In the last issue, we talked about the topic of compressing and pants. In this issue, let’s talk about the topic of fitness gloves.

Speaking of this, many people will have a question, should you wear gloves during fitness?

Reasons to oppose wearing gloves: Many equipment in the gym is based on the anti -shaped handle of ergonomic design. After putting on gloves, the palm of the hand will become thicker, the grip feels decrease, and even the situation that cannot be grasped. There are also some big muscle tyrants who think that only novices will wear gloves, and calluses are the symbol of old drivers.

For a while, I also liked not to wear glove training. The skin’s direct contact caused by a tight grip is indeed more exciting.


Until one morning washing your face, your face was cut by calluses … Yes, as a single dog, you may not have a female ticket to abandon the roughness of your hands, but your tender face will be disliked!

Later, the editor developed the habit of wearing glove fitness,

In addition to the aesthetic effects of gloves, it also has practical functions such as non -slip, handle, wrist care, and help improve training quality

Essence So he transformed into a glove supporter, and he also used a lot of two gloves one after another. Give everyone now


Share your experience:

1. Recommended breast training day: gloves with wrist care function

The wrist care, as the name suggests, is that gloves can protect the wrist. Due to the high degree of freedom of wrist movement, the stability is very low. Especially when a heavy weight is recommended, it is easy to have a greater compression force. Without any protection measures, it is easy to lead to the risk of sprains of wrists.


Severe may cause fasciitis. At this time, the gloves with the function of the wrist care are very useful. After the elastic band of the lower end of the glove, it can help you fix your wrist to improve the stability.


Two items that need to be paid attention to when wearing wrist care gloves:


1. The wound position is the wrist between the hand and the forearm. Do not wrap or overwhelm it. Generally, you can align the magic sticker. 2. The degree of tightness and loosening, the effect of loosening the fixed wrist, too tightly affects the blood circulation of the hand, with positive magic stickers as the benchmark. The hand joints of the activity need to be slightly force. In addition, the wear -resistant blocks at the palm of the wrist gloves can also play a decompression role, especially those friends with less palm meat to reduce the sense of oppression of the palm. The commonly used equipment barbell pole dumbbells have no rubber covers outside. It is very cold in winter. Wearing gloves can also improve comfort.

2. Recommended on the back day: gloves with helping functions


Will the old driver with developed back muscles often encounter this situation: the small arm has exhausted the latissimores and has not been stimulated? When we are practicing the back, we usually do a few movement drawings, barbells, rowing, and high pull -down. The standard of force is improved. Here refers to large -scale training, such as: the weight -bearing bodies upward, large weight rowing, high pull down, and durover and other actions). This helps gloves can help solve this problem

After the gloves are worn, the leather at the palm rolls the barbell pole. Using reverse rotation can achieve the more tighter and tighter. After use

Help gloves precautions: In the case of not much load, try to rotate forward as much as possible, so as to protect the palm friction, and the small arm can be exercised. When doing larger weight training, it can be used in reverse rotation. At this time, it can play a role in helping to help you break through the shortcomings of insufficient grip.

(When using help gloves to make a drawn body, pay attention: keep your arms in a state of power at all times, and do not give all the weight of the body to the help gloves. Suggestions do not need to help gloves for a period of time to recover)

3. Recommended on the shoulders of the arms: thin and thin gloves

The wrists will often move often when practicing the shoulders of the arm, such as leaning in flying birds, leaning on dumbbell flexion, extension, bending, etc.


At this time, gloves wearing wrist care functions will affect the freedom of your wrist and affect the training effect. Most of the gym dumbbell grip is ergonomic design, and thicker gloves will affect your grip. So choosing a pair of thin gloves will greatly increase your training effect.

Are you getting your fitting gloves? I will introduce this for everyone today. Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area. Thanks!