Art Fan’s early autumn linen center-sleeled shirt. This kind of thing is a little foundation to do it well.

Today, this dress let me like it, special side fork. The feeling of hand insertion is particularly good. . . Immediately decided to make such clothes.

I prefer oranges.

The version looks very loose, but the version of the plug-in-sleeve is still difficult. So I have to look at the cutting chart below.


Analyze the style: loose shoulder sleeve version, small stand collar. Sleeve, cuff onk. The collar of the rear piece is shaped, and there is a pleat under the front door cartridge. Special side ground fork, front and rear curved.

Let’s share the rule of the L code:

According to the picture effect, the chest should be added to the purity of 20cm on the net body size to reach the effect of the picture.

The loose shoulder sleeves are basically a bit close to the bat shirt, so it is not necessary to start the size of the cage to affect the wearing, and the size can be booked directly according to the picture.

The calculation formula of the depth of the sleeves here can be drawn according to B / 4 + 1cm


Such a loose style, the front and rear sheets can be drawn, and the front and rear sheets can be distinguished by the high and low of the neck.


After the subsequent loose amount, you can directly add the pleated loose amount directly.

In front of the front of the door, the pleated amount is added to 2.5 cm. Door cylinder length 21cm

Cuffs do a small fork in the back sleeves, post-pleated with cuffs

Squirting: Separate a small shoulder to the sleeve, it looks like the sleeve is inserted on the shoulder, so the name shoulders.


This case is the most basic loose shoulder sleeve version. The general loose version can be extended directly in the shoulder. There are other various types of slips, autumn and winter clothes, cashmere coats, and share them again.

Want to learn more women’s clothing plate making principles and push plates, you can click on the circle card below.

Sewing process and sewing process

Selection of fabrics: linen, cotton, cotton, cotton


The above fabric is treated with shrinkage before cropping.

According to the above crop plate, combined with its size, draw, and the cutoff is divided into different sewing processes.

After cutting, the front opening tube, small stand, the cuffs need to be bonded, and use net sample painting board


Sewing process: 1 After the front door cartridge is buckled, the small ripple lining is placed, the sewing lead, the buckle is fastening, the sleeve buckle

2 After the opening of the opening of the opening, after the first fixation is completely fixed, the door cylinder is sutured by a stifting. Repalery fixation


3 Sewing front and rear side seams, sleeve bottom, suitcase sleeves, sleeves and body sewing.

4 sewing small stand

5 cuff open small fork, do not want to turn on. Pleated to the length of the cuff

6 stifling method suture cuff, the top and rear swing is 0.5cm

In this way, the whole clothes are completed, it seems a simple style, whether it is a picture or production, it is necessary to spend it.

Come on this fabric is still very good

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