the upper is made of waterproof treatment of leather material, which is breathable and comfortable, and she is resistant to wear and wear.

比呀比: Timberland 添柏岚 Rudston女士抗疲劳真皮短靴 $54

Environmental protection materials are made of 100%recycled PET mesh lining, which is environmentally friendly and breathable. It is equipped with Anti-Fat 13 to provide good comfort, and it will not feel tired even if you wear it for a long time. EVA lightweight soles can provide high cushioning function to reduce fatigue on the feet and legs. The non -slip and wear -resistant rubber outsole can provide a long -lasting grip capacity. The boots are 7.5 inches high, about 6.3cm height, and the heel design is very suitable for long -term wear. Origin Vietnam.

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$ 54

比呀比: Timberland 添柏岚 Rudston女士抗疲劳真皮短靴 $54

, Transfer to hand

About 450 yuan

(Unduned tax), the same domestic purchase price is 800 yuan+, the price of 6PM is also $ 107, three -color optional, except for the size of the black 6.5 yards or above Sister paper can be filtered. For the specific purchase method, refer to the tutorial than a fool -style Haitao tutorial. For more Haitao information, please move Haitao Channel.