Make custom wardrobe, the type of door is a very critical choice question. After the selection, not only the wardrobe looks good, but also a lot of trouble in the future use. If you do n’t choose well, it ’s miserable. It’ s not convenient to get the door and the things in the wardrobe, and even the difference between three differences and five will fall off once -there are countless troubles waiting for you.

Today, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each wardrobe door. I hope everyone can choose the right cabinet door according to their own situation.

Open door

The highest cost -effective door is flat. This kind of cabinet door is the most traditional, but the heat has never been attenuated. Compared with two other doors, there are two benefits:

1. Strong, the hinge of the flat door and the cabinet use the hinge for connection. Compared with the track, this traditional connection method has a longer life. From the perspective of frequent switches and long -term use, the flat door looks more durable in terms of time and number of times.

2. It is convenient to get, the two cabinet doors can be opened at the same time, and the scene in the cabinet is clear at a glance. Whether you are looking for things or storage, the use of flat door will make people feel smooth.


But at the same time, the flat door also faces a huge flaw, that is, the space in front of the wardrobe is required:

After opening the door, the door fan ran directly in front of the wardrobe. This means that if you plan to use a flat door wardrobe, at least leave 45cm (cabinet width) space in front of the wardrobe. If you plan to improve the experience of the flat door wardrobe slightly, you need to leave 20cm more -only in this way can you still pass the front of the cabinet door after opening the door.


Sliding doors

It can be pushed the door wardrobe in terms of sales in terms of sales. There are also two benefits of pushing the door wardrobe:

1. Do not occupy the land just to make up for the shortcomings of the open door. After the sliding door is opened, the two (three) door fans overlap, which has no effect on the space in front of the wardrobe. In other words, as long as the wardrobe is put down, there is no need to consider the problem of opening the door.

Of course, the so -called “does not occupy land” is relatively speaking. The cabinet pushing the door is deeper than the flat door. After all, the cabinet door (track) of the sliding door is thicker.

2. High face value, and I do n’t know how many levels are higher than the open door. Especially the suspension door (only the orbit above, the track can not be seen after opening the door), and even the practice of imitating the grain door, wrap the entire cabinet directly, and the ceiling above the wardrobe is saved. The overall effect is great ▼

Pushing the door to face the biggest problem is not durable. Pushing doors can be divided into suspension doors and ground gates. The ground door is more traditional, with one orbit on the upper and lower. Although the life of this door is not as good as the open door, it is relatively better. However, the track below the track door is too ugly, and there is a sanitary dead corner in the gap between the track, and there are fewer and fewer people who choose now.

What is more recommended is the suspension door. Although its life span is a little bit, it is really beautiful and clean.


Folding door

The characteristics of the folding door are between the flat door and the sliding door -it can open it completely without occupying the space in front of the wardrobe. In terms of appearance, it is also more flexible and changing. It can be as regular as the flat door, and it can also be as flexible as the sliding door. However, people who choose to fold the door generally like to open the door, but they can’t accept the huge space occupied by the open door.


The reason why the folding doors are not as hot as the first two doors are because of high price and short life. In terms of price, because the folding door requires more mechanical structures, it is nearly double the open door.


In terms of life, the folding door has hinges, tracks, and bearings at the same time. Any part of any component represents the damage of the door. Therefore, the failure rate of folding doors is generally relatively high. It is even more common to make abnormal sounds and loosening in the past two or three years.