China Daily, March 8th (Reporter Zhao Lei) The reporter learned from the Second Chinese Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology that the hospital has undertaken a number of domestic high -end medical equipment such as electric electrical control ventilator and nitric oxide treatment instrument. The nitrogen dioxide therapy instrument is currently the first domestic new equipment with cardiovascular disease treatment with automatic gas supply and concentration of concentration and concentration. It can provide new treatment solutions for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as bridge surgery, transformation of cardiac surgery, pulmonary hypertension. At present The product has been completed, and the market is expected to be launched this year.

“‘Fourteen Five -Year Plan’ period, the second hospital’s key layout of the ECMO artificial cardiopulmonary system and core component research and development, 5G digital operating room platform, domestic high -end ventilator, nitric oxide treatment instrument and other high -end medical equipment products, helping aerospace technology to help ‘Health China ‘Construction to make the society safer and healthier. “Ma Jie, a representative of the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Second Hospital of China Aerospace Science and Technology.

The Aerospace Changfeng, which belongs to the Second Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology, is one of the earliest central enterprises in the development of ventilator development and production in China. He is “the big of the country”, adheres to serving the country and the people’s livelihood, close to clinical needs to integrate wisdom and innovation, and promote the sustainable development of domestic medical equipment. Solving a series of “card necks” problem to help realize technological innovation and self -reliance.

It is reported that the research and development of the aerospace Changfeng ECMO system and core components has been completed. The host equipment has a highly integrated integration function. Work is being promoted.

At the same time, Aerospace Changfeng also vigorously developed “5G+Medical” and “Internet+Medical”, and has greatly made great efforts to open up “information islands” and “management islands” between hospitals and departments. Through the development of the 5G digital operating room platform, comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of independent products in the medical information market, master and accumulate key technologies of medical informationization.

Ma Jie said that the application of 5G is like building a high -speed communication network, which has opened up the information link between the hospital and the department. The equipment uses 5G channels for medical audio and video safe and efficient transmission, which greatly improves the information transmission efficiency. Medical data is used for medical data. It has laid the foundation for the establishment of a national system and smart medical construction in the future.

Source: China