Summer is drifting away. While we enjoy the high autumn and gas, we also need to face drying.


question. Whenever this time, regular masks are also a chance to glowing the skin. There are many masks that can be done, but more girls like the mild and natural of DIY mask, and it is also convenient to get materials at the same time. Then, 99


Several DIY masks that are suitable for friends for friends can be collected for friends. Persistence can play a role in reducing age!

Wrinkled deodorrhea mask, optional olive oil and


Facial mask!


This mask can be called a mask in the kitchen, which requires a small amount of olive oil, eggs, lemon, and salt. First, squeeze the lemon into juice and set aside. Take out a small amount of olive oil first, then mix the olive oil of the egg white, mix the lemon juice and stir well, apply the adjusted mask juice to the face, and wait for the face to dry the face. Wash it with water and apply it. Skin care products. In this way, insisting on making it once or twice a week, the skin can reduce wrinkles and also make the skin clean.

Egg white milk powder mask, the easiest secret recipe for age reduction

Open the eggs and take out a small amount of egg white alone, add a small spoon of milk powder to the egg whites, then add the honey to mix, and use the mask brushing to put the adjusted mask evenly on the skin of the face, then close your eyes to rest for 30 minutes. If you feel a little dry in the middle, apply the remaining mask again to brush evenly. After thirty minutes, wash it with water and then apply skin care products. Your fine lines fade, while the skin is smooth.

Symphimon water honey mask, shrink pores, whiten the skin

Use 50 grams of barley kernels for three or four hours in a small amount of mineral water, then add a small pot, boil with high heat, pour the boiled rice water into the large bowl to cool, and wait for the water to reach the room temperature (when the water has reached the room temperature ( At about 20 degrees), add a spoonful of honey and mix with half a cup of milk, and then wait for the water to cool down. Put the bottle and put it in the refrigerator. Such a small bottle of water can take some water soaking the mask paper every night, then apply the soaked mask for 20 minutes, and then pat the remaining water on the neck. If you persist in this way, there will be obvious progress every day. After a month, you will find that your skin pores have shrunk, at the same time, the skin becomes fair, and fine lines will fade.

Anti -wrinkle mask, magical black tea reduction secret recipe

Black tea, as a daily drink that people like, has magical anti -cancer, detoxification and other magic


, But few people think of black tea also have the effect of beauty and wrinkle. The following 99 Health editor will tell you the black tea wrinkle mask. Black tea is used as a mask, and the “help” of two major auxiliary materials is also required. These two major accessories are brown sugar and flour. First take a small handle of black tea and a small spoon of brown sugar, boil with a small amount of water, then dry the brown sugar tea to the room temperature, and then mix a small amount of flour into the water. The paste mask is evenly applied to the face and washed with water after 15 minutes. Because black tea has very good anti -aging components, the anti -wrinkle effect is very obvious.

There are many DIY age -reducing masks like this, but in order to prevent too many types, MMs do not know how to choose. Because these masks are very mild in nature and are suitable for all types of skin use, you can get materials on the spot, and you should pay attention to persistence!

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