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1. Reasons for purchase

In this 92#oil price exceeded the 8 yuan mark, the steamed bun rose to 1 yuan, the graphics card price was difficult to find, and the price increased by the price without rising. You have to open source and throwing. We do n’t understand open source. Survage can share with you and share experience. This time, I mainly want to share with you a very high cost performance. As long as it is hundreds of yuan, you can play more than 100 body -sensitive games, hundreds of upper and upper generation games, but have been forgotten for a long time of family entertainment and fitness artifacts- Xbox 360.

(1) What is Xbox360?

Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second -generation home game console. It was launched in November 2005. After more than 10 years of service, in April 2016, the official announcement of the full series of Xbox360 hosts was officially discontinued. Since this game console was born in November 2005, its sales have reached 84 million units.

Since its release, the Xbox 360 has released the core version, simple version, luxury version, elite version, SLIM version, and various game limited editions. Xbox360 is compatible with Xbox generation games. Through the external HD player, support 1080P high -definition playback, in 2010 E3, Microsoft released a thinner Xbox Slim host, supporting Kinect, which was launched in November 2010. On March 1, 2013, the lighter and thinner Xbox360 E version was released, and the configuration is the same as the Xbox360 Slim. Xbox360 has strong hosting performance, and leads other competitors with the advantage of the first release, perfect network, rich game is the advantage of Xbox360. Kinect released at the end of 2010 will push Xbox360 to a higher position.

(2) The difference between Xbox360?

Here we mainly briefly introduce the Double 65, S version and E version. These three are models that can be purchased high/and can be used normally and stable.

This introduction is quoted from Baidu Xbox360 Post Bar YY77ZZ top post, only for science, if there is any infringement, contact me to delete:

1. Double 65

Double 65 was released at the end of 2008. It can be said that it is a generation of milestones. Both the CPU and GPU use the 65nm process, which completely solves the previous three red problems and solves the quality crisis of Microsoft. At present, many players are also called the most durable and most cost -effective generation, and still have a certain transaction volume in the second -hand market. In addition to the cheap reasons, the double 65nm CPU and GPU chip adopt independent design, and the self -made machine is fast -running, and the operation is stable. However, compared with the dual 45nm thin machine disadvantages, it is also obvious. The chip production process is low, large, large in power, large power consumption, no wireless network card (but you can use USB wireless network cards to achieve wireless connection WIFI function), no dedicated somatosensory interface, flash memory capacity Small, generally 256m, there is no new machine in the age, there are many repairs, and the hard disk is not easy to disassemble.

2. S version

The S version refers to the Xbox360 Slim version of the host. For sale in June 2010, the CPUs and GPUs of the S version of the host use 45nm process, and integrated into a chip, with a built -in 802.11N wireless network card. There are two versions of 4G flash memory and built -in 250G hard disk. The built -in hard disk can be easily removed from the bottom. The two small fans are changed to a large fan to reduce the noise. The fan is more quiet. Plasma, pop -up of optical drive, etc. operations. More comprehensive interfaces (with Kinect -specific power and data interfaces), smaller transformers are not compatible with the old version. Compared with thick machines, the biggest difference is that the appearance has changed. The CPU and GPU process are 45nm, which saves power, and the heat is smaller. Of course, the motherboard has also changed, mainly to prevent cracking.

3.E version

The E version is a model released at the 2013 E3 exhibition. In general, compared with the S version, the appearance is more. It is only for the appearance of the appearance of Microsoft’s new host Xbox One to change. Its internal structure, hard disk, heat dissipation system, optical drive, etc. have not changed much. Simply put, it is the case of Xbox360 Slim.

Among these three models, I personally think that the 2013E version is the most beautiful, the most cost -effective is double 65, and the S version is relatively reliable. After all, many merchants will use the S version to be sold for the E version.

Price recommendation:

According to my recent search records in the seafood market, about 600-1000 yuan can buy the above three models with single/two-handle+Kinect somatosensory identifier, which is very cost-effective.

Let’s see what you can buy by spending 600-1000 yuan:

1. A double 65/s version/E version of the Xbox360 game console

2.1-2 gaming handles

3. Kinect somatoscope identifier set

4. A hard disk sent for white (although it is not worthy of any money, it will save a lot of trouble with a bunch of games)

At present, even a dessert-level second-hand graphics card cannot be bought! Not to mention that the computer at this price can hardly play GTA5, NBA2K18, Island Crisis 3 and other games, let alone Xbox360 can also play more than 100 individual games.

Let’s see which games of Xbox360 support


Xbox360 Kinect supports English -style game (only about 109 paragraphs):

Chinese games supported by Xbox360 (only about 255 models):

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH001 – 11 eye staggered sight [Chinese] [God]

X360CH002 -FIA World Auto Rally Championship 4 [Chinese] [God]

X360ch003 – FIFA2013 [Chinese] [God]

X360ch004 – FIFA2014 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH005 – FIFA2015 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH006 – Kinect Sports Conference 2 [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH007 – Kinect Sports Conference [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH008 – nba2k12 American professional basketball [legendary performance DLC] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH009 – NBA2K13 American Professional Basketball [Chinese] [God]

X360CH010 -NBA2K14 American Professional Basketball [Chinese] [God]

X360CH011 – NBA2K15 American Professional Basketball [Chinese] [God]

X360ch012 – nba2k16 American professional basketball [Chinese] [God]

X360CH013 – NBA2K17 American Professional Basketball [Chinese] [God]

X360CH014 – NBA2K18 American Professional Basketball [Chinese] [God]

X360CH015 – Nike Coach helps you fit your fitness [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH016 – Alice returns crazy [Chinese] [God] (Non -Death Edition)

X360CH017 -Diablo 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH018 – Diablo Soul (Dark Soul) 2 [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH019 -Diablo Soul (Dark Soul) 2 Original Sinothement [Chinese] [God]

X360CH020 -Diablo Soul (Dark Soul) was dead version [Chinese] [God]

X360ch021 -Shadow Run [Chinese] [God]

X360CH022 – Ban Zhuo Xiong’s magic screw [Chinese] [God]

X360CH023 – Long live baby [Chinese] [God]

X360CH024 -Live long live party [Chinese] [God]

X360CH025 – Baby long live paradise trouble [Chinese] [God]

X360CH026 – Hot Soul [Chinese] [God]

X360CH027 – Batman Agan Origin (Akham Origin) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH028 – The City of Batman Agan (City of Akham) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH029 – Batman Black Gate [Chinese] [God]

X360CH030-Batman Secret Spectrum (1-5 Complete Works) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH031 -Rise of Transformers Dark Flame [Chinese] [God]

X360CH032 -Prince of Persia 5 forgotten sand [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH033 – Cangyi Apocalypse [Chinese] [God]

X360CH034 – Cangyi implied recording continuously changed [Chinese] [God]

X360CH035 – Cangyi implied recording continuous transformation expansion version [Chinese] [God]

X360CH036 – Super explosive wrestling [Chinese] [God]

X360CH037 -The end of the Period Empire [Chinese] [God]

X360CH038 – Except the violent warning 2 (suppression 2) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH039 – Except the violent warrior [Chinese] [God]

X360CH040 – Assassin Creed 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH041 -Assassin Creed 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH042 -Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH043 – Assassin’s Creed Rebellion [Chinese] [God]

X360CH044 – Assassin’s Creed Revelation [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH045 – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood [Chinese] [God]

X360CH046 – Dasbane accompanied the roots [Chinese] [God]

X360CH047 – New Order of the German Headquarters [Chinese] [God]

X360CH048 – Disney Pixar Adventure [Kinect Sample] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH049 – Disneyland Adventure [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH050 – Enemy Frontline [Chinese] [God]

X360CH051 -Cave 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH052 – Multiple shadows [XBLA] [Chinese]

X360ch053 -Evil spirit attached [Chinese] [God]

X360CH054 -The King of Shadow Shadow 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH055 – The King of Demon City Shadow [Chinese] [God]

X360CH056 – Mirror of the Destiny of the King of Shadow Shadow (Fate Mirror) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH057 -Binary field [Chinese] [God]

X360CH058 – Emerald Kingdom [Chinese] [God]

X360CH059 -Sex cell 5 crime [Chinese] [God]

X360CH060 – Crazy Big Fight 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH061 -Act island shock 3 [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH062 -Act island shock 4 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH063 – Island Crisis 1 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH064 – Island Crisis 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH065 – Island Crisis 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH066 – Tomb Raid Ying 9 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH067 – Rise of Tomb Raiders [18DLC] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH068 -Last Battle of Make 3 [Chinese Voice] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH069 – Memorial 4 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH070 -Halo HD HD heavy version [Chinese] [God]

X360CH071 -Halo Hell Paratroopers [Chinese] [God]

X360CH072 -Make Starbarta raid [Chinese] [God]

X360CH073 -Memorns War [Chinese] [God]

X360CH074 – Halo to Yuan Yuanxing [Chinese] [God]

X360CH075 -Son of Light [Chinese] [God]

X360CH076 – Ghost Power 3 (Holy Demon Battle 3rd Fadon) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH077 -Devil May Cry 5 All DLC [Chinese] [God]

X360CH078 – Ghost House Demon Shadow 5 (Mandarin Dubbing) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH079 -Fatal inertia [Chinese] [God]

X360CH080 – The Walking Dead Survival Institute of Survival [Chinese] [骐 骐] [God]

X360CH081 -Action of Gaia Commander Gaia [Chinese] [God]

X360CH082 – Alloy Hound [Chinese] [God]

X360CH083 – The rise of alloy equipment on revenge [Chinese] [God]

X360CH084 – Dark Lurit [Chinese] [God]

X360CH085 – Misked Party 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH086 – City of Black Party [Chinese] [GOD]

X360CH087 – Happy War [Chinese] [God]

X360CH088 -The great war of loyalty bravery [Chinese] [God]

X360CH089 – The Wild Darts Redemption Annual Edition [Sinicization V2.0] [All DLC] [Xuanyuan Sinicization Group] [God] Disk1+2

X360CH090 – Royal Ace Air Battle 6 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH091 – Fire Cycling Revenge [Chinese] [God]

X360CH092 -Flame Restrictions [Chinese] [God]

X360CH093 -Naruto Ninja Blastful Disposal Extreme Ninja Storm Revolution [Chinese] [God]

X360CH094 – Ultimate Street Fighter 4 (Ultimate Street Fighter 4) [Chinese] [XEX]

X360CH095 -Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH096 -Naruto’s Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 burst out [Chinese] [God]

X360CH097 – The highest wanted wanted by Need for Speed ​​[Chinese] [God]

X360CH098 – Need for Speed ​​10 Card Valley [Chinese] [God]

X360CH099 – Need for Speed ​​11 Street Cracks [Chinese] [God]

X360CH100 – Need for Speed ​​12 Infernal and Clouds [Chinese] [God]

X360CH101 – Need for Speed ​​13 change [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH102 – Need for Speed ​​14 thermal tracking 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH103 – Need for Speed ​​15 Garway 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH104 – Need for Speed ​​16 Destiny End of the World [Chinese] [God]

X360CH105 – Need for Speed ​​17 Most Wanted [Chinese] [God]

X360CH106 – Need for Speed ​​18 enemy [Chinese] [God]

X360CH107 – Extreme Ratings 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH108 – Extreme Racing 3 [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH109 – Extreme Railial 4 Annual Edition [Chinese] [God]

X360CH110 -Extreme Ratling Horizon 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH111 – Extreme Ratling Horizon [Chinese] [God]

X360CH112 -Sword Yong Legend Dragon Sword Bing Z [Chinese] [God]

X360CH113 – Street Fighter X Iron Fist [Chinese] [God]

X360CH114 – Jin Dance Revolution Universe 3 Chinese Song Special Edition [Chinese] [God]

X360CH115 – Ninety -nine Night [Chinese] [God]

X360CH116 – Sniper Elite 3 [Chinese] [Xuanyuan Sinicization Group] [God] (It is recommended to use the XEX version)

X360CH117 – Sniper Elite 3 [Chinese] [Xuanyuan Sinicization Group] [XEX]

X360CH118 – Sniper Elite V2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH119 -Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH120 -The legendary power element of Kaymore [Chinese] [God]

X360ch121 – Catherine [Chinese] [God]

X360CH122 – Seeing Dog [Blood Hate DLC] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH123 -Blue Dragon [Chinese] [God]

X360CH124 – Lego Batman 3 Leaps Gotham City [Chinese] [God]

X360CH125 – Ledo Hobbit [Chinese] [God]

X360CH126 – Lego Marvel Super Hero [Chinese] [God]

X360CH127 – Two Worlds [Chinese] [God]

X360CH128 – Angel Witch [Chinese] [God]

X360CH129 -Armored Core 5 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH130 – Dragon Century 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH131 – Dragon Teng Cermia 3 trial [Chinese] [God]

X360CH132 -Dragon’s Creed Dark Waking up [Chinese] [God]

X360CH133 – Marx Payne 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH134 – Adventurer Plan [Chinese] [God]

X360CH135 -The Gate of Destiny Stone (Staninnam) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH136 – Simulation Yam [Chinese] [God]

X360CH137 – Murder Soul Suspects [Chinese] [God]

X360CH138 – Puppet fast gunman [Kinect body sensation] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH139 -The skull of the shogunate general [Chinese] [God]

X360CH140 – Stand of Truth of Southern Park [Chinese] [God]

X360CH141 -Proto Sit protrusion 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH142 -Autumn Memories 7 Hook Hook’s Memory [Chinese] [God]

X360CH143 – Survival Road 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH144 – Survival Road [Chinese] [God]

X360CH145 -Game of power all 6 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH146 – All -People’s Party [Chinese] [God]

X360CH147 – King of Fighters 13 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH148 -Hounds with blood rogue and sleeping [Chinese] [God]

X360CH149 – Ninja Long Jian Chuan 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH150 -Ninja Dragon Sword Biography 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH151 -Ninja Long Jian Chuan 3 blade edge [Chinese] [God]

X360CH152 -Blade of Ninja [Chinese] [God]

X360CH153 – Honorary Medal [Chinese] [God]

X360CH154 – Honorary Medal Warrior [Chinese] [God]

X360CH155 – Zombie Siege 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH156 -Killer 5 forgive [Chinese] [God]

X360CH157 -The killer is dead [Chinese] [God]

X360CH158 – Flash back [Chinese] [God]

X360CH159 – Ancient Scrolls 5 Legend [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH160 – Aid Odyssey [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH161 -God Ghost Fables 1 HD Rebcing Anniversary Edition [Chinese] [God]

X360CH162 -The 2nd Platinum Edition of the Ghost Ghost [Chinese] [God]

X360CH163 – God Ghost Fables 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH164 – God Ghost Fable Journey [Kinect Sample] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH165 – God Ghost Fable Heroes [XBLA]

X360CH166 – Divine Steal 4 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH167 – Biochemical Strange Soldier 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH168 – Biochemical Strange Soldier 3 Infinite [Chinese] [God]

X360CH169 – Biochemical Soldiers [Chinese] [God]

X360CH170 -Biochemical Crisis 5 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH171 -Biochemical Crisis 6 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH172 – Resident Evil HD reset version [Chinese] [God]

X360CH173 -Revelation of Resident Evil 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH174 – Resident Evil Revelation HD [Chinese] [God]

X360CH175 – Slander Adventure [Kinect Sample] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH176 -Full Version of the Lost Odyssey 4DVD [Chinese] [God]

X360CH177 -Lost Planet 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH178 – Live Football 2009 [Chinese Commentary] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH179 – Live Football 2010 [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH180 – Live Football 2011 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH181 – Live Football 2012 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH182 – Live Football 2013 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH183 – Live Football 2014 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH184 – Live Football 2015 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH185 – Live Football 2016 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH186 – Live Football 2017 [Chinese Commentary] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH187 – Live Football 2018 [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH188 -Call of Duty 11 Senior War [Chinese] [God]

X360CH189 – World Street Racing (Gotham Racing Plan) 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH190 – World Street Racing (Gotham Racing Plan) 4 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH191 – World Motorcycle Championship [Chinese] [God]

X360CH192 -Orcs must die [Chinese] [xbla] .zip

X360CH193 -Dead or Life 4 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH194 -The ultimate version of the death or life [Chinese] [God]

X360CH195 -Volleyball of Dead or Sumi Beach [Chinese] [God]

X360CH196 -Volleyball 2 Volleyball 2 [Patch] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH197 – Dead Island Rapid [Chinese] [God]

X360CH198 -Death Space 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH199 -Death Space 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH200 -Titan Fall [Chinese] [God]

X360CH201 – Specialty Motorcycle Evolution [Chinese] [xbla] .zip

X360CH202 -Specialty motorcycle fusion [Chinese] [God]

X360CH203 -Tiantu Qianxian [Chinese] [God]

X360CH204 – Perfect Agent Prequel (Perfect Dark Zero) [Chinese] [God]

X360CH205 – My World [Chinese] [God]

X360CH206 – Full version of my world story mode [Chinese] [God]

X360CH207 -Witcher 2 King Assassin strengthened version [Chinese] [God]

X360CH208 – Extraordinary Warrior of God of War [Chinese] [God]

X360CH209 – Infinite test drive [Chinese] [God]

X360CH210 -Dance Center 3 [Kinect Sample] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH211 -Dance Power Entry Children’s Edition 2014 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH212 – Forget me [Chinese] [God]

X360CH213 -The smile of the dishwasher 2 vampire [Chinese] [God]

X360CH214 – Drife Washing Waster [Chinese] [God]

X360CH215 -6 blacklists of cell division [Chinese] [God]

X360CH216 – Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA5 (Direct Drivers) [v1.21] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH217 – Mind Killer [Chinese] [God]

X360CH218 – Mind Killer American Dream [Chinese] [God]

X360CH219 – Star Wars [Kinect Sensitivities] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH220 -type can be plastic [Chinese] [God]

X360CH221 – Cructed Holy Land 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360ch222 -Battlefield 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH223 -Battlefield 4 [BUG Amendment] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH224 -Armored Core Judgment Day [Chinese] [God]

X360CH225 -Battlefield tough battle [Chinese] [God]

X360CH226 – War Machine 1 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH227 – War Machine 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH228 -War Machine 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH229 – War machine trial [Chinese] [God]

X360CH230 – Zhen Three Kingdoms Warriors 5 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH231 – Real Three Kingdoms Warriors 5 Empire [Chinese] [God]

X360CH232 – Zhen Three Kingdoms Warriors 7 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH233 – Special Edition of the Joint Edition of Warriors of the Three Kingdoms [Chinese] [God]

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

X360CH234 – Dance Center 2 [Kinect Sample] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH235 – Plants War Zombie Garden War [Chinese] [God]

X360CH236 -Quality Effect 2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH237 -Quality Effect 3 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH238-Final Fantasy 13-2 [Chinese] [God]

X360CH239-Final Fantasy 13-3 Return [Chinese] [God]

X360CH240 – Shadow Empire [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH241 – Castle Destroyer [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH242 -Wind rolling remnants [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH243 – Hurricane Thunder Rowing [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH244 – Kaka Song [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH245 – Carutan Island [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH246 – Evolution Version of the Gold Rush [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH247 – Assault Heroes [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH248 – Cold War of Toy Soldiers [Chinese] [XLBA]

X360CH249 – Xiaoyao Racing [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH250 -New body sensation and brainpower exercise [Kinect body sensation] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH251 -Type -plastic fitness evolution 2012 [Kinect body sensation] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH252 – Holiday Darling [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH253 – Fitness instructor [Chinese Voice] [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH254 – Dance Power Full 2017 [Kinect Sensitivity] [Chinese] [God]

X360CH255 – Counter -Terrorism Elite Global Attack CSGO [Chinese] [XBLA]

It also supports the complete works of XBLA DLC (225), which will not be listed one by one. The above is only some games supported by Xbox360 I can collect. More games that have not been listed above are very welcome to add the gods of the comment area.

Today, I mainly share with you the somatosensory game experience of Xbox 360. I think in all existing game consoles (come to pull the PC in A). On the physical performance, the combination of Xbox 360+Kinect is undoubtedly the most the most. Okay, it not only supports the most number of somatosensory games, but also has the best operation and sensitivity of somatosensory, and supports up to 6 people to enjoy the joyful experience of physical games at the same time.

Here, briefly introduce the biggest hero of Xbox to achieve such accurate physical recognition–


Kinect is the Xbox360 somatosensory peripherals that Microsoft officially announced at the E3 exhibition on June 2, 2009. Kinect completely subverts the single operation of the game, making the concept of human -machine interaction more completely showed. Netizens generally call its Chinese name “Milk Special”. It is a 3D somatosensory camera (the development code “Project NATAL”), and it has introduced the functions of instant dynamic capture, image recognition, microphone input, voice recognition, and community interaction. Players can drive in the game through this technology, interact with other players, and share pictures and information with other Xbox players through the Internet.

Microsoft’s Kinect does not need to use any controller, which relies on the camera to capture the movement of players in the three -dimensional space. This system also recognizes the face, allowing players to automatically play the game. It can also recognize sounds and accept commands. In the gaming demonstration, players kick only football in the curtain, and use hands to stop entering the ball. In driving games, the player rotates the steering wheel in the imagination to control the car in the video game. In painting games, players say color- “blue” or “light brown”-and then swing their arms to splash paint on the digital painting board. ——Inved from Baidu Encyclopedia

Kinect’s calibration and identification simple demonstration:

As can be seen from the video, the setting of the setting of Kinect is very accurate! And the identification delay is quite low.

Two, a little deception

▲ Xbox360 host+Kinect+handle family portrait

▲ Xbox360 host+handle

▲ Xbox360 host

▲ Kinect body sensing camera

Third, comparison of somatoscope games

Here, the main choice of dance power is compared with SWITCH. The dance power can be operated on these two console platforms. It is nothing more than the game version. The core gameplay is actually the same.

(1) Xbox360+dance power full 2014:

In fact, XBOX360 can play up to the full -time version of the 2019 version, and I use 2014 to compare mainly because I especially like this Moskau in it. It is not difficult to move very magical moves. It jumps very happy with my teammates hahahaha.

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

You can watch the video specifically (if you don’t want to watch the video, you can watch the moving picture below), remember

Must open the sound

Essence Essence Otherwise, the two of us look really stupid hahahaha:

GIF map:

After the dual -machine shooting is shot

Kinect perspective of dual -machine shooting+system ghost animal editing:

Kinect perspective of dual -machine shooting+system ghost animal editing+system built special effects:

(2) Switch+dance power full 2020:

Switch’s physical game needs to hold Joy-Con in your hands. In fact, you should only identify hand movements, and the recognition of the non-hand area is relatively followed. Essence

In fact, both Xbox360 and Switch’s physical gaming experience are good. After all, both my daughter -in -law and I belong to people with simple sporty cells in the limbs. Highlight a desire to jump if you want to jump, hahaha, happiness is over!

The most lacking of Switch compared to Xbox360 is Kinec’s automatic recording+ghost animal editing function! Xbox360 videos by editing Kinect will make us ghostly editing small eggs after each song! It’s so praise! The most anticipated every time we dance after dancing is to see the system that edited us into what strange look hahahaha, super happy! This happiness cannot be experienced by other game consoles such as NS! Because you don’t know what your actions have been done on Switch.

In addition to the full dance power, Xbox360 also has a lot of physical games such as somatosensory game gathering, somatosensory sports meeting, somatosensory party, Zunba, rhythm party, Dragon Ball Z, etc. Play Zelda and other gods (Zelda is God!), And then have time to record related videos to share with you.

▲ XBOX360+Dragon Ball Z

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

▲ Xbox360+Sports Games 2

▲ SWITCH+Serida Legend

Fourth, summary

(1) The advantages of Xbox360:

Gaming comparison:

1.Xbox can support more than 255 Chinese games, 109 individual sense games, and 225 XBLA DLCs. The game resources are very rich.

2. Xbox’s most worth mentioning is his body sensing game function! It can be said that I have played the best body in all game devices, none of them! Kinect physical camera+face ID predecessor algorithm blessing, the action recognition is very accurate! (Compared to NS, the body is really a toy …. EMMM) At the same time, you can also record the picture of your play -sensing game. After the game, play back to see if your movements are standard. What strange actions are done in the game hahaha, very happy! The game atmosphere is full.

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Functional comparison:

In addition to playing some classic games, you can also play physical exercise and family entertainment with your family. Of course, it can also be used as a movie and listening to music. Can be ignored.

price comparison:

The Xbox seafood market can be done at 600-1000 yuan. Play 109 Chinese games with more than 255 models+255 Chinese games, which is almost worth of value!

(2) The shortcomings of Xbox360:

1. The game version is relatively old. Most monopoly games are now transplanted or rematched on the PC end. You can play without buying it with PC!

2. Playing body-sensing games require a certain space environment to use. Clear all obstacles in the space before the game, such as: coffee tables, tables, chairs and benches, sofas, etc., players and Kinect somatosensors are best to keep 2-3 meters distance.

Kinect’s physical requirements and precautions for the environment:

一 It is best to have a larger TV with more than 50 inches so that it is cool enough to play.

It is best to play a somatosensory game in a barrier -free space, to remove all obstacles in the space before the game, such as: coffee tables, tables, chairs, benches, sofas, etc.;

1 Keep a distance from the body sensor above 1.8 meters. It is recommended to keep more than 2 meters in conditional;

更Dou two games require more space, and at the same time, pay attention not to hurt your companions when you have fun;

在 If conditions permit, it is best to spread a cushion in the event area;

进行 It is not recommended to play a physical game with barefoot, it is best to put on a pair of comfortable running shoes;

宽 Wear a single, loose (sportswear);

冬 The indoor temperature remains constant temperature in winter, and keeps ventilation in summer;

线 Keep the indoor light sufficient, but do not reflect, avoid direct exposure to the sunlight;

Do not get out of the sensor area of ​​the body during the game. After the range exceeds the range, the game will automatically suspend, and it is prompted to return the valid area;

都 The angle of the body sensor is automatically adjusted. Remember not to regulate manually, it will cause hardware damage;

体感游戏哪家强?海鲜市场找Xbox 360!600元搞定家庭健身娱乐

调 After the body sensor is installed and detective, in addition to using somatosensory operations in a special body sensing game, you can also use the body sensor to select and confirm the menu in the official system or FSD interface;

建 Playing physical games must create dolls and set files.

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Summary: To be honest, I use the Xbox360 to see its somatosensory function. Just like I have entered the pit National Edition Switch, they are purchased according to my own needs -I only play fitness and entertainment games, interested in other games for other games Not big, there is no need for DLC and online functions of other games. To buy Xbox360, it only takes hundreds of dollars to get the somatosensory game experience far beyond NS! Isn’t this fragrant enough? Its body sensing game involves multiple types of games. Fitness such as dance power is full, Zunba, rhythm party, family entertainment, such as somatosensory sports meeting, and there are anti -type body feel games Dragon Ball Z, more than a hundred individual sense games me I have no time to try one by one. After that, I will share with a few game experiences that have a better reputation and I think it ’s interesting. If you also have the same needs, I personally suggest that you can consider buying a Xbox360 play -sensing game game game. If a teammate can play together, it can only be said to be too happy hahaha. At the same time, if you eat it, you will not feel distressed. If you consider returning to blood, you will lose 10080 yuan. Said!

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