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The gloomy wood bracelet is known as the ‘mummy in the plant world’ and ‘plant giant pandas’, and has been a high -quality wood in the eyes of Chinese since ancient times. We all know that the formation of gloomy wood is extremely rare, and the Wenwan bracelets made by it are even more textured. Will the price of gloomy wood bracelets be very expensive? What is the price of gloomy wooden bracelets? Let’s see it together!

The so -called gloomy wood is under the influence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Those ancient forests were buried in the depths of the riverbed or silt. In high -pressure and hypoxia environments, thousands of years have been slowly carbonized. Essence Under the common effect of time and nature, the gloomy wood becomes not exactly like wood, not like jade, but forms a unique, smooth and delicate texture. , Also with a special aroma. The bracelets made of such gloomy wood are naturally very valuable.

In the past, the gloomy wooden bracelets were regarded as the treasures of the family. Nowadays, the price of gloomy wooden bracelets on the market is high or low, and it is not exactly the collection of collectors. Generally speaking, the price of gloomy wooden bracelets in the market is from dozens or hundreds, to several thousand yuan, and of course, most of the gloomy wooden bracelets are still at tens of yuan to 100 yuan. Only the good -looking golden silk gloomy wooden bracelet can sell thousands of prices.

It can be seen that although gloomy wood bracelets have been pregnant and unique in nature after thousands of years, its value is not as high as we think. Friends who like gloomy wooden bracelets can act with confidence and buy a string of beautiful gloomy wooden bracelets for themselves. Of course, even if the price of gloomy wooden bracelets is not high, we still have to identify it carefully so that we can choose a string of high -quality and reliable bracelets for ourselves.


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