Some actresses in the entertainment industry are not only highly available to wearing aesthetics, but also very good. All kinds of simple shapes can make people feel very elegant and fashionable, but there are also some actresses in the aesthetics of wearing and matching. Okay, but for the attention of netizens, I can’t help but have all kinds of strange shapes. Sometimes it makes people feel too ridiculous. It is called a real thunder, and the dark purple is really unable to talk about the color matching. It is also speechless at a glance.


Yuan Weiya’s figure is still pretty good, but her dress makes netizens feel desperate. In order to see the shape of various thunder people in the eyes, not only does it not achieve the effect, but often feels quite speechless on the Internet.

Just like Yuan Weiya’s body, I thought it was amazing enough to wear a green skirt with purple boots. Although the figure showed a slimming figure, I have to say that it is matched with fluorescent green leggings, but there is a kind of kind of leggings. It makes people feel that it is too thorough.

Not to mention that Yuan Weiya’s hairstyle is a bit messy, and with a somewhat greasy face, it looks really very tacky. Coupled with the age necklace on the neck, this dress is simply a mother -in -law. It is more than 20 years old to wear themselves. It is also very spicy.

This is Yuan Weiya’s correct way to open it. Putting a light skirt with a denim jacket, a pair of hate heights, really show the beautiful legs to the extreme. I have to say that Yuan Weiya is for. Sir, you are still very high. This shoe is almost wearing 90 degrees, even the toes are exposed, and it looks very good.


I have to say that Yuan Weiya, this sexy leopard -print high -opening dress is really full of wild beauty. With a black suit jacket, it has a sense of elite elegance, handsome and sexy. It can be said to let netizens make netizens You can’t move the rhythm of your eyes.

Yuan Weiya was still very amazing when she was wearing clothes. The long sequin jacket directly wore the long skirt to expose the slender beautiful legs with hate heights. Red gloves have a bright feeling, and it looks very charming.

Yuan Weiya is also threatened for the sake of eyeballs. Put the mosquito nets directly on the body, with a sexy suspender and shorts that really make people don’t know what to say? Not only does it have a sexy and elegant feeling, it makes people feel very tacky, but the old man is speechless.