Although the heat is gradually getting hot, everyone should not rush to wear various short -sleeved items. It is difficult to cope with the temperature changes in the early seasons, mid -night, and night, and need to be matched with various coats. The long -sleeved shirt can be worn alone. It is also very versatile and practical. It can be used with simple and simple trousers but can create a good temperament.

So what do ordinary people look like long -sleeved shirts? And which pants are better? This time, let’s take a look at the picking and matching ideas of the long -sleeved shirt. Ordinary people don’t rush to wear short sleeves, try “long -sleeved shirt+high waist pants”, simple, practical and elegant!

1. Choice of long -sleeved style style selection

There are many styles of long -sleeved shirts, such as long -sleeved shirts, long -sleeved T -shirts, long -sleeved striped shirts, long -sleeved sweater or long -sleeved bottoming shirts. Let’s start with these aspects to make the best choice for you.

1. Pay attention to the neckline of the long -sleeved shirt

The biggest difference between long -sleeved shirt and short -sleeved shirt is the length of the sleeve. The short -sleeved shirt can show the small arm lines, but the long -sleeved shirt will cover the arm tightly. At this time, if you want to resolve the deoxy by dew, you have to start with the neckline of the long -sleeved shirt.

It is recommended that you try a long -sleeved shirt with U -type collar, V -neck, square collar, or one -shoulder design. By exposing the collarbone, neck or shoulder to enhance the breathing, it shows a high head and resolves the sense of dullness.

2. Pay attention to the color selection of the long -sleeved shirt

When wearing a short -sleeved shirt, we must consider the color of clothing, and wearing long -sleeved shirts is no exception. The long -sleeved shirt is very close to our face, so it is not recommended that you choose a color system with too high brightness, or other colors that are not friendly to the skin, such as khaki and orange.


You can try apricot, beige, creamy, or white, light gray, light blue, or green, avocado green, these colors are more fair -skinned.


3. Consider the material of the long -sleeved shirt

Finally, we have to consider its material in choosing a long -sleeved shirt. Most people tend to choose a long -sleeved long -sleeved shirt. If you want to wear comfortable and generous, then the material of the long -sleeved shirt must be soft and soft, and refuse to wear uncomfortable tough materials.

For example, the cotton material, knitted material, or real silk material are all suitable for ordinary people, and the comfort is full.


2. What pants are more fashionable for long -sleeved shirts?


Long -sleeved shirts can be paired with skirts or pants. The latter is more simple and practical, but ordinary people need to pay attention to the style of the pants. Try to use the style of the pants to enhance the fashionable sense of the long -sleeved shirt shape.

1. Long -sleeved shirt+cropped pants


Female friends who like shirts can choose a light -sleeved shirt such as apricot, beige, and milky yellow, which will look more gentle. If you want to highlight the sense of girly, you can also add bow, doll collar, and fold design.

These light -colored shirts are very matched with blue jeans, and it is easy to use color matching to create a sense of youth, but everyone is best to choose nine -point jeans to expose the ankle to enhance the breathing.

2. Long -sleeved shirt+wide -leg pants

For a long -sleeved long -sleeved bottoming shirt or long -sleeved striped shirt, it is recommended that you match a pair of high -waisted wide -leg trousers. Wide -leg pants should not only choose simple and generous solid color models, but also give priority to considering a strong sense of drape. Fabric.

This kind of wide -leg pants and long -sleeved shirts just form the matching effect of short up and down, tight and loose, and are better than optimizing the proportion and extended legs.

3. Long -sleeved shirt+denim trousers

Long -sleeved shirts can also be paired with denim trousers, especially scissors or wide -leg jeans. These pants can extend their legs, and they are very fashionable.

You can use it with a white long -sleeved shirt or a low -saturated color knitwear, refreshing and gentle.


3. Mastering with a careful machine will be more foreign

The matching of long -sleeved shirts and high -waisted pants is very simple, but if your head is not high, or if you want to improve the return rate, you can learn from some tide people to match the careful machine.

1. Use the slit design to raise the waistline

In addition to conventional long -sleeved shirts, small girls also have a slit long -sleeved shirt. These long -sleeved shirts can easily raise the waistline position and stretch the legs. For some pear -shaped girls with slender upper body and bloated lower body, these long -sleeved shirts can also avoid strengths.

If it is a colorful slit long -sleeved shirt, it is best to pair with white wide -leg trousers to create a good temperament with the help of fresh age -reducing color matching.

2. Echo color


Color echo is also a carefully used by the tide people, such as choosing long -sleeved shirts, high waist pants, or long -sleeved shirts and shoes with the same color.

Or let the color of the hat, belt, and shoes echo the color, and create a deep sense of depth at three o’clock, and the little man is particularly high.

Conclusion: Don’t rush to wear short -sleeved items. Long -sleeved shirts are also very suitable for the choice of seasonal season. Comfortable and practical. It is easy to create a good proportion with high -waisted pants. If you like it, you may wish to learn from it!

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