Early snow has arrived in many places. We have prepared 100 poems, words, and texts about snow for everyone. Just enjoy the poet’s strong snow in the snow appreciation.

1. When the stick looks at Nanxue, I and the plum blossoms. ——Chanshan Xiang “Clear Bank Banknotes · Written by Yongluo Fujin Stand”

2. If you come to the snow in the evening, can you drink a cup? ——Bai Juyi “Ask Liu Nineteen”

3. In the past, snow was like flowers, and the flowers came like snow today. ——Fan Yun “Don’t Poem”

4. Chai Men heard the dog barking, and the snowy night returns to others. ——Liu Changqing “Master of Fengxue Su Furong Mountain”

5. Suddenly like the spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears bloom. ——The Cen Shen “White Snow Song Sends the Battle Officer to Beijing”

6. Floating Sheng only respects the old old. It is full of Chang’an Road. ——Shu Yan “Yu Meiren · Ji Gongdu”

7, lonely boat, weng, fishing alone in Hanjiang. ——Liu Zongyuan “Jiang Xue”

8. Chaoshan disabled snow night, lonely candle people. —— Cui Tu, “Except Night / Bashan Road, Night Books and Nights / Aflene of Nights”

9. Miao Mi -layer cloud, thousands of mountains and twilight, who only goes to? —— Yuan Hao asked “Touching Fish · Yanqiu Ci /Maihuitang”

10. Mei Wuxue is not spiritual, and there is no poetry. ——Lumeapo “Xuemei · Qi”

11. Want to ride lightly, and the snow is full of bow knives. —— Lu Lun’s “Hami Zhang Stecked Qu · Qiqi Three”

12. Thousands of miles of yellow clouds and white sun, north wind blows geese and snow. ——Gao Shi “Bie Dong University”

13. Bai Xue thinks that spring is late, so wearing a court tree as flying flowers. —— Han Yu “Spring Snow”

14. What is the family of Yunheng Qinling? Snow embracing Lan Guanma. —— Han Yu “Zuo Qian to Lan Guan Show the nephew Sun Xiang”

15. The window contains Xiling Qianqiu Snow, and the door is woven from the northwu Wanli boat. —— Du Fu’s “St Journal”

16. I do n’t know that near the water splash first, it is suspected that it has not been sold through winter snow. ——The “Zaomei”

17. May Tianxue, no flowers are cold. ——Li Bai’s “Six Songs of the Quick · One”

18. The tragic Chaimen wind and snow night, at this time, there is not as good as nothing. —— Huang Jingren’s “Don’t Mother”

19. Beauty rolls on the ground, and Hu Tian will fly snow in August. ——The Cen Shen “White Snow Song Sends the Battle Officer to Beijing”

20. Want to cross the Yellow River Bingsechuan, and it will be ascending the mountains. ——Li Bai’s “Difficult to Road · One”

21. I think about it today, rain and snow. ——Beon “Cai Wei”

22. The snow disappears is green outside the door, and the flowers are sunny. ——Euyang Xiu “Cao Ge on the West Lake of the Spring Day”

23. Mei Xue has not been willing to surrender, and the Sao Ren Pavilion has a chapter. ——Lumeapo “Xuemei · Qi”

24. Yanshan snowflakes are as big as seats, and the film blows off Xuanyuantai. ——Li Bai “Beifeng”

25. The snow was pine, and the green pine was straight and straight. —— Chen Yi “Qingsong”

26. At the end of the Nanyin Ridge, the snow and clouds. ——Tu Yong “Final Hope to Yu Xue”

27. Night knows the heavy snow. ——Bai Juyi “Yexue”

28. Snow has a lot of heavily, and people can’t help but lose their souls and lose weight. ——Guan Hanqing’s “Dae Song · Winter”

29, grass withered eagle eye disease, snow is full of horseshoe. ——Wang Wei “Watch Hunt”

30. Mei Xuxun snow is three -pointers, but Xue loses a section of incense. ——Lumeapo “Xuemei · Qi”

31. When the six -out flying flowers entered the house, sitting at Qingzhu turned into Qiongzhi. ——Gao Yan “Snow”

32, smoke. Snow. Snow piled up on the plum branches. ——Wu Shuji’s “Small Powers Ling · Tobacco Pu”

33. The sky will be twilight, the snow is dancing, and the semi -plum blossoms are half -floating. ——Ma Zhiyuan “Shouyang Qu · Jiangtian Muxue”

34. I know the rain in the front of the lights alone, and turn to the same time to see the Snow Mountain. ——The Nalan sex “Yu Zhonghao · Liang Fennan is still a small shadow”

35. Clouds and Xue Cangshan are late, and the cigarettes are accompanied by the green trees. —— Zhou Pu “Spring Day Qin Guo Huai Ancients”

36. Sanchun Baixue returned to Qingzu, and the Yellow River around the Yellow River was around Heishan. ——Liu Chongyong “Reconstruction / Resentment”

37. In the morning, the door was opened in Xue Mountain, and Xue Qingyun was cold. —— Zheng Zheng “Behind the Snow in the Mountains”

38. Chunxue is full of air, and the touch is like flowers. ——Are Zhao “Hi Zhang Ye and the No. 1”

39. After the snowy of Tianshan Snow, the sea breeze is cold, and the horizontal flute blew the road. ——Li Yi “From the Army”

40. The stream is deep and uncomfortable, and the mountains are freezing. —— Hong Sheng “Xuewang”

41. In the deep snow in the front village, it opened last night. ——Qi Ji “Zaomei”

42. Juan Juanyue outside the crystal curtain, snow on the upper layer of pear flowers. ——Bang Ji “Bodhisattva Barbarian · Crystal Curtain Wai Juan Juan Moon”

43. The year -old Yin and Yang urges the short view, and the world frost is cold. —— Du Fu “Pavilion Night”

44. The residual snow is still oranges, and the frozen thunder is shocked to draw buds. —— Ouyang Xiu “Answers Yuan Zhen”

45. Xueyue is the most suitable, Mei Xue is clear. —— Zhang Xiaoxiang “Bu Tuzi · Xueyue is the most suitable”

46. ​​The ancient snow is in the mountains, and the stone breaks the cold spring flow. ——Li Bai “Looking for Gao Feng Shimen Mountain Mid -Yuan Danqiu”

47. Wind rises. Xuefeiyan becomes cool. ——Su Shi, “Dingwuba · Nanhai Gui Gifts Wang Dingguo’s servant to the mother”

48. The blowing window is clearer, and the moonlight is snowing a day. ——P “December 15 Night”

49. It is known to be in the snow. Han Mei was embellished with Qiong Zhi. ——Li Qingzhao “Fisherman Ao · Snow Crown Spring Xinzhi”

50. Jiang Hanyan shadow plum blossoms, four dusty, snow flying clouds, night windows like day. ——Lu Zuyu “He Bridegroom · Hold the Wind of the Wind”

51. Several gaps include snow, and it is difficult to paint. —— Cui Daorong “Plum Blossom”

52. Shuo Feng blew Sanxue, and Qian soul still fell in love with Taohuayue. ——The Nalan sex “Bodhisattva Barbarian · Shuofeng Blows Three more snow”

53. Last year, outside Yuhang Gate, Fei Xue was like a poplar. ——Su Shi “Juvenile Tour · Runzhou Work”

54. A painting horns, Fengting New Moon, dusk, waterfront in front of the mountains. ——Bai Pu “Tianjing Sha · Winter”

55. At the beginning of the night, Mai Miwang. —— Jiang Yan “Yangzhou Slow · Huai Zuo Name Capital”

56. The wind is shocked by the wind, and the door is full of snow. ——Wang Wei’s “Winter Evening to Xue Yi Hu Jushi Family”

57. There were twilight snow, and the wind was freezing. ——The Cen Shen “White Snow Song Sends the Battle Officer to Beijing”

58. Dong should be densely snowy, with broken jade sounds. ——Wang Yuyu’s “Huanggang Bamboo Tower”

59. Lin Xiachun is fine, and there are no snow on Gaoya. ——Wang Shouren “Spring Qing”

60. Heng Di smelled no one, and Hongqi went straight to Tianshan Snow. —— Chen Yu’s “Congjun Bank”

61. Sword River wind is wide and snow is wide, and sandstone frozen horseshoe is removed. —— Cen Shen’s “Wheels of the Wheels Send Dr. Feng Gao Mo West Expedition”

62. The snow and dying flag paintings, the wind is mixed. —— Yang Jiong “Congjun Bank”

63, the stones are empty, shocked the shore, rolled up thousands of snow. ——Su Shi “Niannujiao · Chibi Hua Gu”

64. Yu took a small boat, hugged the fire, and went to the lake to watch the snow alone. ——The Zhang Huan “Watching the Snow”

65. In the snow of the year. Frequent plum blossoms. ——Li Qingzhao “Qing Pingle · New Year Snow”

66. Yan Zhi Changxue was made of flowers, and his eyebrows were ghostless. ——Li Bai “Wang Zhaojun Two”

67. The day and twilight poems are snowing all day, and it is very spring with Mei. ——Lumeapo “Xuemei · Qi”

68. Ye Yun has no city Guo, and rain and snow are even deserted. ——Li Yan “Ancient Army”

69. Clouds and Xue Cangshan are late, and the cigarettes are accompanied by the green trees. —— Zhou Pu “Spring Day Qin Guo Huai Ancients”

70. Xishan Baixue three cities, Nanpu Qingjiang Wanli Bridge. —— Du Fu “Ambition”

71. I love Dongshan after the snow, and the soft red light is Yiyin Mountain. ——Bang Wanli “Favorite Dongshan Sunny Snow”

72. The north wind blows the snow at the beginning of the four more, Jiarui Tianjiao and the age of age. ——Lu You “Snow Snow”

73. Xuefanhua, dancing pear blossoms, no longer see four or five in Yancun. ——Guan Hanqing’s “Dae Song · Winter Scenery”

74. The clouds are low and twilight, and the snow dances back to the wind. —— Du Fu “Snow”

75. When the road is out of cold clouds, when people return to Muxue. —— Lu Lun “Li Duangong / Send Li Duan”

76. Snow outside the city of the city, the generals are all overcast. ——Wang Shouren “Second Rhyme Lu Yanxian Yuan Ri Chunqing”

77. Spring returning Cao Ge Mei moves first, and the moon is full of Xuetingxue. ——Wang Shouren’s “Two of Yuan Xi”

78. Wan Terrace sent the monarch to go to the Tianshan Road. ——The Cen Shen “White Snow Song Sends the Battle Officer to Beijing”

79. Fei Xue has a spring breeze, Pei Hui around the air. ——Liu Fangping “Spring Snow”

80. The ground white wind is cold, and the snowflakes are as big as hands. ——Li Bai’s “Mockebling the King’s Shiyang refuses to drink”

81. The three days of Chai Men could not embrace, and the Pingting court was full of white. —— Han Yu “See See Seeing in the Snow in the Snow in the Twenty Gestor of the King”

82. Last night, I drunk Xipu Moon. Fishing in Nanxi Snow tonight. ——Thong Shi “The Fisherman’s Pride · Ziyue Water and the Wind and the Wind”

83. Haikai is hundreds of waves, mountains and mountains. ——Li Shimin’s “Drinking Horse Great Wall Cave”

84. A foot of snow outside the city, Xiao drove the charcoal car. ——Baijuyi “Selling Charcoal”

85. The east of the fishing Banqiao is cold. —— Shi Jing’an “Snow Fishing Snow Fishing in the Title”

86. Plum Blossom Daling Ridge, Flying on the Channel Zhangtai Street. ——Le Shangyin “Two of Snow”

87. Plum blossoms are scattered to empty mountains, and snowflakes are rushing to wear curtains. ——Wang Xu “Tap Sha Xing · Snow Watch Plum Blossom”

88. Tianshan Sanzhangxue, how can it be a long time. ——Li Bai “Don’t See”

89. Kunlun’s height has snow, and Penglai is always cold. ——Wang Ling “Summer and Drought Heating”

90. Smell the plum blossoms, and the snow piles throughout the four mountains. ——Lu You “Plum Blossoms”

91. Lin shows that the color is colorful, and the city is cold in the city. ——Tu Yong “Final Hope to Yu Xue”

92, smoke and dust committed Snow Ridge, drum horn to move Jiangcheng. —— Du Fu “The Twilight”

93. Tianxian Biyu Qiong Yao, a little bit of flowers, goose feathers. ——The Xuenv “Toad Palace Song · Snow”

94. Luo Shibu is not dry, and it is a desolate snow. —— Zhang Shufang “Full Road Blossom · Winter”

95. Seeing Xuefei and the reeds of the apple, not as white as the white. ——Wu Wenying “Ruihexian · Autumn”

96. This year’s spring is shallow. Snow and snow break Chunyan. ——Su Shi “One Cluster of Flowers · The Year of the Spring Invasion”

97. I do n’t know that the court is now falling. It is suspected that Lin Hua opened last night. —— Song Zhiwen “Yu Yuexue in the Garden”

98. The year of the twilight, the sun is snowing. ——To Tao Yuanming “Guizhou in the middle of December and the younger brother Jingyuan”

99. Invasion, the snow is also costed, and the spring light has a wicker. —— Du Fu “La Ri”

100. General Jade Join Mink Mouse, hold the wine glass to watch Xuefei. ——Liu Ji “Beifeng”

Source: China Teacher Daily