Mei Ting is a strong actress in the hearts of many people. Her acting skills have always been online. After the second child was successfully returned, she lost weight and succeeded. Never publicity, but it can become a template among women of peers.

Mei Ting’s styling analysis:


Middle -length suit jacket -increase the sense of leisure

Mei Ting really understands the “simple and advanced” wear, a suit jacket with small foot pants, simple and thin. In different occasions, it is necessary to match different styles and different styles. For example In the street occasion, I rarely try a suit jacket. If you want to wear a suit jacket out of leisure, you can use a medium -long suit jacket like Mei Ting to present more casual and comfort.

Basic dark color -simple and thin and thin


Women of different ages will have different needs when wearing them. For mature women, do not emphasize the brightness and richness of color matching when wearing. The more you can show a minimalist sense, such as Mei Ting’s basic dark color clothes, wearing a simple, low -key and durable on the body, and can also take into account the thin and practicality.

Dark suit+white shirt

The dark -colored suit jacket is dignified and atmospheric on mature women. With the basic white shirt inside, it can present more setting effects through a refreshing and clean color matching method. The basic white shirt is simple, low -key and versatile. There is no problem as an inside or directly wearing.


Slim -fitting pants -wear a small leg

You must know how to use different loosening items in the body. If the upper body uses more loose items, then it is best to try to use moderately slimming items to present a loose and tight matching effect. Mei Ting is paired with a slim -fitting style pants in the lower body, which shows the superiority of the small legs by simple contrast.

Brown bag

In the color matching of the body, the basic color matching can be used to present the minimalist combination effect, but the black and white are often a bit too much in the workplace. Mei Ting is very clever with a brown bag. With a little warm color decoration to make the color matching of the body look richer and more feminine.


Analysis of other styling of Mei Ting:


Vertical striped shirt+denim skirt


The vertical vertical striped shirt can be worn on the body to show the effect of minimalist wind. At the same time, the vertical vertical stripes can also be appropriate and thin. When wearing a shirt The method of clothes increases the sense of sharpness. The lower body with denim fabric looks playful, but this match makes Mei Ting’s legs look slightly thick.

Black and white stitching panties

The classic black and white combination will not be out of date no matter when it is, but when using black and white matching, you must also pay attention to grasp. Do not use too many personalized design elements. The color design is very simple, but the overall shape looks a bit too messy.

Purple suit

Purple is usually very friendly for mature women, romantic, elegant, and full of mature women’s charm, but Mei Ting’s purple suit uses a more slim style on the upper body. It is easy to look bloated, and the trousers on the lower body are too long and too long, and it is easy to seem to be unable to support it.

In fact, Mei Ting’s temperament is a very high -level one. She is more suitable for those simple matching styles. The more basic the low -key color and style, the more different temperament.


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