The scenery of Changbai Mountain is different throughout the year. The snow is covered in winter, and the cold is depressed; the summer waterfalls are rushing and the woods are lush. The magical volcanic landforms and the magnificent landscape scenery make people linger. For bird watching enthusiasts, the majesty flying from Changbai Mountain is the most exciting!

Friends who love birds, after many days of looking for waiting for Changbai Mountain, finally saw the snow -white leopard. Snow White Leopard is a medium -sized raptor in the genus Eagle family. The snow -white leopard hovering in the high altitude found that someone on the ground did not fly further and farther, but gradually reduced the height. Is it curious about humans? In fact, it is searching for prey, no matter how many people are.

Snow White Leopard is distributed in the northern world. It is mainly distributed in the three northeast provinces in China, Xinjiang in the northwest, Yunnan in the southwest, Jiangsu, Fujian and other provinces in the east. During the reproduction period, inhabited in the Eurasia and Modern Forests in the Eurasia, the Modge Forest, and moved to the northeast in mid -October.

Alas, it has the reputation of “Leopard in the Bird”, and all have a domineering name, Maojiao, also known as snow -white leopard and snow leopard; big 鵟, also known as egret leopard and prm -prink; ; Brown tail, also known as the panther. It can be seen that all of the relatives of the snow -white leopard are all roles that cannot be underestimated. Its family is a “leopard in the air”! Let’s first know the white leopard.

01 The whole body is covered with leopard patterns, and feet are full of feathers, like wearing “wool pants”


Why is Maojiayu called Snow White Leopard? It is because its feathers are different in color. White and brown are forming a mottled white spotted. Therefore, it is named.

Some adult snow -white leopards, feathers are almost close to pure white. When they open their wings, the white blocks of the flying feather base are very obvious; the upper body is dark brown, and the back of the shoulders is dotted with a white horizontal band;

In addition, the snow -white leopard has a pair of “scalp legs”. Its legs are full of feathers, and they cover from the legs to the toes, just like wearing a long “hairy pants”.

The snow-white leopard’s head is round and medium, with a weight of about 650-1100 grams. When it flies with wings, the wings are wide and sharp, but in different scenarios, the expressions and expression are very rich and vivid. Cute.

During the breeding season, the snow -white leopard lived on the mossoga in the cold climate, but it had a thick and beautiful feather, and even “hairy pants” on the legs, not afraid of cold at all!

02 I often searched for prey in the air, and I walked away when I caught 1 stone chicken.


Snow White Leopard is a migrant bird. It inhabits the hills in the low mountains and winter. It is a shallow V -shaped shape in the air with the forest margin and the plain of the mountain at the foot of the mountain.

Hunting is the main job every day. In order to fill the stomach, you always have to find a prey hard work. Small rodents and small birds are foods that are often eaten. Bunny, pheasant, and stone chickens are delicious.

There are two types of hunting methods of Shanfei Snow White Leopard. One is to actively search for attacks. It hovers in high altitude, the head is low, and it is always concerned about the situation on the ground. The sharp eyes make it have a keen vision, and you can clearly see the trace of a mouse on the ground in the high altitude.

The second is to ambush the attack. The snow -white leopard will stay quietly on the tree, pay attention to the surroundings, and when the prey is found, then suddenly attack, use the bending and flexible claws, grab the prey all at once, and fly back to the air again.

Its prey -stone chickens are always in groups of activities, but they have protective color hiding, so in order to find the stone chicken, the white leopard will always observe carefully. Just go away, never greedy.

In short, the snow -white leopard predator is a good hand, with beautiful attitude but fierce, and the claws are fast and accurate!

03 Grasp the goshawk’s prey, but also take the initiative to provoke snow, no one is afraid of being fierce.

The snow -white leopard is a rapto, and the characteristics of the raptor are hidden in their bones. Not only are they hunting, they do not give up when they face other raptors. Raptors such as Goshawk and Xueyu have eaten its losses.


Someone had witnessed that a goshawk was on the grass by the river, and the later snow -white leopard flew over, fluttered its wings, drove the goshawk away from the original position, and snatched its prey.

The goshawk is also a raptor. There is no doubt that the two raptors played, and the end result was that the snow -white leopard drove away the goshawk domineering, and stood in place to open his wings, as if showing off his victory.


Sometimes, snow -white leopards also conflict with snow crickets. The cute snow -capped 杀 is amazing, and even Hai Dongqing is afraid of it. The snow -white leopard really wants to fight with Xueyu. I am afraid that it will not take advantage of it, but it is not a bullies and fearful raptors.

However, there are exceptions, a bird watchman took a scene of interesting scenes. When the snow flew on the haystack, he rested for a while. Snow. Snow White Leopard actively provoked Xueyu, and how will snowy citches deal with?

I thought that there was a fierce battle between the snow -white leopard and the snowy salamander. I did not expect that Xueyu squatted on the other side of the haystack, and did not fight with Xuebai Leopard. After standing for a while, the snow -white leopard flew away. I do n’t know if Xue Xun dismissed the unnecessary battle, or did you feel that Xuebai Leopard was not threatened to himself?

04 will automatically adjust the fertility rate, 2-3 of the food is scarce, and 7 fertility is as many as when food is abundant.

Snow -white leopard’s predation skills are superb and dare to fight the strong. Many people think that although the snow -white leopard is not famous, it is a stylish raptor.

In fact, the snow -white leopard also has a different special skill, which will automatically adjust the fertility rate. Under normal circumstances, every nest of snow-white leopard will have 3-4 eggs, but in the years of food scarce, they choose less, only 2-3 eggs are born in one nest; According to the observations of zoologists, some snow -white leopards have as many as 7 eggs.


I have to say that the snow -white leopard is very wise and the planned work is great. In this way, a nest of young birds are avoided, and it is difficult to feed in the end. Therefore, in the snow -white leopard family, there will be no things about other raptor birds such as gold sculptures.

The breeding season of the snow -white leopard is from the end of May to the beginning of August. They will build nests on the cliffs on both sides of the moss or forest river, and some will choose to settle on the big tree. safe and comfort.


When choosing a nest, snow -white leopard will avoid other types of raptors. If there are other raptors settled near them, they will feel threatened and try their best to drive others to leave. Because the snow -white leopard feels that there is a rptin neighbor, maybe it will threaten the safety of his baby someday!


Snow Valley Views

The snow -white leopard is worthy of being a raptor. It not only dares to drive away the goshawk overbearing, but also dares to take the initiative to provoke the snow. At the same time, Snow White Leopard is also very wise and loving, and performs “family planning” to ensure that there is enough food to raise young birds.

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