The bathroom door is one of the most important doors in the family. The most frequently used. Because the bathroom has a higher requirements for wetting the door all year round, it is often ignored during the decoration. As a result, there are many problems with the door after check -in: Beautiful and so on.

Xiaoni will go from the bathroom today

The material, opening and closing method, and door cover, glass, hardware and decoration bathroom door precautions, etc.

every aspect

Introduction, I teach you to choose your favorite bathroom door!

1. Material

1. Wooden door

The wooden doors are mainly made of wooden materials, and the shortcomings of wooden doors are obvious -fear of water and tide. In the humid environment for a long time, the wooden door is vulnerable to water vapor erosion and damaged.

However, if you love wooden doors, you can consider the solid wooden door of the paint. Because the solid wood door itself is better than other wooden doors, it is better than other wooden doors.

In addition, there are currently three -dimensional three -dimensional moisture -proof black technology on the market. The base material of the door cover uses moisture -proof blue core board, moisture -proof pads at the bottom of the door cover, and the back of the door cover with moisture -proof coating. The wooden doors are cracked and extend the service life.

Gate Case Stripment-moisture-proof blue core board

The bottom of the door cover-moisture-proof pads

Back of the door cover-moisture-proof coating



Alloy gate

Compared with wooden doors, the waterproofness of the alloy door and the anti -deformation functions are better. The aluminum alloy material is usually used, which is not only resistant to corrosion, the price is moderate, and the cost performance is high. The materials of the aluminum alloy gate are mostly a combination of a thin -wall combination of empty cores. The section of this material has a high bending strength. The alloy door with titanium and magnesium is added, which is less density and high in density than ordinary aluminum alloy doors, and has better corrosion resistance. The ingredients of titanium and magnesium are stable and are not easy to oxidize. They are used to do bathroom doors, which can play an advantage in waterproof and moisture -proof.

Titanium magnesium alloy gates, as a common home door category in the market today, have good processing performance. Whether it is heat dissipation, strength or surface texture, it is better than other alloy gates. The surface of some titanium magnesium alloy doors is scaled by mechanized static electricity, which not only has delicate touch, but also anti -dirt and easy cleaning. The bathroom decoration can give priority to the door of such materials.

3. Plastic steel door

Plastic steel is actually hardening plastic. Plastic steel doors have the performance of waterproof and moisture and fire insulation. The price is cheaper than the door with the above two materials. However, if the connection method of plastic steel doors and walls is improper, soft materials are not filled around the frame, which is easy to change color and deformation, and its aesthetics are far less than wooden doors and alloy doors, which is difficult to coordinate the interior decoration style.

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Second, door opening method


There are common ways to open doors in life::

Open door, sliding door, folding door, invisible door


1. Open the door



(1) The flat door has been used as a tool for windproof and sand prevention. The sealing performance is better than other door opening methods.

(2) There is a layer of glue protection around the flat door. When closing the door, it can effectively separate water vapor.

(3) As the most common way to open the door, the public acceptance is high.

Suitable for families with sufficient new houses.



(1) Due to the frequent use, the method of flat door is also relatively high in hardware accessories, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the bathroom door.

(2) The flat door does not use the space area well. It can only be performed by flat pulling. This method allows to occupy a certain area.

Not friendly for small units.

2. Plumb door

(1) The sliding door covers a small area, and it is completed in the same plane. It can save a lot of room for the small bathroom.

(2) If the sliding door uses the suspension (ie, the upper part of the door is installed), it will not only reduce the accumulation of dust, but the ground does not have a threshold to cause water stains.

Suitable for the elderly or children at home.

(3) Invisible sliding door handles can effectively reduce the problem of the elderly and children.


(1) Pushing doors cannot be separated from the track. If you plan to do sliding rails (that is, the orbit above), after a long -term use of the bathroom sliding door, a lot of dust will be accumulated on the track. In addition, the reason for water vapor will even produce mold, which is more difficult to clean.

(2) If you do not clean up for a long time, the flexibility of the door will decrease.

3. Folding door


(1) As the product of the new era, most of the folding doors are made by new materials. The quality is relatively light and the switch is convenient.

(2) The size of the bathroom door is usually between 760-800mm,

If the size of the door or the bathroom area is too small, try the folding door.

The folding door adopts a way to push to the end, which will only occupy the space on one side.

It can maximize the space, which is very suitable for new house decoration of small units

(1) Folding doors and roads are stacked. It is easy to hide dirt in the middle and difficulty cleaning.

(2) The folding door process is more complicated, and the price is more expensive than ordinary doors.

(3) After the folding door is used for a long time, the hinge and the pulley are aging, and the gap between the door fans will become larger and larger, which will not only affect the insulation, but also leak privacy.

If you live with your partner and the new house is not large enough, the opening and closing of the bathroom door can consider the way of folding doors.

4. Invisible door

(1) The biggest advantage of the invisible door is to hide the bathroom and use the invisible door of the bathroom as a background wall or decorative wall, which can also improve the overall visual effect of the space.

(2) As a product of the new era, the invisible door is generally high.

Suitable for the new home decoration to pursue trendy design.

(1) The invisible door does not do the door cover in the construction and production. It is easy to deform during use. After a long time, the invisible effect of the invisible door will deteriorate.

(2) Invisible doors without door cover protection, the contact surface of the door fan and the wall will accumulate a lot of dirt over time, and it is inconvenient to clean up.

Third, bathroom door sleeve

1. What is a bathroom door?

The door cover of the bathroom is generally 3 to 5 cm, the door sleeves on both sides are 6 to 10 cm, and the width of the door is at least 60 cm. The door cover can cover the cement wall surface and play a role in decoration. Second, because the door is often opened and closed,

The door sleeve can protect the right -angle edge of the doorway without being broken by daily activities, which strengthens the edge to ensure the stability of the structure and ensure the life of the door.

In general, the use of door sleeves is very necessary.

2. Is the door cover a single package or a double package?


Gate cover divided into single bags, dual packs

The difference is whether the wall and the door spliced ​​on one side or two sides (inside and outside the door) were done.


(1) From the perspective of daily life, the balcony, indoor windows, etc. will choose a single bag method, that is, the face is facing the interior. The bedroom door generally uses a two -pack method, because in terms of decoration effect, the effect of double bags looks more beautiful than single bags.

(2) From the perspective of the price, the price of a single bag is more affordable than the price of the double bag. If you care about the price, it is recommended to use a single bag.

(3) If you pay attention to the decoration effect and have sufficient budget, if you want to look more neat and beautiful in the bathroom door and the wall, you may choose a double package.

Fourth, bathroom door glass

1. Material

Frequent glass explosion in the bathroom, especially in autumn and winter, the temperature is high during bathing, which can easily lead to a glass explosion. From this point of view, the choice of bathroom door glass is important. In terms of quality, tempered glass can better protect. The resistance of the resistance and cold and hot heat of the tempered glass is 2 to 3 times that of the ordinary glass. Generally, it can withstand the temperature difference of more than 150LC or more. Effect. Before buying,

Pay attention to whether the “CCC” logo with a national certification on the tempered glass (that is, the national 3C certification).

If there are elderly people and children at home, you can consider adding a layer of explosion -proof film to the glass.

2. Appearance

In terms of appearance, as a more privacy place, the choice of glass can be transmitted and unpredictable, such as:

Changhong glass, frosted glass, etc.

Essence If the bathroom is located in a remote place with insufficient indoor light, you can consider increasing the glass area of ​​the bathroom. Conversely, if the bathroom is set in a more obvious area of ​​the living room, the glass area must be small to protect privacy.

For those who require indoor decoration styles, in addition to choosing a rich word glass with a thin border for decoration, you can also choose to customize personalized art glass to coordinate the indoor style to make the overall space more consistent. , Beautiful.

Five, the hardware of the bathroom door

1. What are the hardware of the bathroom door?

The hardware of the bathroom door is: locks, slide rails, hinges, hinges, hinges, and damping.

The choice of hardware mainly depends on its bearing capacity and corrosion resistance.


For a long time, it is in a humid environment. The hardware of the bathroom door should be waterproof. For example, 304 stainless steel, or choose to add a layer of paint to the hardware appliance to isolate water vapor. Activities such as rails and clubs will inevitably deposit dust during use and reduce the flexibility of the components. Every half a year, you can use lubricating oil to maintain the smooth smoothness of the hardware.

2. The brand that can be referenced

The list of competitive products that often appear in developers’ high -end doors and windows and doors include Nobel, Sigiia, and Gisi brands. Among them, Nobel’s market share in China is slightly higher. In addition, the quality of domestic brands such as “Pai Ge” and “Good Bo” is excellent. The purchase of bathroom door hardware can refer to these brands.

6. Pay attention to the details

1. When the bathroom is waterproof, remember to brush the threshold to prevent the door cover from rot in the future.

2. In the bathroom construction, you need to do the threshold first, and then do the door sleeve. The sides of the door cover are placed on the threshold to avoid corruption and avoid corruption.

3. The lower edge of the bathroom door should be left with a gap of 30mm from the ground to facilitate ventilation and avoid being rotten under the door.

4. Pay attention to the gap between the wall and the door frame must be painted, blocking the water in the door cover, and damaging the door cover.

5. The bathroom sliding door needs to be reserved in advance of about 12cm. That is to say, at least 2.07m above the wall of the door to be installed.

6. Before the decoration, check the background of the relevant home improvement company, refer to the evaluation of other users, choose a well -known brand company to ensure that you will not be deceived.


7. When buying a standard bathroom door, remember to ask if you have to include the cost of the door cover and installation.

8. Ask if you contain the handling fee, remember to ask if the carrier cost of the elevator is consistent.

9. Don’t settle the cost in advance! When the renovation is completed, determine the after -sales channel, and then set the cost.

A good bathroom door is not only cost -effective, long -lasting and durable, but also gives people a good impression of use. In the purchase, you must find your favorite toilet door. There is no time to buy a favorite bathroom door, you can consult

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